How much money to take into Cuba

With proper planning of your budget, any trip will be deprived of the unpleasant moments of the lack of money for anything. Leaving on a journey to another country, you need to be aware not only about the mentality of its inhabitants, but also about prices for main costs.

I will get acquainted with the pricing policy in Cuba. How much will you have to spend the guests of the island, staying a few days on it.

Important feature

Two national currencies in Cuba "go". CUC or Cookies and Cuban Peso. Now we will not go into the details of the difference between them. Prices in this article We will publish in US dollars to not confuse the cup.

How much cost to eat in the Cuban cafe

Cuban cuisine – it is rice, black beans, chickens, pork in different variations. Still a lot of sauces, especially fruit. From drinks It is worth trying rum, coffee in Cuban and Freshly squeezed juice. Do not deny yourself and in the dessert: you will like Cuban ice cream and will be remembered for a long time.

Cheaper will eat in home "eaters". If we decided to eat in a cafe, then this option also does not take a lot of money.

Breakfast will cost $ 3-5, lunch – 6-8 $, dinner – from $ 10. If you are offered a printed menu in the institution, the possibility of overpayment is excluded.

Restaurant food

Cheap restaurants in private houses – not uncommon in Cuba. Food in them is tasty, prices are low. Lunch with a glass of wine will cost from $ 10. Ordering meat with a side dish, beer or wine, you are quenched hunger and spend about $ 16. Langustes with beer will cost as much.

In private restaurants advises to give the crocodile meat. It is served with vegetables, costs from $ 15 for a portion. Lobster Meat – Popular Tourist Feed. Sauces and side dishes are served. In private houses it will cost $ 3, and in expensive restaurants – from $ 10. Creole Achiato – stew with vegetables low-fat pork. Spices are added to it. Worth a dish from $ 8. Cute hunger can also be tasuaho, dried pork, for just $ 7-9. Local beer in such institutions worth $ 1 per bottle of 0.5 l, imported – $ 1.9 per bottle of 0.33 l.

Hike for food in Cuban shops

If you prefer to prepare on vacation, then in Cuba supermarkets will find all the necessary familiar to you, products. Prices for some of them, of course, will surprise you.

If potatoes, tomatoes can be bought from 46 cents per 1 kg, tomatoes for 70 cents, cucumbers for 50 cents, then the kilogram of the bow costs about $ 1. Bread Bread 0.5 kg Pay 44 Cents. The same thing is also for rice. The cost of milk is high. One liter – about $ 1.68.

Fruits are the most expensive apples – almost $ 4 per 1 kg. Guayava, Mango and watermelon sold 50 cents per 1 kg.

Prices for meat chicken start from $ 1. Pork meat is more expensive. 12 eggs can be bought for $ 1.5.

Water normal inexpensive: one and a half liters cost 50 cents. Beer lovers will be able to buy 0.5 l for $ 1. Cuban Rum can be purchased for $ 12. The pack of cigarettes "Marlboro" will cost $ 1.

Buses and Taxi Cuba

Local residents in Cuba are very loved by municipal transport. Probably, so he is packed with passengers. There are even special "Tolkachi". They pushed to the bus while the doors will not close it. We do not advise you to use the public bus: it rarely goes, stops are not indicated, like the bus routes, there is no timetable. True True Cheap – 35 cents.

Surely, not to lose tourists and keep them in the country longer, the authorities of Cuba took care of the guests of the country. Sitting on the Astro bus of the company "Viazul", foreigners for $ 1 buy at once 4 tickets.

In Havana, Trinidad, Vinyales and Varadero follow "Bus Tour". These are tourist buses with excursion service. The cost of the ticket in it is $ 3-5.

The ride on a legal taxi will cost $ 0.4-0.6 per 1 km. For tourists in Cuba, tourist taxis – representatives of the representative class. Order such a taxi is carried out from any hotel. Fare price 0.5 -1 $ per km. In the country, especially in Havana, see a lot of retro taxi, the fare is 2 times more expensive. You can order a taxi for half a day, the service will cost $ 30, for the whole day – $ 60.

Car rental costs $ 70-100 per day. The price of gasoline varies from $ 1.2 to 1, $ 4 per liter. Refills are rare.

For tourists there are several more exotic ways to move.

Biski-taxi, it is "Kukarach", it is "cockroach". It’s a bike on three wheels.

Coco-Taxi. Something cross between car and bicycle. This is a bike with two wheels from the back. The trip on it costs 5-10 $.

You can buy a ticket for Havanabustour bus. In it 2 floors. He drives through all the sights of Havana. They go every half an hour, the ticket costs $ 5. Bus departs from the historic center of Havana.

As an unusual option – a careton with a horse. Pleasure expensive – $ 50.

You can rent a bike. In the hotel, this service will cost about $ 1 per hour, and at the local resident – $ 1 per day. Leave the vehicle better on the coolant: its value 1-2 peso.

Moped rent will cost $ 22-25 per day. Gasoline tank for $ 3 enough for a hundred kilometers.

How much will get acquainted with Cuban sights

Watch Waterfall will not work for free. Entrance ticket cost $ 3. Twice expensive will be visited by the Museum of Revolution – $ 6. To see how crocodiles are bred, you will have to lay out $ 5. On the crocodile farm you can taste crocodile meat. Portion costs $ 15. Near the farm there is a tourist park, an excursion will cost $ 10.

Safari in the National Park will cost $ 9. Will still pay $ 10 for entering the park. A trip to Vedado on Cemetery Columbus also costs money. Entrance to it – $ 5.

How much money to take into Cuba

Excursions to Cuba – Pleasure expensive. Tour operators offer a trip to Cuba with prices, several times larger than the same excursions acquired from the local population.

For example, if a trip to Havana at Cuban costs 200 euros for 6 people, in travel agencies – 120 euros from one person. Excursion to the Caribbean Sea will cost local $ 200 for 8 people, tour operators – $ 70 per person.

A trip to Cuba for 10 days together will cost about $ 2000. This includes shuttle service, meals, accommodation.

Walking tour of Havana (historical and modern regions) will cost about $ 15 per person, with lunch – $ 29.

A trip to Vinhales Valley will cost $ 44. As part of the excursion, you will get acquainted not only with the city of Pinar Del Rio, but also visit the tobacco factory, look at the Indian Cave, walk through the underground river.

Departure to Varadero and vacation on the beach will rise at $ 35. For active tourists we offer to take advantage of the excursion to Kayo Coco. Relax on the beach, will take water sports. It is fun $ 149. The price includes lunch, transfer.

A visit to the nursery Crocodiles enters the excursion to Guama. Walking on a motor boat to the village of Indians. Worth a trip 46 $.

See the "under the stars" show in a tropican cabaret can be $ 70 with payment. Acquaintance with Trinidad Together with the flight costs $ 145 per person.

Many more interesting excursions are offered to guests of Cuba, to forget which is impossible. Choose your preferences and monetary.

What to bring from Cuba? Prices for souvenirs

Of course, we take Cuban rum. Price for a bottle of a weathered famous drink – from $ 10. The cost of cigars in the box starts from 20. Cigars are cost from $ 4.

Women will like decorations from corals, from fruit bones, and the price of them will also like it – from $ 2.

Serious men are a serious gift – machete. Cuban knives stand from $ 10. Cuban hat in his homeland will affect everyone. It’s not a pity for it to give $ 4.

Carried out the statuette of a tree for $ 5, 10 $ and above. Economy option – magnets, badges, shirts and t.NS. from $ 2. Guyaber on your man will produce a furor in any society. The price is acceptable – $ 10. Coffee makers can capture Cuban coffee with them. 250 grams of drink costs $ 5, kilogram pack – $ 16. The unique gift will be a photo album from Bizon’s skins.

Music Tourists We advise you to buy drums, maracas, bongo, clave, guiro. Question price – from $ 8. Disc with national headings for sale about $ 10. Do not forget about children. Cuban doll in national clothes will cost $ 3.

Let’s summarize the travel around Cuba

If you eat in low-cost places, we use public transport (sometimes a taxi), take one or two excursions per day, buy souvenirs, then one day on the island will cost $ 70-85.

How much money to take into Cuba

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