How much money to take in Tunisia

How much money to take on current expenses during rest in Tunisia? What expenses are waiting even if you arrived at all inclusive? How much drinks and food for those who are riding without all inclusive? How much will it cost Souvenirs and gifts, excursions, passage of transport? Read the answers in this article.

With All inclusive and without – what’s the difference?

If you fly in Tunisia to the hotel without the All Inclusive system (all inclusive), then read this article completely.

If you fly on All Inclusive (all inclusive), then read everything, but besides sections about food, drinks and alcohol.

At the end of the article, we will give the final figures for all options.

Important moments

First. Further, in the course of this article, we will give prices in Tunisian dinars. The laws of the country Tunisia require that all calculations are made only in dinars. Dollars and euros take only hotels and hotel guides for excursions.

To translate prices in rubles or dollars, use our Calculator Tunisian Dinar or see the current course in the article "Tunisian Dinar".

Second. In this article we consider only current expenses. We mean that the tourist has already bought a ticket (a batch tour) or already paid for airfare and accommodation at the hotel.

1. Communication – Internet and calls home

Surprisingly, Tunisia for our operators remains a country of distant and unfriendly. That is, cheap tariffs and roaming options do not wait. And this despite the fact that in the past 2019, 672 thousand ours rested in Tunisia.

The internet problem on vacation in Tunisia can often be solved by free Wi-Fi in the hotel. But if you are going outside the hotel or Wi-Fi in the hotel paid or bad, then the problem needs to be solved differently. The optimal option is to buy a SIM card operator OODOO TUNISIA. The average price for gigabytes – 4 Tunisian dinars.

The second acceptable option – the options of our operators in roaming. But in this case, get ready for the daily subscription fee – from 400 rubles a day.

Calling from Tunisia home also cheaper everything from Tunisian SIM. our operators have several suitable options, but they are inconvenient. We recommend roaming only to those tourists, to whom it is fundamentally to remain in our our issue. Read our detailed review "How to call from Tunisia Deshevo".

2. Souvenirs and gifts

Popular gifts from Tunisia are cheap. Naturally, you need to wisely choose the place of purchase. The same olive oil can cost the hotel in the hotel 30 dinars, in the store near the hotel 20, and in the supermarket 15.

– olive oil – 15-20 dinars per liter;

– Detiki "Demlet Nur" variety – 10-15 dinars per kilogram;

– Tunisian halva – 6-7 dinars for the bank of 400 grams;

– Acute Haris Sauce – about 1 dinar for a jar of 135 grams.

– Tunisian ceramics – from 10 dinars for a beautiful plate and above;

– Olive soap – 2 dinars for a piece.

For 100 dollars bring a worthy set of souvenirs and gifts. For $ 200 kits for distribution to relatives and friends.

About prices and best ideas Read our article "16 of the best ideas – what to bring from Tunisia".

Separately, it is worth mentioning the magnificent Tunisian fruits. Prices and assortment highly depend on the season. Read our article "Fruits in Tunisia – prices and calendar".

3. Excursions

Excursions are different. Conditionally, they can be classified into local, one-day and two-day.

Local excursions are arranged at interesting places in the resort of stay or neighboring resort. For example, sightseeing tours of Sousse or Monastir, a trip to the crocodile farm from hotels in Djerba or Zarzisis. Prices for local excursions – 40-50 dollars per person.

Day excursions arrange for a whole day, and usually travel to long attractions. For example, an excursion to El Jam Cayruan or the popular Carthage-Sidi-bu-Said Tunis program. Prices for day trips – 80-100 dollars per person.

Two-day excursions are rare with overnight. This is primarily excursions to sugar, there are also travel programs on North Tunisia. Prices for two-day excursions – 120-160 dollars per person.

On vacation 7 days We recommend 1 local + 1 day excursion (about $ 150). For 10 days vacation, we recommend 2 local + 1 one-day (about $ 200). Of course, no one forbids more if there is money and desire.

In most cases, Tunisia makes no sense to pay excursions. Most interesting places are more convenient and cheaper to see on their own, as local and long-distance transport are well developed in the country. Where better to go with the excursion, and where on your own, read in our review "Excursions in Tunisia".

4. Local transport

In Tunisia, all local transport stands cheap.

Taxi is the most convenient way to move around cities and resorts. And it is cheap: 0,540 dinar for landing, 0,500 dinars for kilometer. Official Tariffs See our article "Taxi in Tunisia".

Usually a trip within its resort is up to 6 Tunisian dinars. However, we want to note that Tunisian taxi drivers refuse to ride a meter for small distances. For example, if from your hotel in El Cantausi want to get to the port, then take 4 or 5 dinars without a meter. They can be understood, no one wants to work "for a penny".

Local buses for tourists are almost useless. First, there is no place to take a schedule. Secondly, there is no place to take the route map.

Local minibuses (Luzhi) on the contrary are very helpful. They usually go along the tourist zone and go to the city center. Trip price – 1-2 dinars. Details in our article "Minibuses (Luzhi) in Tunisia".

In the city of Tunisia (Country Country Tunisia) there is a useful for tourist TGM train, which is traveling from the city center to Carthage and Sidi-bu sid. Fare price – 0,680 Dinara (1,150 per 1st grade). Also in the capital there is a network tram. Details in our review "Light Metro Tunisia".

5. Intercity transport

Intercity transport also cheap.

Between the cities of Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia goes very convenient for tourists train Metro Sachel. Price for travel between Sousse and Monastir – 1 Dinar, between Sousse and Majdia – 3 Dinar. Details in our article "Metro Sachel".

Travel in the train on the central branch is also cheap. For example, a train ticket from Sousse to the capital costs 10,300 dinars. Ticket for the largest distance (Tunisia Gabes) costs 18,200 dinar.

Buses for tourists are not as comfortable as trains – Comfort is clearly lower. However, buses will be delivered to where the railway tracks are not laid. Prices for travel on long-distance buses low. For example, to get from Hammamet to Tunisia (the capital) costs 3,970 Dinara, from the raid in the capital – 3,850 dinars, from the Sousse in Hammamet – 4,470 Dinar, from Tunisia (capital) to Tabarca – 10,270 dinar.

Details in our overview "Buses in Tunisia".

And where there are no bus routes, long-distance minibuses (Luahi) ride. And often it happens that the minibuses duplicate buses, which is convenient – no need to search for a schedule. Comfort in minimal minibuses. Prices approximately as in buses.

6. Tickets for attractions

Tickets for museums and places of excavations cost from 5 to 10 Tunisian dinars.

Some interesting places can be viewed free: walk along Avenue Habiba Burgibiba and watch Tunisian Big Ben in the capital, see Sidi-bu-Said, Music fountains of El Cantaui, Mausoleum Habib Burbibiba in Monastir, Synagogue El Mushroom on Djerba.

Entertainment cost more. For the entrance to the water park or amusement park, cook 25-50 dinars. For example, Aquasplash in the Sousse – 50 dinars, Acqua Palace in El Cantausi – 35, Flipper in Hammamete – 25, Carthage Land in Yasminina – 25.

Consider that only Tunisian dinars take on the office of parks and attractions. Also, anywhere does not accept credit cards, only cash. And surrender sometimes does not happen. Prepare Tunisian dinars, and preferably small bills and coins. Read our article "How and where to change currency in Tunisia".

There are no "museum maps", "tourist discount cards" or "city cards" in Tunisia. On tickets to the sights do not save.

7. Child nutrition and objects of hygiene

Baby food in Tunisia is sold in pharmacies and large supermarkets, but not in all. In addition, ride specifically for a taxi for baby food is also invoiced. If you decide to buy baby food in Tunisia, then get ready for it 1.5 times more expensive than in Russia.

Diapers and other goods for children’s hygiene in Tunisia are also sold in pharmacies or large supermarkets. Prices here are even higher than in Russia. For diaper Pampers 3rd size Get ready to post 1 Tunisian dinar. It is expensive. We can buy them for 10 rubles, if you take a big box and in stock. If you do not go to the supermarket, and buy diapers in the store in the hotel (if they are there), then you already prepare 1.5-2 dinars for the thing.

Therefore, or take baby food and hygiene items, or prepare the amount based on prices above.

We considered these topics in detail in the article "In Tunisia with Children".

eight. Drinks (non-alcoholic)

If you go on All Inclusive, then drinks will be included. In expensive hotels, this is bottled water, juices (from concentrate), soda (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite from concentrate). In cheap hotels, it is water from a cooler, juices (from concentrate), local gas production (from concentrate).

Without All inclusive will have to go to the store. Prices for non-alcoholic drinks in Tunisia are about the same as in Russia.

Clean water bottle 1.5 liters – 0.6-0.7 Dinar.

Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite 1.5 liters – 2.5-3 dinar.

Juice 1 liter – 2.5-3 dinar.

Red Bull 250 ml – 5 dinars.

Do not forget that prices can be higher in tourist areas. We recommend going to the nearest town in Carrefour, Monoprix or Mg to buy beverages in bulk. The benefit of the taxi in Tunisia is inexpensive, and the taxi will be delivered from the hotel right to the supermarket doors, and then back to the doors of the hotel, that is, we will not have to carry gravity.

Georgious food

If you are going on All Inclusive (all inclusive), then you can not worry about food. We recommend our article "What is fed to everything included in Tunisia". You can skip the following block about food.

If you drive without all inclusive, then there are several options to eat: products from the store, in a cafe and street funds, in restaurants.

nine. Option 1 – products in stores

Some tourists buy fresh fruits and vegetables in stores, bread, cheese, meat in cutting, make sandwiches. Of course, such a diet is not at all useful for health, but the cheap.

Apples – 2.5-3.5 dinars per kilogram, pears – 3-4, oranges – 2-3, bananas – 3-4, peaches – 4-5. Fruit prices depend on the harvest season. Details in our article "Fruits in Tunisia".

Bread – 0.4-0.5 dinar for a bunch of 400-500 grams, cheese – from 1.5 dinar for 100 grams, sausage and meat delicacies – from 4 dinars for 100 grams. Buns and pies with stuffing – 1-2 dinars for a thing, depends on the filling.

If desired, this way can be eaten for 10-15 dinars per day.

If you can cook, you can eat even cheaper.

Pasta – 0.4-0.6 Dinar for a pack of 500 grams, rice – 1.5-2 dinars per kilogram, chicken eggs – about 3 dinars for 15 pieces, chicken breast – 10 dinars per kilogram, beef – 30 dinars per kilogram.

All the details in our article "Product prices in Tunisia".

ten. Option 2 – Cafes and Street Fud

In low-cost cafes and Street Foods Delicious dishes, prices available.

Tunisian BRIC – about 3 dinars for the thing, fricases (cut buns with filling) – from 3 to 7 dinars depending on the filling, bambalun donut – about 1 dinar for a thing, a piece of pizza – 2-4 dinars depending on the size. Tunisian coffee – 0.5 dinar for a cup, coffee expresso – 2-3 dinars.

In the cafe and street funds you can eat for 15-20 dinars per day per person.

However, do not forget that cheap cafes are often found in cities, but there are almost no tourist zones. Since the All Inclusive is very common in Tunisia, the establishments of the catering in the tourist zones are unprofitable, so there are very few.

If your hotel is in the city, then you can safely rely on this option. If the hotel in the tourist area, then it is better not count.

McDonalds fans we have to disappoint – in Tunisia, there is no institution McDonalds. But there is KFC, but only 3 places in the capital.

How much money to take in Tunisia

In the past in 2019 in Tunisia opened the first Burger King restaurant in the resort of Sousse in the shopping center Mall of Sousse. What sort of prices? Do not know yet, we still have not been there.

eleven. Option 3 – restaurants

The Tunisian restaurant prices are more than affordable. Of course, there are restaurants of different levels, and prices may vary. The following are the prices in restaurants average – with good food, but without too much pathos.

Portion Tunisian salad or salad meshviya – 3-4 dinars, couscous with lamb – 8-10, brik with tuna – 3-4, aja – 9-12, serving mergezov – 10-12, the Tunisian tagine – 6-8, shakshuka – 3-4, a portion of spaghetti with meat – 10-12, a portion of kebab – 15-18.

For lunch or dinner (excluding drinks) get ready to shell out 15-20 dinars.

Drinks in restaurants: Coke or other soda – 2,5-3 dinar, coffee – 2-3, juice – 3-4 tea – 2-3, beer (if the restaurant has) – 3-4 for 0.5 liters of wine (if the restaurant has a wine) – 2-3.

Eat in restaurants can be for 50-60 dinars per person per day.

At first glance, it’s expensive. But when compared with other tourist countries (particularly in Europe) it is very cheap. If you want to spend your holiday in style, Tunisia – a great chance.

Of all the most delicious and interesting dishes Tunisian read our review "Tunisian cuisine".

12. If you smoke – cigarette

Prices on cheap local cigarettes are comparable with the prices of cheap cigarettes in Russia. Tunisian cigarette MARS – 3,200 dinars, Cristal Legere – 2,900 dinars.

Cigarette prices of imported brands in Tunisia are quite high. Marlboro or Dunhill – 6,600 dinars, Camel – 6,100 dinars, Gauloise – 5,600 dinars.

In any case, we recommend taking the usual cigarettes from home. Firstly, in the resort areas can sell cigarettes at 1.5-2 times more expensive. And do not guess in advance what prices will be in stores around the hotel.

Secondly, in Tunisia a huge share of counterfeit. According to different estimates from 20% to 50% of the market. How, where and what makes this counterfeit? This is a big mystery. Better not to risk and such cigarettes do not smoke.

The smallest chances of touching the counterfeit is to smoke local cigarettes Cristal and Mars International.

All the details in our article "Cigarettes and smoking in Tunisia".

13. If you like to drink – alcohol

If you are going on All Inclusive (all inclusive), I don’t need to worry about alcohol. Typically included local alcohol, which is not bad in quality. Recall that although Tunisia is Muslim Country, here produce their beer, wine and even strong drinks – Licketers from dates, Vodka "Buha", the famous herbal liqueur "Tibarin". Details in our article "What alcohol in Tunisia".

If you drive without all inclusive, then with alcohol it can be difficult. In Tunisia, not every store has the right to sell alcohol, and not every restaurant has the right to apply alcohol.

For alcohol, the easiest way to go to the local supermarket Magasin GENERAL.

Prices in the store: Bottle of beer 0.5 – 2-3 dinars, a bottle of wine 0.75 – from 8 to 30 dinars, strong drinks 0.5 – from 50 dinars.

Please note that beer and wine at quite reasonable prices. But strong alcohol is expensive. If you are accustomed to "refueling" with strong drinks, then get ready to upset.

fourteen. Unexpected expenses

They can be a lot.

The first important point is the payment of medical services. Of course, all tourists travel to travel in hand. However, in insurance is the concept of "franchise". That is, the first part of the fee for medical services Tourist pays for himself, and the remaining insurance company.

Usually franchise in tourist insurance is 30 dollars. That is, when providing you with medical services for 200 dollars, the insurance company will pay 170, and 30 will pay from your pocket. It is better to have money in stock. Details in our article "Insurance in Tunisia".

The second point is a tourist tax. Most often, the tourist tax is already included in the cost of the tour or paid when booking the hotel. But not always it is, and sometimes the tax is asked to pay separately. What is the amount of tax, read in our article "Tourist tax in Tunisia".

The third moment is money for travel to the capital. There are no consulates of the our Federation in Tunisia at the resorts (such as in Turkey), there is only an consular department in the embassy in the capital. In case of any problems (for example, lost documents) will have to go to the capital to the embassy. It is better to have money in stock.


In all cases We strongly recommend to have $ 100 for unforeseen expenses;

If you go on All Inclusive (all inclusive), then cook 100-150 dollars on excursions + 80-100 dollars per gifts + 20-30 dollars to visit local attractions. Of course, this is if you want to look at something and want to buy gifts;

If you drive without the ALL INCLUSIVE system, then cook 10-12 dollars per person per day for food + paragraph set above. This is if you eat in low-cost cafes and Street Fuds;

If without AI want to eat in restaurants, then cook 20-25 dollars per person per day for food + set with two paragraphs above;

More expense details (children, communications, cigarettes, alcohol, long-distance travel) Read above in this article.

Another important to know

– You can save, if you need to take everything with you, and not buy in place. Read our detailed review "What to take with you to Tunisia";

– There are no visa fees in Tunisia, there are no fees at the entrance to the country. ours are allowed without a visa and without boards for up to 90 days. It is only required to fill the migration card. Details in our article "Visa in Tunisia" and "Tunisia Migration Card";

– If you want to take advantage of the wellness and rejuvenating services of thalassotherapy centers, we recommend to allocate a separate budget for these needs. Complexes of procedures can cost from 100 to several thousand dollars. Details in our review "Thalassotherapy in Tunisia";

– In order not to stay without money – not to become a victim of fraudsters, dishonest vendors or just pockets, read our review "Danger for tourists in Tunisia".

Have a good holiday in Tunisia, and read our useful for tourists and interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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