How much money to take in the UAE

How much money take with you in the UAE to current expenses? How much does it cost in restaurants, cafes, fast food and Street Fud? What are the prices for transport, excursions and attractions? Read the answers below in this article.

Prices and other information in this article are relevant on February 24, 2021.

Important moments

First. Prices in this article are indicated in the emirate dirhams, dollars and rubles. It all depends on the expenditure article. Do not wonder. To recount prices, see the current course in our article "Money in the UAE" or use our convenient Dirhama Calculator.

Second. In the course of this article, first consider the 16 main items on vacation. In the end, you can see the final options.

Third. In this article, it will be about expenses for adult tourists. About expenses for children, such as child nutrition and hygiene items, read in detail in our article "In the Arab Emirates with Children".

16 items expenses

1. Communication – Calls Home and Internet

Communication in the UAE is expensive. This also applies to calls, and the Internet. In addition, VoIP is blocked in the country – no calls on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and other messengers do not work.

Mobile traffic in the UAE is about 10 times more expensive than in Russia. This is not surprising, because in the UAE there are only two mobile operators – DU and ETISALAT, and both of them belong to the state.

If the hotel has free and fast Wi-Fi, then the problem is solved for 0 rubles. If not or the Internet is needed outside the hotel, then you need to choose – roaming or local SIM.

At the local SIM pay 50 dirhams for 2 gigabytes, 80 for 4, 125 for 6, 200 per 22. You will pay 350-500 rubles in Roaming every day for 1 gigabyte. What is better that worse? Read in detail in our article "Internet in the UAE – how cheaper".

With calls, the situation is a little better. On the local SIM minute of conversation with Russia costs 2.5 Dirhama, which is indecent expensive. But there are several favorable roaming options. Read in detail in our article "Calls from the UAE – how cheaper".

In order not to deny yourself in minutes and traffic, prepare: or 400-500 rubles a day (roaming for calls and the Internet), or 145 rubles per day + 125 dirhams (calls in roaming + Internet Etisalat).

2. Souvenirs and gifts

Souvenirs in the UAE expensive – for the usual magnet usually ask 5 dirhams, and even 10 or 20. There are places where you can buy magnets for 2 dirhama. The farther from popular tourist destinations, the cheaper.

Now because of the coronavirus, the merchants are sitting on the "hungry soldering", so you can bargain and buy even for 1 dirham.

Prices for souvenirs. Magnet – from 2 to 20 dirhams, depends on the place of purchase. Figurines Burj Khalifa or Burj Al-Arab – from 5 to 50 depends on the size and place of purchase. Plush camels – from 20 to 100 dirhams, depends on the size.

The most popular gift is local dates. Emphasize that it is local, that is, grown in the UAE, Saudi Arabia or Oman. To buy Tunisian dates in the UAE, there is no meaning, since we have in Russia they lie in any supermarket and cheaper.

Emirates or Saudi dates stand from 60 dirhams per kilogram. For elite prepare from 100. You can buy in supermarkets Carrefour, Spinneys, Waitrose. Details in our article "Date of Arab Emirates".

We will not talk about all the gifts in detail. Read our detailed article "What to bring from Arab Emirates".

To buy a small set of souvenirs and gifts Cook 100 dollars. For a chic kit Read 200-300 dollars.

3. Local transport

Local transport in the UAE Available at the price. As a result, tourists in most cases are cheaper to ride attractions independently than ordering excursions.

Taxi is a universal way of movement for tourists in all seven emirates. Tariffs are slightly different from the Emirates to the Emirate. On average, you need to pay 5-8 dirhams for landing and 1.5-2 Dirhams per kilometer. In each emirate there is a minimum trip cost, for example, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is equal to 12 dirhams. All tariffs, see our detailed article "Taxi in the Arab Emirates".

Cheaper to move around dub, because there is a subway. Prices: 3, 5 or 7.5 dirhams per trip depends on the distance, and rather from the number of transport zones passed. Prices, metro scheme in our, For information about tickets, see our article "Dubai Metro".

In Dubai, there is also a developed network of bus routes, tram and monorails. All these types of transport are useful for tourists.

There are several dozen buses in Abu Dhabi. Some of them are useful for tourists if you stop somewhere near the hotel. Price trip around the city – 2 Dirhama, to the suburbs – 4 Dirhama. Still, more often, tourists in Abu Dhabi have to ride a taxi.

In Sharjah there are 15 bus routes, but for tourists they are useless. In addition on the bus expensive – 7 dirhams! In such a situation, it is easier and cheaper to ride a taxi.

4. Intercity transport

Attention! Not all intercity transport is now working. Buses E700 Dubai Fujair now (February 2021) do not work. No public transport in Abu Dhabi goes. You can only take a taxi and not every taxi driver will go, because for the intersection of the border of the Emirates you need a negative test for coronavirus. Simply order transfer.

Taxi between the Emirates is expensive pleasure, since there is an extra charge of 20 dirhams for the intersection of the border of the Emirate. Almost in all cases buses turn out to be cheaper. The only exception is the movement between Chard and Dubai, when the taxi turns out to be a little more expensive, but much more convenient.

Businesses for buses: Dubai-Sharjah – 10 Dirhams, Dubai-Abu Dhabi – 25, Dubai Ajman – 15, Dubai Ras Al Highma – 25, Dubai Fujairah – 25.

Do not forget that you need to get to the bus station from the hotel. In Dubai, this can be done on the subway, but in other taxi emirates – from 12 to 20 dirhams.

Unfortunately, while taxis and buses are the only types of long-distance transport in the Arab Emirates. But now the railway branch is built through the whole country, as well as between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is planned to pave a line Hyperloop.

5. Places to Attractions and Entertainment Parks

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, many interesting things can be viewed free, including top attractions. All the details in our article "What to see in the UAE for free".

A visit to museums in the Arab Emirates is symbolic (by local standards) of money. For example, the Museum of Islamic Civilization – 10 Dirhams, the Al-Fahidy Museum – 3, the Commonwealth Museum – 25, the Ajman Museum – 5.

But entertainment in the Arab Emirates is much more expensive.

Amusement Parks: Legoland – 275 Dirhams, Motiongate – 275, Img World – 300, Ferrari WORLD – 295, Warner Bros – 295.

Other entertainment: viewing platforms Burj Khalifa – from 150 Dirhamov, Oceanarium The Lost Chambers – from 110, Oceanarium in Dubai Mall – from 110, Dubai Frame – 50, Dubai Delphinarium Show – 105.

Expensive! And these figures can and need to be reduced. There are discounts and promotions, coupons, guests access for hotels. There are a dozen ways to save up to 50%. Read all the ways in the article "How to save on tickets in Dubai".

6. Excursions

Prices for excursions in the Arab Emirates are very different. And first of all, the price depends on whether the program is included in the program a visit to paid attractions.

Sightseeing tours of the residence emirate – 30-40 dollars. This price is provided that during the excursion you will only attend free attractions.

Excursions to other Emirates with a visit to one paid attraction – 60-80 dollars. Usually lunch is included in the price of such an excursion, but there are paid drinks during lunch.

Trips to Amusement Parks and Water Parks are usually worth 90-110 dollars. But as far as justified, if you compare with ticket prices on official sites and in the box office? To say difficult. It’s not always the same.

Long-distance excursions for the whole day – 100-120 dollars. All the details in our review "Excursions in Dubai".

7. Drinks (non-alcoholic)

Regular water in supermarkets costs 1.5-2 Dirhams per bottle of 1.5 liters. But it is better to buy large packs of 6 or 12 bottles, and in this case the bottle is already 0.8-1 Dirham.

Carbonated drinks in the UAE now (2021) are very expensive. In December 2019, a special tax was introduced 50% for sweetened sugar drinks. Since then, gas production prices often lead our tourists in shock.

Bank Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi, Mirinda or 7-Up – 2.5-3 Dirhama. Bottle of 1.5 liters – 6-7 dirhams. Bank Schweppes 0.25 – 3-3.5 Dirhama. By the way, have ever seen Coca-Cola or Pepsi banks with a volume of 0,150 liters. Sort of "babes". In the supermarkets in the UAE such sell, price – 2 Dirhama.

Juices stand from 4 dirhams per liter and to infinity, depends on the origin, brand and availability of the "ECO" console. Lipton tea in a jar of 0.33 – 3.5-4 Dirhama. Coffee Nescafe in a bank 0.25 – 5-6 dirhams.

Energy Drinks: Red Bull 0.25 – 8-10 Dirhams, Monster Green Energy 0.25 – 7-9, Power Horse 0.25 – 8-10.

eight. Where and what to eat – fast food

Eat in fast foods in the UAE is safe, convenient, fast, but very, very expensive!

In mcdonalds. Big Mac stands 18 Dirhams, 9 Nuggets – 13 Dirhams, Big Taesti – 22, Double Cheeseburger – 13.5, Cheeseburger – 8.

In kfc. Box Master – 17 Dirhams, Twister – 9, Set of 4 Stripks, Salad, Potatoes Fries and Drink – 32.5.

In Burger King. Bopper – 19 Dirhams, Steakhouse – 23, Chicken Fries (chicken sticks) – 5, three stripses – 10, medium potatoes fr – 4.

In Pizza Hut. Medium pizza costs from 35 to 45 dirhams.

Speaking easier. Take our prices in fast foods and multiply on two. If you are ready for such spending, you will not regret, because fast foods are safe, and the food in them is quite neutral – it will be suitable for any.

If you are going to eat in fast foods, then prepare 20-30 dollars per day per person.

nine. Where and what to eat – restaurants

It is difficult to talk about prices in restaurants, as restaurants are very different levels. In an inexpensive restaurant in Deira dish, 20 dirhams can cost, dessert 10. At the restaurant AT.Mosphere on Burge Califa Similar dish costs 240 Dirhams, dessert 100.

Let’s try to give average prices. The price of a meat dish with a garnish in a mid-level restaurant in Dubai – 30-40 Dirhams. Do not forget about drinks and dessert. For lunch or dinner, get ready to pay from 50 to 80 dirhams.

Usually prices in restaurants during hotels and shopping centers above. We recommend to study in advance on Google.Maps, what restaurants are near the hotel. So you can save seriously.

And do not forget that Dubai is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world. There are restaurants more than 200 kitchens from all over the world. Many restaurants of Indian, Iranian, Turkish kitchens. Food here is spicy and acute, not everyone will taste. Choose restaurant thoughtfully.

If you are going to eat in restaurants, then plan 40-50 dollars per day per person.

ten. Where and what to eat – inexpensive cafes and Street Fud

Main plus this way eat – low cost.

The main minus is that food in the Emirate Street Fudges is adapted mainly for Indians, Pakistanis, Iranians. ours often taste very unusual. The population of the UAE is now only 10% consists of Arab citizens, and the remaining 90% visitors from Asian countries, read in detail in the article "Population of the UAE". The Street Fud Industry is mainly adapted by visiting.

The most popular street dish in the UAE is good all familiar Shawarma. Price – from 4 to 10 dirhams, depends on the size, the type of meat and the place of purchase.

Chicken shawarma refuel not mayonnaise, as is customary with us, and garlic sauce, and often very sharp. Orego and / or vinegar can also add. Shawarma with lamb often refuel pasta tachy. All this is a ours are often very unusual.

Indian fried or baked patties "Samos" with meat filling – 1-2 Dirhama for a little pate. Iranian bread with cheese – 3-5 dirhams. Grilled chicken – 15-20 (half for 8-10).

If you are ready to eat in Street Fud, then prepare 10-15 dollars per day per person.

The most frequent question from tourists about street food: how safe is this food? Answer: In the Arab Emirates is quite safe. Here is a high level of sanitary control over catering enterprises.

eleven. Where and what to eat – supermarket cooking

Cooking departments are now in the UAE in all supermarkets, but these departments may look different. The main advantage of this method is safety.

Some supermarkets have full coupling departments, where dishes sell for weight, and there are tables for visitors. In some supermarkets there are only shelves with fresh prepared dishes. In small supermarkets only shelves with baking.

The average price of finished dishes in cooking – 4 Dirhams per 100 grams.

There are sandwiches or pieces of pizza – from 2.5 to 5 dirhams, depends on the composition and volume of the filling.

For especially economical, we recommend baking departments. There are pies with meat or cheese for 2-3 dirhama. There is baking without a filling for 1-2 Dirhama.

If you want to eat ready-made dishes from cooking, then prepare 10-15 dollars per day per person.

If you are ready to eat baking or sandwiches, then cook 5-10 dollars per person per person.

12. Where and what to eat – products in stores

If you take off apartments with a kitchen, then the problem of "ugly" bread is solved much cheaper. The average grocery set in the UAE is about 20-30% more expensive than in Russia.

Potatoes – 3-4 Dirhams per kilogram, pasta – 3-4 per pack of 400 grams, rice – 6-10 per kilogram. Beef – from 30 dirhams per kilogram, chicken fillet – 20-30 per kilogram. Dozen chicken eggs – 7 dirhams, a liter of milk – 4-5, solid cheeses – 40-50 per kilogram.

Read all the details in our article "Prices for products in the Arab Emirates".

How much money to take in the UAE

If you can cook food from stores from stores, you can eat for $ 5 per person per day.

If you can skillfully use promotions and discounts in supermarkets, you can meet even 3 dollars per person per day.

However, do not forget that cooking is lost from vacation time. Semi-finished products in the UAE are very expensive. Pack of frozen nuggets 400 grams cost 15-17 dirhams. Frozen pizza 300-350 grams costs 18-22 Dirhama.

Have to choose what to save – time or money.

13. Cigarettes

Once smoking tobacco in the UAE was quite affordable. But from December 1, 2019 everything has changed – an excise tax system has been introduced on tobacco products. Since then, the tax on a pack of cigarettes – 8 dirhams. And now (February 2021) the cheapest cigarettes are 10.5 dirhams for a pack.

The conclusion is obvious – take the maximum stock with you. Now (February 2021) in the UAE allowed to import up to 400 cigarettes (2 blocks). According to our laws, it is allowed to take out of Russia to 200 cigarettes. Details in our article "What can not and can be taken out of Russia". Although our Customs usually does not notice if the passenger is lucky.

One block can be taken with you. 1 more block (200 cigarettes) can be bought in Duty Free. Use these possibilities at maximum not to overpay.

All the details of the prices, the rules of smoking and fines in our article "Cigarettes and smoking in the Arab Emirates".

Regarding the devices for Wepa, IQOS and the same approves special rules. Read our article "Waip and IQos in the Arab Emirates".

fourteen. Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages in the UAE more expensive than we. Cheap alcohol is more expensive about 20%. And high-quality drinks are much more expensive. Now explain why.

In the UAE, there is a percentage system of alcohol tax, and not excise, as is customary with us. In the excise system (used in Russia and other CIS countries) from each alcohol bottle, the state charges a fixed amount. We have a share of the state in a bottle of strong alcohol 0.5 liters fixed – 113.2 rubles. And it does not matter – this is a bottle of cheap vodka or expensive French brandy.

In the UAE system percentage – tax 100% in price. That is, for the bottle of vodka at the price of 20 dirhams, the state charges 20, and the total price is 40. For the expensive French brand of 100 Dirhams, the state charges 100, and the final price is already 200.

Eventually! If you want to drink good drinks, then take with you from Russia or from Duty Free. Imported to the UAE now (February 2021) can be 4 liters of alcohol. If so without any difference, you can buy in stores in the UAE, vodka for 20 dirhams will be found (most likely).

The main thing! Do not forget that in a drunken form in a public place in the UAE criminal. All the details in our article "Alcohol in the Arab Emirates".

15. Unexpected expenses

They can happen very much.

First, do not like a franchise in insurance. Not all tourists know what it is, so explaining. Tourist insurance covers the cost of treatment only in excess of a certain amount. Usually above 30 dollars.

For example, you were hurt on the beach, and you left the seams. The clinic takes 100 dollars’ medical procedures. Of these, 30 dollars tourist pays from his pocket himself. The remaining 70 dollars pays the insurance company. These are these 30 dollars just in case have with you.

It happens that in the souvenir shop you will see a thing that really liked. It happens that the restaurant showed a dish, which I really want to try. But initially did not plan to buy this souvenir, nor try this dish. All this needs money.

All these unforeseen expenses are recommended to have 100 American dollars with them. If unforeseen expenses do not happen, then nothing terrible – bring this money with you.

16. Attention! Tourist taxes

In the UAE, a large list of additional tourist taxes, which charge hotels when setting up or evicting guest. Taxes are called: tourist dirham, service charge, municipal tax and in addition VAT (VAT).

Depending on the place of buying a tour (or hotel booking), these taxes can be included in the price, and may be charged separately. It’s not always the same. Better to be interested in what taxes are included which no. In detail about all taxes in our article "Tourist taxes in the Arab Emirates".

Final options

Tariff "Student"

Eat in streets, cookies or sandwiches from the products from the supermarket. We walk on free attractions, the benefit of the UAE of them a lot. For the entertainment program we spend only on transport. Souvenirs and gifts do not buy.

We spend: $ 15 per day per person on food and drinks. 100 dollars for unforeseen expenses.

Tariff "Balanced"

Eat in cooking or fast foods, several times for vacation dinner in restaurants. We attend a few paid attractions, but we go mostly on the subway (in Dubai) and buses. Souvenirs and gifts minimum.

We spend: $ 30 per day per person on food and drinks. 100 dollars for gifts + 250 dollars on entertainment + 100 dollars for unforeseen expenses.

Tariff "on a wide leg"

Fee in restaurants. We go to the sights without restrictions. We go only by taxi. Chic set of souvenirs and gifts.

We spend: 60-80 dollars per day per person on food and drinks. 250 dollars per gifts + $ 500 on entertainment + 100 dollars for unforeseen expenses.

It’s important to know

– If you want to save and bring something with you, such as products, then read our review "What can and cannot be imported into the UAE";

– if aimed at a large set of gifts and souvenirs, do not forget about the restrictions on customs. Read our review "What can and cannot be removed from the UAE";

– About what to take with you except money, read in the article "What to take with you in the UAE".

Successful holiday in the Arab Emirates, and read our useful tourists and interesting articles about this country (List of articles below).

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Hi Bourges Khalifa costs now 245 per person and upper floor 500 with people

Alexander – Glavred site

Ticket to the lower platform Burj Khalifa costs 135 Dirhams (previously cost 125). Buy tickets in advance on the official website, and you will not overpay.

How much money to take in the UAE

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