How much money take to france

What amount to take with you to rest in France? How much does it cost to eat here and drink? How much will cost places for attractions and transport? What other expenses should be considered? All these questions will be available in detail and available in our article.

Prices in cafes and eaters

Breakfast will cost 5-6 euros per person. It is usually 2-3 per croissant, 2-3 per cup of coffee.

Lunch will cost 15-20 euros per person. Main dish – pasta or something meat for 10-12, salad – 5-7. You can save, if you look for combo dinners, it looks like a business lunch familiar to us. Such a lunch will cost 15-20 euros, but for this amount get salad, soup, main dish and drink.

Dinner will also cost 15-20 euros, but in the evening there are no combo.

Save options available. You can go to the pizzeria and take pizza for 8-15 euros. Drinks in a cafe Dear, Cola Bank can cost 5 euros, and in the store 2. A small cup of coffee costs from 2 euros. If drinking drinks in the store, then by the results of the vacation you can save 50-100 euros per person.

On average, if you eat in a cafe and eaters, then count on 50 euros per person per day.

We give average prices for some dishes: a piece of cake – 4-5 euros; Sandwich small size – 3-5; Portion of Wafer – 2-3; Pancake with filling – 1.5-2.5; Big Panning Sandwich – 5-6.

Prices in restaurants

Paris is one of the gastronomic capitals of the world, the location of the best and most expensive restaurants. About prices are difficult to speak, prices depend on the level of the restaurant.

In the mid-level restaurants, get ready to lay out 30-50 euros per person for a squeezing of three dishes: Salad, snacks, main dish. Add 15 euros for a bottle of inexpensive wine.

Accordingly, if you are going to dinner and dinner in restaurants, then prepare 100 euros per day per person.

We give average prices for some dishes: salads – 10-14 euros, main meat and fish dishes – 18-30, snacks – 8-13. Very popular seafood plates, especially in Marseille, such a plate with oysters, shrimp, pieces of octopus costs 24-30 euros.

Prices in fast foods and Street Fud

In France, the insane number of Street-Fud trays, and on this can be seriously saved.

Combo Burger (or 6 Chicken Wings) + Potatoes Free + Little Salad Portion costs 7-9 euros. Add cola or juice for 2. Lost or dinner can be for 10 euros.

If you are ready to eat in Street Fud, you can eat for 30 euros per day per person.

Panning sandwich or sandwich will cost about 4 euros, salad portion – 2-3, Pizza slice – 1.5-2.

Prices for products in stores

If you can cook food, then rest is heavier. Some tourists even go to rest with their electric burner and prepare on it right in the room. Faugh to buy a burner right now for 1000 rubles, it weighs in 2 kilograms, power – 1000 watts. An important point is to include such heating appliances in electricity in all hotels is prohibited. But who and when these bans stopped?

Some tourists eat only products from supermarkets. Bought apples, bananas, cut bread, sausage, cheese. The supper is ready. This is not the most useful for the stomach diet, but a week of recreation can be powered by both.

Prices in supermarkets for vegetables and fruits: Apples – 2-2.5 euros per kilogram; bananas – 1.5-2; Oranges – 2-2.5; Tomatoes – 2-2.5; Potatoes – 1-2; Onions – 1-2.5; Cabbage – 1-1,5. Vite prices can be viewed at the photo nearby, click on the photo to enlarge.

Prices for other products: Chicken Eggs – 1.5-2.5 euros for a dozen; Milk – 0.75-1.2 per liter; rice, pasta, other cereals – 1.5-2 per kilogram; Chicken – 8-12 per kilogram; beef – 12-20; Cheese – 10-20; Bread – about 1 euro per baguette 500 grams.

If you eat products from the supermarket, then put in 10 euros per person per day.

Naturally, this figure is valid provided a balanced diet. If you used to eat only meat and cheese dishes, then you can not meet 10 euros.

By the way, the average Frenchman spends on the food approximately the same amount – 233 euros per person per month. Data according to the study of USDA.


Move on France, you can only walk, transport here Dear.

Taxi is the most convenient, but the most expensive way of movement. For landing in a taxi – 4 euros, a kilometer – from 1 to 1.5. Even separately paid for simple in the road traffic jams. Read all the details in our article "Taxi in France".

The metro is much cheaper, it is only a pity that the subway is only in 6 French cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse and Reims. Travel in Paris Metro costs 1.8 euro per trip. You can save if you buy travel or reusable tickets. All details read in our article "Metro Paris".

Travel on buses is carried out on the same tickets as the subway. Price – 1.8 euro per trip, can be saved using travel.

Trips between cities are also the most. For example, take from Paris to Lyon by train will cost about 60 euros, in Marseille – about 90.

Tickets for attractions

Some even the most famous sights can be viewed free. For example, the Champs Elysees, Montmartre district or the Cathedral of the Parisian Our Lady.

Tickets for attractions of cultural significance are not very expensive (by European standards). On the Eiffel Tower you can rise for 12 or 17 euros, depends on the height, Museum of Louvre – 16, Palace Versailles – 15.

Relatively expensive. Ticket to Disneyland – from 50 euros per person, Le Double Fond show – from 40, Cineaqua’s oceanarium – 19.5, Madame Madame Tussao Museum – 17.5.

If you want to get to the show of the most famous cabaret Moulin Rouge, prepare from 95 euros and more. In Paris, there are many less "promoted" cabaret, where the show can be viewed for 50 euros.

Souvenirs and gifts

From France, you can bring many interesting gifts, what we wrote in the article "What to bring from France". You can do the minimum set for 20 euros, and you can buy only 1000 euros. We will give for example the price of the most popular:

– Magnets, Little replica key chains Eiffel Tower – 1-2 Euro. Watch the photo next to click to enlarge;

– Recognizable French berets – 15-20 euros. A flock scarf – from 65 to 300 depends on the size;

– Cakes "Makarons" – 20-25 per 10 pieces;

– Dijon mustard – 5-7 per pack of 200 grams;

– French cheeses can cost from 10 euros per kilogram and indefinitely depends on the variety, origin and exposure. Prices we led in our most interesting article "France’s cheeses – species and prices".

– French wines can cost from 3 euros per bottle and indefinitely. For the mid-level wine, focus on the price of 15 for 0.7 liters;

– Present French champagne – 45 per bottle;

– Fua-gra – 40-50 per jar of 250 grams;

– French sausage with mold – 7-8 per pack of 200 grams;

– Pictures of street artists can cost from 20 to 300 euros, depends on the greed of the artist and its objective talents in painting.

Prices for fashionable brands We will not discuss this page on this page, it is a separate, large and complex topic for conversation.

We highly recommend that you read our article "What you can not export from France".

If smoking

Cigarettes in France are very expensive. The last increase in excise occurred on March 1, 2018. The average price of a pack of cigarettes rose to 8 euros! Cheap varieties of cigarettes can be bought for 7.

Smokers highly recommend taking a maximum stock with them, which will only miss French customs. Read our article "What can I bring to France and how much".

Until the end of 2020, the government plans to increase the average price of cigarette packs up to 10 euros.

If you like to drink

Beer in france to drink expensive. Bottle or bank 0.33 in stores costs from 2 euros. The French do not drink a lot of beer, and here is the format of 0.33. Usual to us container 0,5 is rare. A glass of beer in a cafe will cost 4-6 euros.

Wine drinking much cheaper. In stores a bottle of French wine 0.7 liters you can buy from 3 euros. And it will be quite normal wine, no worse than many wines, which in Russia are sold for 500 rubles per bottle. For good wine get ready to lay out from 10 euros.

Strong alcohol in France stands about the same as we. Whiskey William Lawson – 14-20 euros per liter, whiskey Ballantines – 25-30 per liter, whiskey Jonnie Walker Red Label – 22-27 per liter, vodka – 10-20 per liter.

If you want to buy alcohol, we highly recommend looking for the nearest large supermarket, there prices are significantly lower.

Other expenses

If you want to stay in touch, then you will have to buy a local SIM, or use roaming. What is cheaper and better? Read in our articles "How to call from France Döshevo" and "Internet in France Deshevo".

In some cases may be fined. In the subway, you need to save a ticket until the end of the trip, otherwise fine – 50 euros. For smoking in the wrong place – from 450 euros. Of course, tourists are trying to relate loyally, more often limited to the warning. But the danger of the fine exists.

If medical services need, then there is tourist insurance for this case. However, many insurance now with franchise. That is, insurance covers the costs above a certain threshold, usually 50 US dollars. Before this threshold, medical care will have to pay for their pocket.

If you came to relax on the Cote d’Azur, then get ready for the fact that most beaches in Nice and Cannes paid. Entrance – from 14 euros. And even if the beach is free, for a sun bed and an umbrella need to pay – 4-6 euros.


According to the program "On a wide leg". Eat in restaurants, go for a taxi, do not refuse themselves. Cook around 150 euros per person per day.

According to the program "Reasonable Tracts". Eat in a cafe, we go to the subway, poison yourself from time to time. Cook around 80 euros per person per day.

According to the program "Economy". Eat food from supermarkets and street foods, it is much easier if you can cook. We go to the subway, dear sights do not visit. Cook about 30 euros per person per day.

Add here the costs of gifts and souvenirs. For 100 euros you can collect a decent set.

About 100 euros per person we recommend taking with you as a reserve, can be useful to cover the insurance franchise or other unforeseen expenses.

Successful holiday in France, and read our useful articles about this country for tourists (Links below).

How much money take to france
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Tourists about France

Important for tourists

This is an old version of the article. Saved for history.

It is logical that the tourist has to pay not only for Turputevka, air tickets and hotel. Current costs can be very significant, and it is difficult to calculate them. In this article, let’s talk about prices in France. Pregnant immediately, France – the country is expensive, and the question of current expenses should be taken seriously.

How much cost to eat in a simple cafe and a good restaurant

In France, in addition to exquisite restaurants with Michelin stars and "cosmic" prices, a lot of institutions are simpler. All sorts of brassi, fasteners, bistro and small restaurants of near and Far Eastern cuisine will feed you with a full lunch from 12-15 euros per person.

Usually there is a rule: further from the center – cheaper. At the entrance to inexpensive establishments often indicate the prices at the table in the hall (A SALLE) and at the Bar Stand (AU COMPTOIR). The second option is cheaper.

Budget travelers are often saved on complex lunches with a choice of couples-triple dishes – Menu du Jour. Approximate prices for fast food: McMeal in McDonalds – 7-9 euros, Kebab – 5, Baguette Panini with filling – 5.5, salad or sandwich in a cafe – 5-9, Pizza – 7.50-13.

Lunch of three dishes in the mid-level restaurant will cost about 50 euros (on average, for two). In expensive prices, prices start 100.

How much products cost in supermarkets

In supermarkets and in the markets kilograms, not too exotic vegetables / fruit will cost one or three euros. Prices for potatoes and onions – within 1-2 euros; Apples, tomatoes or oranges – 1.5-3; Bananas – 1.5-2. More exotic kiwi or pineapples are sold individually. Kiwi costs about 50 euros of cents apiece, and pineapple – about two euros.

The cost of meat and meat products varies greatly. Survelet or bacon cuts, 80-120 grams, will cost 2-3 euros. Fresh meat for cooking on a picnic or sausages for frying will cost approximately: 300 g sausages – 4.20; veal 0,260 – 4; fillet pork / turkey – 3 / 7.30 in 0.360 kg and 0.7 kg, respectively; Beef 0.6 kg – 11.

Milk will cost 0.80-1.20 euros per liter; Buckka fresh white bread – 1-2; dozen chicken eggs – 2-4; Cheeses of local production – from dozens of up to twenty per kilogram, is more expensive. Juice prices (Tetrapak packaging) – about two euros. Half a liter of olive oil will cost 3-4, prices vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of oil and the method of its manufacture.

A bottle of cheap wine can be taken for 4-8 euros. Good wines are much more expensive. Bottle of Cognac "Napoleon" pulls at 11.5 euros, and 0.7 liters of the Whiskey Red Label – at 14.


For long distances in France, it is convenient to move around TGV trains. The movable composition is quite fast to compete with flights (the average speed of trains reaches 250 km / h). Prices vary greatly depending on the time of purchase. When booking for three months via the Internet, the ticket costs will cost three times cheaper than when purchasing directly at the station shortly before shipment.

For example, Paris ticket – Lyon will cost 29 euros when pre-booking and about a hundred when buying in the railway ticket office on the day of departure. Within the region or department, it is conveniently moving around TER suburban trains, for night long distances, Intercities will be suitable for long distances.

Economy of about 20% (on average) can give the purchase of railway travel France Rail Pass. Budget travelers will surely become interested in offers from OUIBUS, offering long-distance buses or train trips + bus. The same trip Paris – Lyon instead of 30-100 euros can do only dozen. Fully bus trip from ISYLINES (Eurolines branch) will be cheaper. In this case, the cost of a ticket from the capital of France to Lyon starts with seven euros.

It will not hurt to familiarize themselves with the proposals of local air carriers – Looc Sourgers, especially HOP companies! and Irish Ryanair. The sale of Ryanair sometimes you can sometimes literally buy a ticket for a plane ticket for a couple of euros. True, at the same time pay extra for everything. In hop! The average airfare is the order of fifty, but this price includes luggage (up to a certain limit), and light snacks on board.

Types of urban public transport and the fare are varying very much, since the transport infrastructure fully define local municipalities and unification by national structures is practically not carried out. It makes sense in advance to ask through the Internet transport system of cities in which you plan to visit the France during a trip.

Taxi prices are high: landing from 3.80 + 1-1.60 euros per kilometer + time-based tariff in traffic jams (from half-euro per minute of idle) + taxi driver can include a meter at the time of receipt of the order + payment for the additional place of baggage + payment For the passage of additional passengers over the norm.

Its "Wheels" will cost cheaper, if you prefer cars with diesel engines and automobile automobile automobiles or bike. During the day of cycling, you will have to pay only 1.70 EUR, only you have to make a deposit of one and a half hundred.

With an electric car will have to tinker. First you need to check and verify and verify the system. You will need to bind a credit card to the account and send a copy of documents, the rights of international sample and passport through e-mail. With a prosperous outcome, you will receive a member number that will give you the right to receive a membership card on any of the AUTOLIB parking in Il de France. Similar electromotive rental services work not only in Paris and its surroundings, but also in Bordeaux, Lyon and a number of other cities.

Ticket prices for attractions and excursions

As of 2016, the cost of a ticket to the Louvre is 15 euros, ride on the ferris wheel on the Champs Elysees (and make a couple of pictures of the center of Paris from the aerial view) will cost 12 EUR, and climb the Eiffel Tower – 28 Euro. By the way, minors, up to 18 years old, will be empty in the Louvre for free.

The cost of visiting the Palaces of Versailles and numerous exhibitions, regularly leading here, it is better to specify on the official website of Versailles. You can also buy tickets and plan a trip. You can plan at the same time and eat food – in many restaurants of Versailles, tourists offer delicious comprehensive lunches for 20-30 euros.

The cost of excursions varies depending on the agency and excursion program. Excursion to the our-speaking guide, on the example of the Paris-Express agency, will cost: in the Loire locks – from 130 EUR with a person (groups of 1-8 people); In the castle of Fontainebleau – from 60; in Versailles – from 35; Mont Saint-Michel – from 120.

Six dozens of Paris museums can be visited by special travel Museum Pass. It will cost 65 EUR for 6 days, 50 – for four and 35 – for two days.

How much are souvenirs

"Souvenir program" each has its own, depending on personal preferences and budget of the trip. Someone in the soul and means of expensive shops Galeries Lafayette and Printemps and chic boutiques of the Elysee fields, and someone is enough to bring the key chains or magnets with the Eiffel Tower or a triumphal arch for 1-2 euros.

Clothes cheaper It is worth looking for in Outlets La Vallee Village from Disneyland or in USINES CENTER PARIS NORD from Charles de Gaulle airport. But the cheapest shopping will be released if you trips at the end of one of the two seasonal sales, when discounts reach 50-70%.

How much to take money to france?

The question is too individual to call the exact amount. At the rate of the week, in addition to the flight, hotel and the transfector, for two may come out about 700-1000 euros at sufficiently moderate spending and 1.5-2 thousand with not very moderate. If desired and opportunities, it is easy to spend and much more than a large amount.

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