How much money take on holiday to Turkey on a ticket and without

We understand how much money to take to Turkey, if you go through the voucher "all inclusive" and how much you need, if you drive yourself yourself. I will tell you how it is more profitable to go to Turkey – independently or via a ticket.

The cost of expenses depends on the selected recreation.

It can be a beach hotel on the "All Inclusive" system or an active version – hiking in the mountains, travels for interesting places in Turkey. The cheapest – rest in hotels with the All Inclusive system.

How much do you take money to Turkey for two weeks if "all inclusive"

For a week, a pair needs about $ 200. Below I will tell you what.

Even when there is no desire to leave the hotel, the money is needed on the Tipped maid and other staff ($ 1-2 each time).

There are many additional paid services on site. For example, for coffee in Turkish (in the Turk) you need to pay separately (from 5-10 Turkish lira).

Usually alcoholic beverages become paid after 12 o’clock in the morning. This also applies to food. At night all paid.

Pay separately for SPA procedures, massage, hammam, elite alcohol.

Spending outside the hotel

Perhaps you will want to ride on the yacht or boat. Usually offer 2 options:

  • Clock walk – from 10 lire per ticket, all drinks for an additional fee.
  • all day in the sea. From 10:00 to 17:00 – from 100 lire. The price of the ticket includes an entertainment program, lunch, bathing in the open sea, visiting the islands.

In Turkey, many attractions.

For example, in Antalya there is an old part of Caleach. You can walk there free. But to see the antique city of Perge, you need to pay for the entrance 60 lire.

Perhaps on a walk around the city, you will want to buy local fruits or try ice cream. It is 3-5 lir for one top (portion).

Prices outside the hotel:

  • Minibus (Dolmush) in the city – 3.5 lira, ride out of town – from 8 lire.
  • The bus – from 2.5 lire in the city, for the city – 5-10 lir.
  • Water bottle – 1-2 lira.
  • Cigarettes – 12-18 lire.
  • Souvenirs – from 5 lire per magnet or bracelet.

Now go to a more complex option.

How much money to take to Turkey, if not "all inclusive"

The cost of independent travel in Turkey depends on location, ways of movement, "star".

At first I will tell you how much money will need to take with you, and then we’ll figure it out how much the trip is at all. At the same time, we compare your own holiday in Turkey and holidays in the hotel. Alone – not always cheaper.

Cheap three star hotels stand from 60 to 150 Turkish lire per day with breakfast. The price depends on the resort, the distance from the shore, the size of the territory and T.NS.

If you relax in Turkey outside the hotel with "All Inclusive", you will have to take care of nutrition.

Cheaper cooking food yourself. To do this, stay in the hotel – guest house or half board, where there is a kitchen.

Feeding in cafes and restaurants, prepare spend on food from 60-120 lire a day. Turkish Fast Food (Balık Ekmek, Tavuk Ekmek, Köfte Ekmek) costs 10-18 lire. Breakfast in a cafe – from 45 lir. Fish and meat dishes – from 35 lir.

Almost all tourist places have Lokantası (dining room), where they sell ready-made dishes to choose. For example, one portion consists of 4 different dishes to choose from a fixed price costs from 18 to 40 lire.

One tourist for 7 nights in Turkey will pay for accommodation Minimum 420 lir. About how much it will spend on food. Surge the cost of transportation here – approximately 50 lire in the city, the minimum set of souvenirs, treats – 100 lire.

How much money take to Turkey at 7, 10 and 14 nights, if relaxing yourself?

  • For two for one week need 2000 lir. It approximately $ 330.
  • For 10 days for two minimum – $ 410.
  • For 14 days About $ 700-800.

For example, minimum food prices and accommodation.

An independent holiday in Turkey is not cheaper at the hotels of 4-5 stars. But it is better to rest calmly in hotels with the system "All Inclusive". Then you don’t have to think where to buy products and when cooking dinner.

It is more profitable to rest in Turkey at the end of the season, when the sea is still warm, but you can save everything else.

However, if you will rest in Turkey yourself, your rest will be much more interesting, and the food is tastier than with "all inclusive".

How much is the flight and accommodation in Turkey

The most popular resort in Turkey – Antalya. In the height of the season (June, July, August), charters from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Samara and Kazan fly to Antalya.

Air Transporters: Victory, Aeroflot, S7 Airlines, Utair, Ural Airlines, Pegasus Airlines.

The cost of tickets starts from 4,000 rubles, the most expensive – 15 000 rubles.

More precisely, prices can be viewed in the window below:

The cost of housing

Rent a room or an apartment in Turkey for a short time is very difficult, and even if it is so comes, then at prices it turns out how accommodation in the hotel.

But if the vacation is planned more than a month, it is more profitable to rent an apartment than to live in the hotel. In the summer, find a free apartment by the sea is almost impossible. Usually book them strongly in advance.

For one-room apartment in Kusadasy owners ask from $ 400 per month. In Antalya, the prices of the studio reach $ 1000. But such apartments are located in the closed "Sita", where there is a guarded parking, swimming pool and gym. In Malopopular Resorts, for example in Didim, you can find an apartment for $ 300. But it will be in the city, at a distance of 4-6 km from the sea.

How much is the food and what are the prices in Turkish cafes

Products in Turkey are cheap. If you want to save, prepare yourself.

Fruits on Turkish bazaar / Photo by

How much money to take to Turkey on food?

Vegetables and fruits cheaper to buy in the bazaars, but they will be brought on certain days. Will need to find out which.

Cheap supermarkets: BIM, şOK, A101. Dear: Migros, Carrefour, MacroCENTR.

Product prices in Turkey:

    How much money take on holiday to Turkey on a ticket and without
  • Chicken – about 20 lire;
  • Red meat – from 50 lire per kg;
  • Bread – 1.25 lire, wholegrain – 3.5-8 lire;
  • Pasta – 1.80-9 lire;
  • Bulgur – 4.5-8 lire;
  • Fig – 12-17 lire;
  • Potatoes – 1.5 lire;
  • Onions – 1.60 lire;
  • Eggs 10 pcs – 8-12 lire;
  • olives – 12-25 lire / kg;
  • Cheese – 20-45 lire / kg;
  • Toast with cheese and sausage – 10 lire;
  • Sandwich with sausage – 15 lire;
  • rice with salad and chicken – 28 lire;
  • Fish with vegetables – from 35 lire;
  • Paste with sauce – from 23 lire;
  • Beer – from 12 lire for 0.5 l;
  • Wine – from 30 lire per bottle.

If you prepare yourself, for two days a day, approximately 60 Turkish lira will leave. But if you eat in cafes and restaurants, it will be 2 times more expensive.

Cheaper to eat in shopping centers.

The restaurant will have to pay from 40 lire for one dish, plus salads and drinks. For two such dinners will cost a minimum of 120 lire.

How much money money on excursions and entertainment in Turkey

In some hotels you need to pay separately for sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach. How much money to take money to Turkey depends on the beach. For example, last year in the fenion umbrella on the beach cost 15 lir, Lyryzhak – 10 lir. On the popular beach "Blue Laguna in Oludenize – Chaise Longs cost 15 lire, an umbrella – 20 lire.

The price of excursions depends on the remoteness and duration. Tour tours from Marmaris in Pamukkale stand from $ 85 for a day tour and $ 120 in 2 days.

Tour from Antalya to Cappadocia – from $ 300. Distance – 400 km, so it’s better to go for a couple of days.

What to bring from Turkey: the most popular Turkish souvenirs

How much is public transport in Turkey

A trip to the city bus is from 3 lire.

But first you need to buy and replenish the map – İnstanbul Kard, İzmir Kard, Antalya Kard. There is such a card 6-8 lire. It can be bought at the metro stations, stations, stores where there is a label for the sale of these cards. The cost of a bus trip – from 3 lir, with subsequent transfers for 90 minutes.

Minibuses in cities accept cash. Travel – from 3.5 lir.

Intercity buses in Turkey are equipped with toilets and machine guns with tea / coffee. The cost of a trip from Istanbul to Antalya – 120 lire, travel time – 11 hours. Airfare – 125 lira, travel time – 1 hour.

How much money to take on transportation costs to Turkey depends on your travel movements.

Shopping in Turkey

Shopping in Turkey – solid joy. Everything is cheaper here than in Russia.

Clothing store in Izmir / Photo by author

If you want to buy good things in Antalya, Alanya or Side – go to the bazaar. There are selling high-quality fakes of popular brands, fur coats. In Istanbul, it is necessary to be inactive. Shopping Go to the Lales Market, Grand Bazaar, Emineny, Shishla.

In small outlets is better not to buy anything. Is that towels. Quality in such places is very bad.

Good things can be bought in shopping centers marked Outlet. They are located in the suburbs. There you can buy high-quality jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts at very low prices.

Pay attention to the Turkish stores Defacto and LC Wakiki. They are considered budget, but clothing in them is sold quality than in the bazaars.

Turkish sweets, coffee and spices Better buy in specialized stores or supermarkets. So you will have the opportunity to choose sweets. In addition, in such places everything is always high quality and fresh.

1 kg of classic lucos costs from 25-35 lire, with nuts, rose petals – from 45 lire. Currently there will be sweets from dried fruits and nuts – from 55-65 lire.

Silk on the Grand Bazaar

Keep the checks on textiles, electronics and cosmetics.

From these goods, you can return VAT when departing home. Thus, you can return to 40% of the amount spent.

In Antalya, VAT is returned in the Agora shopping center. Taxes return at all Turkey International Airports. To do this, contact the items of customs, fill out the blank Tax Free Form, Provide checks, passport and purchases (on demand).

Please note that when buying a seller must leave a note on the check on the purchase of Tax Free.

How to save on a trip to Turkey

To feel the local mentality – go to the base. If you see products without priceists, you can safely bargain. Pretend that the goods are too expensive and you will calmly hurt without it, then the seller can turn the price well.

If you want to eat cheap and delicious, choose table or restaurants not on the main streets. Sometimes in Zakolek, it would seem in a dead end, inconspicuous restaurants with low prices work.

Cheap can be bombarded in Patisserie (bakery). There is home pastries and drinks. The snack will cost a maximum of 10 lire.

Cheaper to go to tours with groups through a travel agency. Independently due to ignorance of terrain and language you can spend much more than planned.

If you drove to Turkey, write in the comments as you took with you and how much they spent. It will be useful and necessary information for us and other readers.

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How much money take on holiday to Turkey on a ticket and without

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