How much is the queen?

And let’s imagine princes and princesses. It is best to turn into a special blood of the royal blood in a suitable entourage, namely in the castles.

I invite you to an excursion by the most luxurious castles of Germany. Very much they impressed me.

Let’s start with the castle Neuschwanstein, Which is located in a cute Bavarian village near the city of F├╝ssen. By the way, it is very typical for German castles – they are scattered through small provincial towns and little-known villages. I do not even know if there is one grandiose structure near Munich or Berlin ..

It is best to visit these magnificent places in the fall, among the gold of foliage the pastoral landscapes are impressive even more.

After going on a tour of Neuschwanstein, you can kill two hares at once, because in the neighborhood there is no less beautiful Hohenschangau castle – Summer Residence of the Bavarian Kings.

It is said that the ideological inspiration of the castle was the king of Ludwig, who was even during his reign, to put it mildly, not in himself. It is very fun to look at the fruits of fantasy patient schizophrenia ..

Anyway, now both buildings are open to visits as a museum. The entrance ticket is 9 euros, but the excursion lasts only 25 minutes. For those who want to get closer to the beautiful for a longer time, the concerts of Wagner regularly pass.

How much is the queen

And now Ohham, Aham and impressive Lock Levenburg in Kassel.

It is said that Levenburg is just a dummy, fake. In fact, this is a relatively young building – out of the 19th century. Count Wilhelm IX decided to artificially recreate the structure by the type of medieval English locks to add a gothic-romantic type to him. And for this you need to give the structure of abandonment and old age. Consequently, Levenburg has already been built … Destroyed.

Most likely, his walls did not know any attack of enemies, although his appearance is very impregnable. In fact, the graph built the castle at all for the sake of protection, but in order to smallese there with her mother.

But the Germans consider this castle with their own Disneyland, since the surroundings around the castle in the park are very engaged. Entrance ticket to the territory of inexpensive – only 4 euros for adults.

How much is the queen

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