How much is the life of an elephant

With the help of people who know the world well, "My Planet" decided to talk about how life is arranged in other communities and countries that there is at the moment and what problems are worried about their inhabitants.

Rarely, who wondered that animals in politically troubled regions, as well as a person, not only become victims of armed clashes, but also suffer from poverty and people’s corruption. And few know that one elephant dies from the hands of poachers in Africa every 15 minutes. For the sake of several kilograms of the beer, poachers kill or cruelly torment these persistent and smart animals.

The demand for the beer is due to the Chinese costelus tradition. Distillary, decoration or statuette from ivory – the best bribe or gratitude to the director of the company, official or business partner. And Africans on poaching pushes poverty, because the Chinese offer good money: up to $ 3,000 per 1 kg of tale. At the same time, the weight of one tusk at Tasquera (so the hunters and poachers are called males-giants) can reach 100 kg! This story has a different opposite direction – also not the best, at least for evolution. Due to the sharp increase in poaching elephants without a beer, in general or with small animals received an advantage and began to breed better. How it will affect the population in the future – the question.

Scientists have observed signs of intelligence, altruism and sympathy for elephants. For example, they have a similarity of the funeral ritual. They are able to feel someone else’s pain, take care of other animals and even people. Elephants are very attached to each other, and grannies-elephants, as well as our grandmothers, with great love look after grandchildren and teach their daughters to raise the younger generation. Elephants are able to draw and recognize themselves in the mirror. When someone from herd dies, the elephants can not move away by day from the body.

How much is the life of an elephant

For several years of work on the documentary in defense of the elephants, I managed to get acquainted with volunteers, veterinarians, desperate workers of zooprotic organizations, employees of "orphanages" for elephant orphans and dwelling for elderly elephants. I called special curiosity for me former poachers, who are now fighting this commonly African evil, as well as Rangers of national parks that every day, going to work, risk life.

I remember one former poacher, who is now working as a raner and protects elephants from its former accomplices. He told how novice poachers who have no money for rifles and cartridges, use wire to suffocate elephants, and then for days guard agonizing animals from competitors.

How much is the life of an elephant

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