How much is the clockwork in Nice

Immediately answer the questioned question: How much is a trip to Nice &# 8212; one week together You can do in 45 &# 8212; 60 thousand rubles . This is in September. In summer a little more expensive, in winter a little cheaper.

Where did this figure come from and how to go to Nice even cheaper read below.

When it is better to go

The Velvet season

Velvet season in Nice and on the azure shore in September . Sea over the summer warms up to temperature 25-27 degrees , And the air is not so hot as in July and August. Tourists in mid-September are already less noticeable, so prices in hotels are also reduced.


You can swim in the Cote d’Azur already in May. Water has not yet warmed as it should, but The air temperature is already comfortable: about 16-20 degrees . If your main goal is not a beach, then come better in May. Tourists from all over the world have not had time to occupy the city.

At the beginning of June You can still have time to come not in a high season and find tickets and accommodation at more or less low prices. With the beginning of the summer, water in the sea warm and the air warms up all the strongest. Nice becomes hot.

High season in Nice &# 8212; This is July and August. The sea has already warmed up to 25 degrees, tourists moved from all over the world, and the prices for hotels flew to heaven. In addition, the temperature in the afternoon in the shade can rise above 35 degrees.


In the fall on the Cote d’Azur A large amount of precipitation. Most rains in October. Sky gray, sea storm, sometimes even strong.

The temperature in the winter months in Nice is kept in the region of 10-12 degrees. Precipitation is least in February. Sea, of course, cold. If you come in purely of savings, winter &# 8212; The most successful time of year. You can travel throughout the azure coast on trains or better on buses. Transport walks a lot, including in Italy.

How much is a ticket to Nice

In Nice on an airplane from Moscow

In September, the flight to Nice and back to Moscow will cost 12-13 thousand rubles or 180-190 euros. You are lucky airbaltic airlines with a transfer in Riga (Baggage is not included). Direct flight airline Russia is more expensive &# 8212; about 300 euros there &# 8212; back.

Cheapest flights from Moscow to Nice AirBaltic sells for October &# 8212; 10600 rubles.

All possible options are impossible to describe, so look for tickets yourself with calendar with prices.

From other cities

All prices are there &# 8212; back.

Prices for flights from Saint-Petersburg Compare with Moscow. SAS company is engaged in transportation from the Northern Capital.

From Ekaterinburg &# 8212; about 20,000 rubles with a change in Helsinki, direct flights to Nice are not yet.

Flight from Rostov-on-Don worth 18-19 thousand rubles

In Nice on an airplane from Kyiv

The cheapest air ticket from Kyiv in Nice for September will cost approximately 4300 hryvnia , And then cheaper. There are no direct flights, and you will have to transfer to another airplane of the company AIRFRANCE in Paris.

Wherein You need to change not only the aircraft, but also the airport . From Kyiv, you will fly to Charles de Gaulle Airport, and in Nice fly from Orly Airport. Moving to another airport you will have to. Baggage in the ticket price is not included.

For 7400 hryvnia from Kyiv, you can fly by Lufthansa with one transplant in Frankfurt on Main.

In Nice from Minsk and Vilnius

From Vilnius to Nice colorful Looker Wizz is flying in just 4000 rubles. Tickets need to catch, prices are very different, but this is a cheap direct flight.

The cheapest option that I didn’t have when I was preparing this article &# 8212; 1800 rubles in Nice and 2100 rubles back to Vilnius.

Wizz Air Airline executes Vilnius flights &# 8212; Nice only on Thursdays and Sundays.

Minsk residents can be flying from Vilnius Airport, which can be reached by bus.

Residents of the European part of Russia can also be done. Need to sit on the Kaliningrad train, which will bring you to Vilnius. About how to do it right Read in the article To Europe for 1500 rubles .

In Nice on the train

If you do not know yet, I inform &# 8212; Railways have Train Moscow &# 8212; Nice .

Departs from the Belarusian station at 11:18 Moscow time. Time in the way takes 47 hours 22 minutes. In Nice, at 8:40 am on the local.

Prices for train Moscow &# 8212; Nice:

  • Coupe &# 8212; from 16 582 p.
  • St &# 8212; from 26,382 rubles and 10 kopecks.
  • Lux &# 8212; from 69 394 rubles and 40 kopecks.

Second-class and sedent cars in this train. Note that the price is indicated only in one direction, that is, even if you add all the tracks to the cost of air tickets, then the train will be 2 times more expensive. At the same time, four days you will go only on the road.

Probably, you need to be afraid to fly to go to the Cote d’Azur in a "wheel hostel" with the cost of staying a five-star hotel.

How much is the hotel in Nice

Housing prices in Nice to the velvet season (in September) begin with 23 thousand rubles per week Accommodation together and end somewhere in the area of ​​the car cost. However, you can search any share and relax much cheaper. The cheapest option will be apartments or network hotels. For example, Ibis Budget.

In terms of remoteness from the sea, this will be the second or third street. Walk to come for 3 minutes.

Try to stay closer to the eastern part of the city. There are all attractions.

How much is the clockwork in Nice

Nice meals and how to save on food

Save on food very simple &# 8212; Take her with you from home. Not all of course. But what is not sold on the Cote d’Azur and what will save your money. Buckwheat for example.

In Nice itself food Cheaper to buy in network stores INRETMARCHE or CASINO. They usually work until 20:00, on Sunday until 13:00. In small round-the-clock shops prices for food noticeably above. Products in recalculation of rubles will be more expensive than in Russia.

Lunch in an inexpensive restaurant will cost 16 to 20 euros (1000 &# 8212; 1500 rubles)

I will not take into account.

TOTAL, how much is it worth going to Nice

Comfortable trip

  • Flight Moscow &# 8212; (Riga) &# 8212; Nice and back = 13000 x2 = 26000 p.
  • Accommodation = 23000 p.
  • Visas = 75 euro x2 x72 = 10800 r.

As a result, the cost of an independent trip to Nice 59800 rubles for two weeks.

Economical journey

  • Train Moscow &# 8212; Vilnius = 1500 x2 = 3000 p.
  • Flight ticket Vilnius &# 8212; (Paris) &# 8212; Nice = 4000 x2 = 8000 p.
  • Accommodation 23000 R.
  • Visas = 75 euro x2 x72 = 10800 r.

Cost of economical independent travel in Nice 44800 rubles for two weeks.

Batch Tour in Nice

Now compare with the cost of the finished tour in Nice. It is necessary to find out how much we save if we go on your own.

For example, Tour in Nice for two on 7 days can be found for 85,000 rubles . This price includes flights, hotel and breakfast. For the rest of the food and for visas you will have to pay.

Why such difference? Nice &# 8212; resort city, and tours to such places are always expensive.

As you understand, rest in Nice is not the cheapest, but if you organize an independent trip, then the answer to the question How much is a trip to Nice not so terrible. You can relax for quite real money. Leave holiday dates open, look for discounts and promotions and you will be resting more and more. Good luck!

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