How much is the boning wife

How to get rid of the spouse if divorce is difficult and expensive? Epochs and countries as if competed with each other in originality. In Russia, women referred to the monasteries, in medieval Europe were accused of witchcraft and sent to the fire, and at all times there was a universal means – poison. However, the most sophisticated way was invented by the British: they sold their wives.

Inexpensive. Who needs a woman who was in "use"? Most often lover. Therefore, the transaction was formal, and as a payment, the seller took several mugs of beer, Roma or Gina. If a woman refused to leave a child, the newly-made spouse put his father an extra glass of hot and took home and wife, and a step / stepper.

It happened that wives were sold for money. But it was almost impossible to get rich on such a transaction, since the price was fluid in the region of 2 shillings. By the way, for this money in the XVIII century it was possible to buy 24 liters of beer, 1 kg of pork tenderloin or shirt.

However, the buyer was not always known in advance. Then everything was solved in the auction order. The husband preliminarily advertised to the local newspaper, and on the appointed day brought his wife to the market or another public place. After selling a leash on which the woman led, was awarded to the buyer as a sign that the deal was completed. Some tried to legalize her contract, but he really did not have a legal force.

Perhaps a spoonful of honey in this bowl of fly will be that a woman had the right to refuse to the buyer and stay with her husband. And there are also known cases when his wives themselves insisted on the deal. For some, it was the only way to reunite with the beloved, others hoped that with a new spouse, whatever he was, they would be waiting for change for the better. In the plus there was a former husband – he got rid of financial responsibility for his spouse.

The custom began to form at the end of the XVII century. Before the adoption of the Act of Lord Harder in 1753 (it is also known as a marriage law. – approx. Red.) Marriages have not been registered anywhere, it was enough wedding. To break such a union, it was necessary to contact the church court to divide bed and tables. But for this, there was little "not to go down the characters". The reason was due to be respectful: the cruel treatment of her husband or change his wife. If the Church Court approved the divorce, marry and marry it is still prohibited.

There are cases when the wives themselves insisted on the transaction

And with the advent of the law on the marriage processes of 1857 to rupture marital relations to go to parliament, which required no less strength and money. For the poor, divorce remained an incomplete luxury. Therefore, most often they ruined the boning relationships in one of three ways. The first is to conclude with the second half of the rupture agreement and sign it in the notary. The second is to agree with each other who will leave the family house. Third – make the sale of my wife.

How much is the boning wife

The last method was considered unlawful, but sometimes even prosperous people were resorted to him. The most famous case concerns Henry Bridges, the second Duke of Chandom. True, he did not sell, but, on the contrary, he bought his second wife Ann Wells from his second wife, the former maid. Once, dining in a restaurant, Henry accidentally saw a man leads on a woman leash. His beauty and humility struck by her, he bought a stranger, and after a couple of years, in 1744, married her.

Police knew about such transactions, but rarely attracted responsibility for them. The tradition was widespread in England, but quite rarely met in the neighboring Wales, and in Scotland did not fit at all. So, on July 16, 1828, the husband put a wife on the market in Edinburgh, and this was the reason for the mass brawl. Women armed with stones and began to throw themselves zooak, and when they got to the seller himself, scratched and beat him so that there were no more people who wanted to sell their wife among the Scots.

By the middle of the XIX century, the public began to resent more and more often, and in 1913 the last deal was recorded. During the country’s testimony, the woman argued that her husband sold it to one of his comers for £ 1. At the beginning of the 20th century it was the earnings of the English merchant for three days.

Currently, divorces are prohibited only in the Vatican and in the Philippines. The reason is the lack of a legislative framework. Marriage can be canceled, but it costs a lot of money and strength.

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