How much is it worth going to Kirovsk to the ski resort

Julia lives in Kirovsk and loves to ride skiing. She told how to go to Kirovsk to the ski resort, how much is the mountain skiing costs in Hibinh and how interesting is to spend there time.

Spring comes. February and March – the most snow time at ski resorts.

I will tell you about a little snowy town Kirovsk. It’s just a paradise for outdoor lovers. Mountain and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, swimming pool and sauna, snowmobile tours.

From the article you will learn:

  • what is this city, kirovsk
  • What entertainment in it
  • When it’s better to come there
  • which has restaurants
  • how much it costs to go to a ski resort Kirovsk
  • how to stay warm in this city

I know the city inside out – where to go, where to eat, what to see and, more importantly, how well a rest in Kirovsk. To all these questions I am happy to answer.

This is a small but interesting city.

Kirovsk – northern town with a population of 25,000 people. Nature is harsh and unpredictable. But it does not bother either residents or tourists who come here to go skiing in the Khibiny.

Where to go skiing in Kirovsk

In Kirovsk there are 2 ski resorts – one in the city, the other – a 20 min drive away.

The second resort called Kukisvumchorr. There is only one slope, tour, he does not really fit.

I’ll tell you about the first. It is called Big Wood.

I have been skiing on the slopes for 11 years. Apart from ski slopes, there is a rental and ski-service, where you will prepare a snowboard or skis, you have taken at the box office.

How much is a ride in Kirovsk ski resort Big Wood

A complete set of 1 hour skating will cost 590 rubles for adults and 355 rubles for children. Inventory can take parts. I recommend that you wear protection, especially in the early stages.

Full protection kit – a helmet on hip protection, protection on the back and elbows.

On the Big Wood has 34 tracks different lengths and levels of complexity. Almost all of them lit.

You can climb to the start of the cable car, chairlifts and drag lifts, or on a tablet lift (his seat in the form of tablets). All lifts are new, with a good view of the city.

Now for the ski pass

Usually tourists taking subscription for 2 chasa. It costs 650 rubles for adults and 500 rubles for children. Democratic particularly does not smell, but you pay for well-prepared slopes, bright lighting and a pleasant experience.

On the Big Wood works 20 instructors ski and snowboard categories not enlarge (work with those who confidently stands on skis or snowboard).

You can choose any instructor on the site of the resort or on the spot. They can put on skis if you are new, or adjust the technique if you are already an experienced skier.

For group lesson with instructor You will give 1200 rubles, for individual – 1900 rubles.

If you want to save, try finding self-taped instructors (for avito, for example). Most often these are former athletes. They do not work in the resort, but very experienced). Prices for their services are usually lower than that of the resort staff.

In addition to the skiing and snowboard, the snowmobile can be sad on Big Wood. You can choose any of the 15 snowmobile tours of different complexity. The price starts from 1500 rubles and stops at 40,000 rubles.

How to get to the resort

The resort is right in the city.

Just get or get to the main station and climb on the funicular. There you can leave on the other side of the mountain or ride the city side.

When it is better to come to Kirovsk

The peak of the season in Hibinz comes in mid-March and ends at the end of April.

At this time, the slope is already warm, the sun shines, but you catch his rays not during the descent, and in line on the lift – a lot of people willing to ride in Hibin.

For 2 hours (usually, at this time, tourists take the SCIPASS) it turns out to be descended 3-4 times. It is very little. If you are not afraid of frosts and want to ride plenty, it’s better to come in winter. In January or December – if frosts are not frightened, or in February – if not afraid of blizzards.

In Kirovsk, come with the whole family and alone – it’s not boring here anyone.

Where to stay in Kirovsk

In Kirovsk 4 hotels, more than 10 hostels, many removable apartments.

In the season, the middle check for the night in the hotel – 5000 rubles, in the hostel you can stay for 2000 rubles per day. Apartment can be found for 2500 rubles.

For me, the most cool option is an apartment.

Daily can be removed on Avito, Booking.COM and Airbnb. Plus apartments in the fact that they are at home and repair is not worse than in hotels. You can choose an apartment for yourself: price, location, repair, dates, things that are needed in the apartment.

Where to eat

Every year, more and more restaurants are opened in Kirovsk, in which the northern delicacies are treated.

I advise you to look into the restaurants "Northern", "in its plate", "Gaymjoba" and "Bar Berevich". In the first two, in addition to traditional cuisine, serves oernna, red fish, cloudberry desserts and cranberries. I advise you to try.

In "Garagoka", as you guessed the name, Georgian dishes: Chakhokhbili, Lulle, Lagman. Well, and if you’re an avid amateur of Rost Befe and Shatubriand, you in "Bar Berevich".

Middle check in these restaurants – 1200 rubles.

What to do in Kirovsk except skiing

If you bored to conquer the ski slopes, I suggest to go to the Museum Exhibition Center.

It is located in the city center. There you will compete with the history of the city and its enterprises. Sometimes exhibitions are held here, geologists conduct lectures on the Kola Peninsula. All this is free and interesting.

If you do not mind listening to jazz or see the performances and concerts, go to the Kirov Palace of Culture.

If the imagination drew a gray brick building with rural disco, hurry to stop it. Here is a good repair, professional leading and teachers. I myself do singing in DC and often perform here at concerts. Therefore, I answer you for high-quality and original numbers.

20 km from Kirovsk there is a city Apatity.

Krodheprogulok on the shopping center, there is nothing to do there. You can go to Apatity by 102 minibus. Ride 20 min.

Also in 20 minutes drive from Kirovsk, only in the other side, there is Sanatorium "Tirvas".

There you can swim in the pool overlooking the mountains, go to the sauna and hamam. In Tirvas, there is a massage, water and mud, saline room. After the procedure, we have a restaurant. Lunch there costs 300 rubles.

Next to "Tirvas" "Snowy Village".

This is not a metaphor: it is actually done from snow. All houses and statues are built by visiting masters. Inside a large snowy house hold excursions, every year they are different.

Price: 800 rub – Adult, 400 rubles – children’s.

Near the village and the sanatorium, the skiing was laid at the Tirvas stadium. It has 3 tracks at 1.5, 3 and 5 km. They are all covered and stroke. You can get from Kirovsk to this place by bus number 12 or by bus "Tirvas" (goes less often than the first).

Plus recreation in Kirovsk in the fact that in a week you can all and everywhere. And skiing to ride, and go to the museum, and in the spa. Still in Kirovsk no traffic jams.

How much is it worth going to Kirovsk to the ski resort

About Internet

In Kirovsk, as in Apatity, high-speed Internet (3G, 4G, 5G).

I have a MTC operator with the tariff "my unlimited". I cry 300 rubles per month for mobile Internet. Works fine.

There is no roaming in Kirovsk. The Internet here will cost as much as in Moscow or St. Petersburg.

About shortcomings

Basically, tourists complain about the unpleasant smell of hot water. But this problem can be solved.

If you stop in a removable apartment, check with the owner – is there a boiler. If so, then you can not worry about the smell in the bathroom.

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How much is it worth going to Kirovsk to the ski resort

I calculated the approximate budget for the week. For this money you can walk on a wide leg. Considered a flight by plane because it is faster.

The airport closest to Kirovsk is in Apatity. He is called hibiny. In Apatity, there are also a railway station (on the train to go more than a day), but about it below.

How much is the skiing ride in Kirovsk:

  • Flight Moscow-Apatite 2 Parties – 31 000 rub
  • Or reserved sequarters from Moscow there – back – from 4 000 rubles.
  • Taxi from the airport / station to Kirovsk 2 sides – 1 400 rubles.
  • Accommodation (in a rented apartment) – 17 500 rubles.
  • Food (dinner in the restaurant and buying products in the store) – 21 000 rubles.
  • Skipass on an adult – 6 000 USD
  • Entertainment / Souvenirs: 1 000 USD


  • by plane – 71 900 rubles.
  • by train – 29 900 rubles.

If you compare with rest in the Red Polyana with the same approximate calculation, the Red Polyana is more expensive.

  • Flight Moscow-Sochi 2 Parties – 10 000 USD
  • Or reserved sewage from Moscow there and back– from 3 600 rubles.
  • Taxi from the airport / train station to the hotel in Krasnaya Polyana 2 times – 4 500 USD
  • Accommodation near Rosa Khutor with breakfast – 35 550 USD
  • Food (dinner and lunch in a restaurant) – 14 000 USD
  • Skipass on an adult – 14,700 rubles.
  • Entertainment / Souvenirs – 3 000 USD


  • by plane –81 750 rubles.
  • by train – 75 350 rub.

If you can’t endure winter, I do not advise you to go to Kirovsk. There is winter all year round. Sochi resort will suit you more. But skiing in Kirovsk is no worse than in Sochi.

How to get to Kirovsk to ski resort

Kirovsk can be accessed by plane, train or car.

Airplane arrive in Apatity.

From there to Kirovsk, you can take a taxi or bus number 15 for 250 rubles. Taxis will cost 700 rubles.

By train You can get to Kirovsk.

From Moscow, sit down on the Arctic train, which goes to Murmansk. And after a day with a little go out at the apatite stations. There is still train №092a, which is slightly cheaper.

Kirovsk can be reached by taxi or bus number 131.

By car From Moscow to go almost 2000 km.

On the track "Cola" the road will take 20 hours. If you can get there without stopping to "sleep", it’s great. But I advise you to spend the night in the Motel "Inim" in the city of Podporozhye. Single room costs 1900 rubles per night (breakfast included).

Lifehaki in Kirovsk

Nevertheless decided to go to us? Great! But you need to know the nuances of recreation in Kirovsk.

Dress warmly.

Though Kirovsk and is not famous for temperatures below -30 ° C, but it’s cold here because of winds that walk in all directions. Put the thermal underwear in the suitcase, pants and a jacket, warm mittens and socks, and you can be calm for the comfort of your body on the slope.

Take with me dryers for shoes.

After riding, often shoes are wet. If you do not want to earn corn on the floor of the foot, I advise you to capture dryers with you. They can be bought in a sports store.

Fat cream, and no problem.

During riding, the skin can be dried strong and crack. I recommend to smear with thick cream cheeks, nose, chin and forehead. It also will save from frostbite.

I liked to be your guide to rest in Kirovsk. I told how much it is worth going to Kirovsk to the ski resort.

I hope this article will help you choose where to go to ride the spring holidays.

How much is it worth going to Kirovsk to the ski resort

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