How much is a trip to London

In this article I will tell you how to count on if you are going to London, how much will cost the design of a British visa, flight, accommodation and food and excursions in London.

Need a course of pounda &# 8212; Google To help you, the cost of flight &# 8212; We go on Aviasales, housing &# 8212; Booking.Com. Need details &# 8212; We read on.

Unfortunately, airline EasyJet left Russia. Here we don’t really complain. Let’s hope that everything will change for the better.

What you need to go to London:

  • +transfer from airport

We still have to receive an English visa to travel to England. Do not forget that the Schengen visa in England does not work. United Kingdom in the Schengen zone is not included. About getting an English visa here: How to get a visa to England ..

Visa will cost £ 87 – Periodically, this figure increases.

This is just clearance. For her in the visa center still have to go. Transportation costs will not take into account – they all have different.

Read about a visa in our special section: how to get a visa to England &# 8212; everything is not difficult there.

Flight to England

As already written above, the British Looker EasyJet does not fly to Russia anymore, but fortunately another remained with us Locations in Airline AirBaltic.

There are two leading search engine tickets: Skyscanner and Aviasales. Where you will search for tickets to England, it does not matter. Better to see and there and there.

In Skyskcanner Do not specify accurate departure dates. There is the opportunity to choose the "cheapest month" and, if you are not tied to specific dates, you can fly very fiscal. The low price calendar is made in Aviasales for this. All information about flights here&# 8230;

If you try to search, then you will see that from Moscow to London AirBaltic flies through Riga. There you need to make a transplant &# 8212; not very comfortable, but so cheaper.

In addition, Louroysters arrive at the remote London Airport &# 8212; Gatwick. This is also a consequence of savings &# 8212; aircraft service is cheaper.

From Gatwik to London we will need a transfer. Despite the fact that the airport is far away from there to London is very simple. Detail of all types of transport. Which are passengers from Gatvik read in the article How to get from Gatvik to London&# 8230; Everything is described in detail: there is a scheme of the airport, ticket prices and where what to find.

If you are alone, then the car will be burgundy. From Gatwik to London go Minibuses Easybus. They are very humane prices, and if you drive one of the early buses, you can get in a couple of pounds.

Accommodation in London

If you prefer Separate apartment or room, then you need to look for airbnb. In Europe, it works well and you can find really budget housing. More precisely, it is not so possible to find the best price / quality ratio. If you do not know, then this site is looking for apartments for daily rent.

Cheaper than just Hostel cost. If you want to save, it is better to sleep in a common room. For young people, this is a very good option make new friends, Yes I Training in English Better in such conditions. In short: hostel, it’s cool. We even have Selection of seven best hostels in London&# 8230;

If you do not want to live in an apartment and cook yourself, then you are the road to Hotellok or classic option &# 8212; Booking.Com.

Try to still settle closer to the center. Yes, on the outskirts of the price below, but you will run on the subway and spend a lot of time on the road. Prices for travel in the subway vary depending on the distance of the trip, or rather, how many districts you cross. Therefore, ride from the outskirts of London may be invoice.


We will assume that you are cooking in the kitchen, and do not go to restaurants every day. We found an apartment with a kitchen.

Here are the estimated prices for products in London:

  • Bread = £ 0.85 – £ 1
  • Milk = £ 2
  • Eggs = £ 2
  • Cheese Cheddar = £ 4
  • Wine = £ 10
How much is a trip to London

We will consider £ 40 … £ 60. They have almost no inflation, so in the next ten years it is hardly unlikely to change.

To more accurately navigate in products, go to the supermarket site TESCO. This is a very popular network store in England. There all prices will find. Accordingly, when you arrive in London, it is better to buy products here.


On the subway this year we will not ride a lot. We have an apartment in the center.

Metro in London ≈ £ 2.25

Museums in London

Last time I did not take into account them and I will not. This is an individual entertainment program. Moreover, in England a lot of free museums.

you can go free in London:

  • Museum of Victoria and Albert
  • National Gallery
  • Museum of Natural History
  • British museum
  • London Science Museum

All major museums free. Full list with map See on page Free Museums of London&# 8230;

As a result, the cost of a trip to London

The answer to the main question is how much trip to London. Fold everything you think right and get the minimum that you need.

For comparison, in 2014, a trip to London cost £ 477. Basic Nolescence in the course of English pound. Then he cost 55 – 60 rubles. Multiply this figure to a modern course.

This year the amount will be not less than 520 pounds, although the cost is highly dependent on your choice of accommodation and tickets. This amount you will meet if you are economical.

I hope I did not scare you with my calculation. England is a very interesting and beautiful country with two-storey buses, pubs and movement not in the other side. Consider, How much is a trip to London And do not postpone it in a long box. After all, it is not known what this figure will be next year. Yes, and thanks to the exit of Britain from the EU, the pound decreased a little. Successful travel to you!

Useful tips and tricks in travel

To save on airline tickets:

Find a cheap flight using Aviasales. He is looking for tickets from airlines around the world.

Instructions how to buy tickets to the Internet Read here

How to save at the hotel:

Book a hotel, hostel or apartment on Booking.Com – This is the most convenient and popular tool. We have on our site selections of interesting housing.

And here – Instructions for airbnb

Do not forget insurance:

Travel insurance is needed in case of disease, injuries, and theft. Authors of the DOROGI-NE-DOROGI site.Ru never travel without insurance. To search for insurance companies, we use the service Cherehapa.Ru

Optical guide and an interesting excursion:

Use Tripter – They have the largest selection of unusual excursions worldwide.

How much is a trip to London

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