How much is a trip to London

All vacation We collected checks from shops and cafes, kept all receipts and paper. Now we can definitely say how much is a trip to London. This article will help you navigate at prices and evaluate the cost of the upcoming trip.

If you want to immediately find out the final figure, then here it is:

A week a week in London costs £ 539 (about 43 thousand rubles)

Due to inflation, the cost of the trip is constantly changing. On the number from above you can navigate, but you need to take into account the course of currency and changes in prices for flights.

In brackets are given indicative prices in rubles, but the ruble exchange rate is not stable, so focus on pounds, to recalculate the English pounds in rubles you can right in Google.

Who is interested, from which this price is developing, you will have to read the article further.

Prices will bring in English pounds, because it is necessary to pay in England in the pounds. They have very stable prices, even there are even price tags in some stores – product prices are printed directly on the package. What testifies to low inflation. Therefore, the prices indicated here will be relevant for a few more years.

We will consider all the costs from scratch. We need a visa to travel to England? Of course! Here with her and let’s start. How to get it read here.

Obtaining a visa

For registration of a visa you will have to give £ 83.

And do not forget to add more trips to the visa center of Great Britain. At least once it will have to do. And then two. At the time of writing this article, the visa center Ready Documents by mail did not send. They needed to be taken personally. Perhaps now the situation has changed.

I will not consider the trip to Moscow – in different cities, the cost of different.


Again, excluding transfer to the airport.

The cheapest way to get to England is the flight of the airline Victory (Domodedovo &# 8212; Stansted). At least in most cases. The cost of the ticket can be very different and it depends on many factors.

The cheapest option from March 4 to March 8, but I will take a week for example &# 8212; from 4 to 11.

Take any week. For example from 04.03 to 11.03 = 11138 R (

£ 130). Plus it will be necessary To get from Stansted Airport to London. You can do this on Easybus minibus. A ticket about boys to you in £ 2 &# 8212; £ 6 (one way) &# 8212; It depends on the time of departure. In this article we are talking about the minimum cost of a trip to London, therefore the price will take the minimum &# 8212; two pounds. Thus, get the price per road £ 136.

If you are going through your family or with friends, it is more convenient to use the services of a taxi. Order a car in advance, on kiwitaxi, for example.


Here, too, the price variation is huge: from zero to infinity. For budget travel, I advise you to find a hostel In a review of seven best hostels of London&# 8230; You can rent a room for 35 &# 8212; 50 pounds is relatively close to the center. You will be able to agree on the Couchsurfing website-will live free.

How to save on accommodation, see the article How to find cheap accommodation.

Let’s take the option £ 40 * 7 days = £ 280.


If you’ve found a place to live with access to the kitchen, you do not have to go to the cafe. Accordingly, it will allow you to save considerably.

To help bring prices in pubs and cafes, but we add to the cost of them will not:

A snack in the cafe will cost from £ 15. This amount may include soup + salad and tea. However, in the English portion of the big cafe.

Prices for food products in London

Prices are taken from the network Sainsbury stores. Is a network of low-cost grocery stores, spread across England.

  • Loaf of bread = £ 1.35
  • 2 pints of semi-skimmed milk = £ 0,89, (1 British pint is a little over half a liter. To be exact, 1 pint = 0.56826125 liters).
  • Cheddar Cheese 400 g = £ 2.90
  • Eggs (pack of 6 pieces.) = £ 0.90
  • Wine (ordinary table) = about £ 6
How much is a trip to London 1

stay a week will cost you £ 40 … £ 60. This money will be enough not only for food but also for products such as toilet paper or dishwashing detergent, something else.

Metro ticket

If you move within the first two zones, and pay through the Oyster card, a trip will cost £ 1.7.

Zones 1 and 2 cover the entire central part of London. Therefore, often go beyond their limits do not have to.

If you ride the subway every day back and forth: 1,7h7h2 = £ 23.8.

Suppose that you are so economical and everywhere you walk, so the metro will not add too.

Orient in a museum on prices

  • Tower of London £ 22,
  • Houses of Parliament £ 17,5
  • Royal Observatory £ 7,
  • Cutty Sark £ 13,5

However, the main London museums free. you can go in order to save them only.

total £ 83+ £ 136+ £ 280+ £ 40 = £ 539. Cheaper than this amount in London will not go.

Now you’re about targeting in prices in England and know, how much will cost you a trip to London. If you have information about the value of any products, or you know how else you can save in London, write about it in the comments.

P.S.: Huge thank you to our friend Robert for help in the preparation of this article. Thanks A Lot to Our Friend Robert for His Help in Preparing This Article.

Buy tickets to London can be right from our site. Enter the desired date, press &# 171; Find&# 187; And book. There will also see the current ticket prices. Have a nice rest.

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How much is a trip to London 1

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