How much is a sexy guide?

Saasty in his beloved public, I came across the post’s incomprehensible to me: "Always only have Self" Follow me?". What? I did not understand … I went to google. Drowned. This is such a stupid shnyaga, from which half the Internet is dragged.

Lack made a kind of Dagestan Murad Ottoman, and all the rest are allowed drooling, they piss the "trend" model of behavior to somehow to copy the "trend" model of behavior and strictly pronounced comments on the topic: "Travel is wonderful, but traveling with a beautiful girl – more beautiful in triple.

One thing seems to me that there are more from these glaze pictures more than from the syrup with sugar?

I went to my favorite Larcmore and now it’s amazing – to no one who still did not want to undelivered with such a vanillant-cooked dream.

It means that I will be "someone". Especially since the reason is excellent. The uncle works in our favorite topic – Travel!

1) The Branderburg gate is asked: "Frau, do not want to play in our Dustysfantishe?".

2) There is a bull, swinging, staggering in London.

3) Mamasha pulls into a monastery 10,000 Buddhas of a young. And he is dragging back and rolls: "I don’t want to look at Buddha! I want ice cream ..!".

4) as Singapore? Whether the wonderful views are open from the roof of the world famous hotel "Marina Bay"? – Yeah! Types of rear – what you need!

How much is a sexy guide

5) what a quiet, cute? – I read a fairy tale about Muum.

6) and what to do? Venice – the city was not cheap, they were laughed alone. Went, honey, do you care a little.

7) In rice plantations, the Bali workforce does not happen much.

8) How do you New York in general? – Yyyyy … what new york? And I really was in New York?)))

9) Creature You, Vasya, Pamp! I said to you – do not boha! What I have to drag you on your hotel on my shoulders?

How much is a sexy guide

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