How much Bayan in Paris?

Paris is unthinkable without Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc Triomphe, Luxembourg Garden, Big Boulevards, Elysee Fields, Pigal and Bastille Squares, the quiet streets of the 15th District and the Dynamot Marais District Alone – "Swamp". As well as without a lot and more.

And it is completely impossible, it is impossible without flea markets. Without marchais aux puces.

Them in the city of light several. The most important and famous are the flea market near the port of Saint-Uan and near the port de Montreyl (there are no ports close and in risen, "Porte" in French means "Gates"). Flea markets for Paris are not just commercial institutions, these are very important cultural institutions. Here on a small (relatively) space not only concentrates the rapid economic activity, but also be buried in the thick broth myths associated with the city that Hemingway called "A holiday that is always with you". Here traded and buy, drink and eat, novels, stress, sing songs, steal and just walk without.

Sentian flea market located on the northern border of Paris – the biggest. In essence, it is a small town with several streets, on each of which stores, shops and microscopic shops of certain specializations nest. One Street – Complete Skin Trade, Other – Kingdom of all sorts of dishes, porcelain and faience, Third – Ocean Antiques. France, I have to say, tightly nobbing ancient: Her no one has long come seriously robbed, and the revolution and the communes are inadequate in difficult times.

Of course, legends about how someone accidentally bought for three sut rafael in the flea market – from the field of sweet fairy tales. But to wander around the benchmarks, ask, look at – great pleasure.

Next to the shops, in the open sky, there is a trade of very strange things: rusty cranes of the time of Flaubert, broken dolls, old cast iron irons, showcase mannequins depicting the beauties of the young Bridget bardo, broken refrigerators and cassette tape recorders without internal.

How much Bayan in Paris

Montreysian "flea" The eastern border of the city is smaller and "Victory". She is somewhat similar to our natural rearrangement markets. But here traded a stolen home appliances, fake Swiss clocks, Louis Vuitton bags, as well as wondrous Arab synthetic brocade and brightest, "Eye-eye", African fabrics.

Who needs it all, you ask? Why goat bayan?

Sometimes it is impossible to answer. But sometimes, swinging in the mountain of Stopanny boots, you can dig up collectible shoes in which Greta Garbo flavored. Shifting from the place of the beaches of the crawled winds and the layers of nonsense jeans, you can find a unique dress from Coco Chanel or LEVIX jeans, stitched during Elvis Presley. And on the auction it is not suiced.

But where in this bench, packed with musical instruments, a few bayans and even the harmonica-trinket? Why is an old man, an incoming parisan, having sings, playing on the bayan, Piafovskaya "LA VIE EN ROSE"? And how much is Bayan in Paris? – Answer with a sludge smile: "With you, monsie, we will agree".

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