How many tourists are planning to send tour operators to Egypt

In the our Foreign Ministry, declared the decision to launch regular charter transport in Egypt. So, flights to Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada will soon be opened. There is a question in which volumes will be formed tours…

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the our Federation Mikhail Bogdanov stressed that soon a formal application for the restoration of charter transport in the Egyptian direction will be followed. Bogdanov also noted that the parties came to a common opinion on this issue during a trip to the Arab country of the our Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

How soon charters will go

According to preliminary forecasts, the restoration of flights is expected after May 20.

Application for the start of flights in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada can be done on May holidays. With this development of events of airlines and tour operators to deploy flight programs, it will be about crescent.

Who will announce the launch of flights

Analysts assume that the statement of the beginning of flights between the our Federation and Egypt will be done by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the Federal Assembly on April 21.

The number of chairs that will be able to offer tour operators

How many tourists are planning to send tour operators to Egypt

Returns to the Egyptian direction of the following largest tour operators are expected: Tez Tour; Coral Travel; Anex Tour; Pegas Touristik; TUI Russia; «Biblio Globus»; «Intourist».

If, in addition to charters, the president will allow renewal of regular flights, tour operators will be able to put charters in Egypt. It is expected that airplanes will go from two dozen of the largest our cities with which there is international air traffic.

According to the statistics of 2019, a week, the seven of the largest tour operators had the opportunity to provide our travelers at least 66 thousand 600 chairs. Of them in Sharm el-Sheikh – In the area 31 thousand 900 and in Hurghada – 34 thousand 700 chairs.

It follows from this that, subject to the resumption of charters in full, tour operators will be able to send more than 266 thousand our travelers to Egypt monthly. If in the current year all tour operators will allow translucent capabilities, the number of tours sold is expected at the same level, and maybe above.

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