How many planes are now in the sky?

Have you ever wondered how many aircraft are in the sky? Or how many of them flies over you?

Find out the answer to these questions is not at all difficult, enough in the browser line to enter WWW.PlaneFinder.Net, www.FlightRadar24.COM or www.Radarvirtuel.Com

These sites allow you to track the location of aircraft around the world. In addition, you can find out which airline is owned by the plane, flight number, flight point, height and speed of the aircraft. According to the same parameters, the search is carried out.

How it works?

These services work thanks to technology ADS-B (eng. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) – allowing pilots, dispatchers as well as any owner of the ADS-B receiver "See" traffic of aircraft movement and receive aeronautical information. Previously, a radar was used everywhere, but the ADS-B technology is more accurate, it transfers its own location over the radio channel, the course, climb or decrease, as well as data on height and flight speed.

Below is a scheme of work ADS-B:

ADS-B Defines the coordinates of the aircraft using the GPS system, and then broadcasts them and other data (height, speed, flight, etc.) On flight both in land plots dispatchers and other aircraft.

ADS-B technology is very developed in the United States and Europe, Russia has not yet been equipped in Russia. At the moment, the ADS-B system is equipped with all Airbus and Boing aircraft, as well as some new IL-96 and Tu-204 and Sukhoi SuperJet 100 models.

How many planes are now in the sky

Data on WWW sites.PlaneFinder.Net, www.FlightRadar24.COM Il www.Radarvirtuel.COM is broadcast by radio amateurs that installed a special receiver &# 8211; ADS-B receiver. You can also join them by purchasing such a receiver, thereby making your contribution to improving flight safety.

Whether the exact data is always shown?

No not always. It all depends on the density of the coating by receivers. If you go to any of the above sites, you will see that the Asian part of Russia and Africa is practically not covered, although in fact the plane flies there in this minute.

The worst coating in the sky over Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.

How many planes are now in the sky

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