How many fat can be lost a week before vacation?

Favorite theme of glossy publications – distribution of tips on solving complex problems in simple ways. Do you need to trust the tempting headlines, or it is worth contacting the arguments of logic?

Causes of phenomena

Long winter inherent in the climate of northern latitudes, leave an indelible imprint on the sides and other parts of the bodies of our residents. In addition, the classes in the cold are not suitable for everyone, and there is no time to go to the gym. Therefore, not all rejoice in the arrival of long-awaited heat or prospects for a beach holiday in winter resorts because of the need to slander their body, which is not in better shape.

Promises to start acquires themselves «beach» Figures from the nearest Monday rarely end with decisive actions, so the awareness of the upcoming shame is covered in a week-other to departure. In the state of an unprecedented motivation, bordering with despair, the search for a miraculous agent begins, which gives the opportunity without shame to take sunbathing. It is not necessary to look for a long time, and the information you need is in a few minutes. After a short description of a simple diet usually follow the promises of loss from five kilograms of fat per week.

How much can we lose weight in the week?

First you need to decide what purpose is we talking about. The fact is that it is possible to reduce body weight of the body: fat fabric, muscle and water. Water losing the easiest way, but for a long time to get rid of it, it is possible only if she was delayed in the body in the form of edema, otherwise the body threatens dehydration. Muscles and fat remain.

Of course, the ideal option would be delivered only from fat, but the body considers it as an inviolable stock, which will be extremely reluctant, so you need to accept the fact that some kind of muscle will be lost with fat. In order to answer the question, it is necessary to make small mathematical calculations.

Even in a state of resting the body requires energy to maintain their own vitality. It is customary to call the main or basal exchange. Energy consumption depends on body weight, floor and age. Male organism is required for ten percent more energy than female under the same conditions. Middle man living in the city and not engaged in hard work, spends up to three thousand kilocalories daily. For women, the numbers are much more modest and amount to less than two and a half thousand. Thus, the average man in a week will be able to spend about 21 thousand. kilokalorius, and a woman is not more than 17.5 thousand. Even adding physical activity in the form of a clock jogging, you can increase the consumption of no more than one thousand kilocalories, having received 28 thousand for a man. kilocalorius, and for women – 24.5.

And how much can it give in the form of body weight loss? The caloric content of one gram of fat is equal to nine kilocalories, but since the human fatty fabric contains more water, then its caloric content is approximately seven kilokalories per gram. It turns out, in a week you can lose four kilograms of fat? Unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to get such results in practice. The fact is that in conditions of calorie deficiency, the body tries to get rid of tissues that are consumers of energy. Muscles require energy, so the body begins to destroy them. And the stronger the calorie deficit, the greater the destruction of the muscles are exposed. Muscle tissue calorieness is much smaller, therefore weighs can be lost much more.

How many fat can be losing a week before the holiday article on tourism from the tourism

The considered example is completely contrived. In life, the numbers will most likely be much more modest. In practice, the body that has not adapted to the diet rarely can lose more than one – one and a half kilogram of fat per week. If the numbers are greater, then there is an active loss of muscle mass, and hardly someone will put a task before the holidays – stay with fat, having lost muscles.

Thus, it is possible to say with confidence that the body does not exist in a few days to part with what was accumulated for several months or years. Therefore, to solve overweight problems, you need to start in advance before vacation – at least for six months, clearly representing the amount of effort required for this.

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