How Japanese children remember hieroglyphs?

Many foreigners consider one of the most difficult languages ​​our, as it is understood by the case, and why some things are "put", and others need to "put", – the task is not simple. But learning Japanese is not easier.

Chinese hieroglyphs used in Japan, appeared 3000 years ago. The first inscriptions that have come down to this day are cut out on the turtle shells and bones of animals. They were used for fortune telling. The Japanese got acquainted with Chinese writing about 1500 years ago.

Now they use a mixed system of writing, which consists of Kanji hieroglyphs and two sludge alphabet: Haragan and Katakana. In each alphabet of 46 characters. And the hieroglyphs are from 60,000 to 80,000. True, everything is not required to know. The Japanese themselves are focused on two list of hieroglyphs.

First – Dzёё – We are necessary for everyday use and consists of 2136 characters. So many hieroglyphs know graduates of senior school and university students. The same minimum need to foreigners studying Japanese. This is enough to read newspapers, magazines, documents, texts of the media.

2136 hieroglyphs enough to read newspapers, magazines, documents, texts of the media

How Japanese children remember hieroglyphs

Exam Nihon Kanji Norek Catay To determine the level of ownership of hieroglyphs, contains approximately 6000 characters. You need to know so much to read the original work of classical literature and historical texts.

Teach hieroglyphs Japanese children start no later than six years, when go to school. In the first year they pass 80 hieroglyphs. For the second year – already 240, on the third – 440 and t. D. By the end of the elementary school, that is, by 12 years, their stock is 1006 hieroglyphs. By the end of the average – approximately 1600, by the end of the older – the same 2136.

For each year of study there are regained. At the turn of the notebook, the hieroglyph, the procedure for writing features, reading and examples of words in which this hieroglyph is found. This also includes tasks and tests for already covered signs.

How Japanese children remember hieroglyphs

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