How it will be in Hungarian?

Previously, with Soviet power, our whole people dreamed of a trip abroad. Some even got. At that time, the trip to Hungary was considered the top of the dreams and was the most corporate journey through the socialist camp. Apparently, something, some small thing, after all, prevented Hungary to become an absolutely socialist country. At that time I got on the eyes of the guide to Budapest 73rd. My God! Car rental! "Hilton"! Coca Cola! Bathing in hot springs without leaving the hotel! "Drinks and dessert are served directly into the pool!" Visiting the Palace of Pioneers mentioned by the way and printed with small font. But "Rural festival with Palenk, Goulash, as well as inspection of horses and barns" (right so it was written!) Could be confused with the path of true not only inexperienced pioneers, but even the lives of the Komsomol goddesses. God! How long ago it was!

Budapest without a guide

Now Budapest is a completely European city, which is even closer to Western Europe in terms of development and lifestyle, what, say, Warsaw and Prague. In principle, he is the same as twenty and thirty years ago. Only prettier renovated. That is why tourists are more than people. Today, the Hungarian capital is perfectly adapted to spend time and euro.

And the best means of movement in Budapest, in my opinion – legs. In the city there is, of course, the metro, trams, buses and taxis, but why are they needed if most tourist attractions are located next door? And yet do not even try to take the city with a back. It is better to identify priorities and not be upset if something did not have time. Surely returns back.

So walking in Budapest. Danube dissets the city into two parts, sometime former independent settlements (Aristocratic Bud and Democratic Pest). Buda – hilly, poney – flat, and always before your eyes a bunch of landmarks: the Parliament Building and the Roosevelt Square on the Pesto Bank, the Royal Palace and the fishing bastion in Buday. It is impossible to get lost on the feather side also because the streets are lined up perpendicular to the embankment, and at home are in checker. In addition, on each building near the house number of the Roman digit, the number of the district is indicated, so, having a map in hand, you can immediately focus on the right quarter.

I think there is no more thanks to describe the wonderful city of Budapest. Here is a fortress area, where the Buday fortress was once stood, built after the Tatar invasion in 1247. On her remnants and repeating its configuration in 1896, to the meaningful date of the 1000th anniversary of Hungary, built a fishing bastion – a unique architectural structure of seven towers, each personifies one of the tribes united into the state. It is from the playground of the fishing bastion that the most wonderful view of the city on the other side of the Danube opens: highlighted bridges, parliament building, Basilica of St. Ishthan, Gothic churches. There are no ugly modern skyscrapers in the city: building buildings above 96 meters (height of parliament) is prohibited.

Parliament – almost a copy of London. Its area is about 18 thousand square meters. At one time, a steam heating was installed here for the first time in the world. Lions at the entrance to parliament – the symbols of the fact that Hungary was once kingdom.

And at night, and in the afternoon at the entrance to the building there is only one policeman ("Oh, Ukraine! Yushchenko! Wairi Gut!"). Tourists can visit parliament daily. Beauty and greatness – indescribable.

I note that the building of the parliament, the fortress area and Mount Hellert in Buda, the parish church in the foot, as well as 9 bridges connecting the shores of the Danube, are recognized by UNESCO cultural heritage.

For me, for me the most stunning spectacle in the Buda was the Church of Mantisha. Huge, fantastic outlines The Gothic temple suddenly appeared due to turning unexpectedly – as if some bakery. Spirit is capturing, especially at an unprepared person, especially at night.

And on the central square of the fishing bastion I was struck by a small, only two meters, a bronze layout of the square itself with her gothic and monuments. It seems to be a regular layout. But it is made specifically for the blind. Those who may come to this area, but to see the beauty around will not be able – at least the hands feel. And read everything about the fishing bastion – immediately texts made by braille font.

Andraha Street, the most gorgeous in Pest. It is built up with houses of beloved Hungarian style Art Nuoovo, but there are baroque buildings here. Almost all embassies are on this street, as well as most expensive shops and theaters. Opera House – an impressive construction in an unfulfilled spirit. Near – a fun cafe called "Belkanto", Where the public is taking singing waiters. They are operaly engaged in the menu and accept orders. They say real singers, visiting the establishment, sometimes sink waiters.

At the two millionth city, which is Budapest, has its own special "chip" – You can remove from the noise of urban, without leaving the very capital. Margit Island in the center of the Danube with a wonderful park, sports grounds and a starfish for children, with intoxiciously clean air and brown greens – the favorite place of rest of the citizens. And most importantly, on the island in two beautiful hotels there is a thermal bathing with a water temperature of 34 ° C, 36 ° C and 40 ° C.

Get rid of rheumatic, articular, nervous and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system helps therapeutic water. Generally thermal bathing – the most important heritage of residents of the city. In the Danube, alas, you can not swim: too many large cities are located on its shores. But the numerous thermal springs, feeding pools in rooms and in the open air. So you can splash in the water all year round and with health benefits.

To visit Budapest and do not go to the bathing – a crime for a tourist. You can relax there and make it possible only four euros. The most famous – bathing "Secheni", The largest in Europe. This bathing is the hero of war: during the second world, she saved the life of the hippo from the zoo. The hungry beast was donated to the whole stock of disposable slippers for bathing visitors. Slippers were made from Nile Papyrus, and Hippo chewed them with a big appetite. Now in the Budapest Zoo every year the descendant of the hippopotamus is born. It is said that the amazing healing effect of thermal water, which is filled and hippid. Thus, the fertility among hippopots serves as an indirect advertising for the treatment of infertility. And not only in hippos.

The oldest one of the buy "Gellert". Although it was built in 1918, but the hot source itself is known for more than two thousand years. Relaxed and seized wounds (as well as underwear and washed and washed) yet Romans.

So Budapest is not just the main city of Hungary and "Queen Danube", But the Balneological Capital of the World. In all city bathing – grand, monumental, classic and modern – all thermal and medical procedures undergo under the control of doctors and medical staff. Then you certainly need to relax for some time. So as not to climb and not reassure.

And in Budapest it is impossible not to admire shiny glasses. They sparkle everywhere – in the windows of houses, in the shop windows of shops and offices, in hotels and cars. "What do you add to the glass that it is so glitter?" – asked our guide. He repeated the question in surprise. Then laughed: "Oh no! Just we often my windows!"

I think, and veterans of the marriage movement, and those who just found their half, probably would not be against going to Budapest. He, like no other city, has a state of love. Imagine what pleasure is to stand, holding hands, on the fishing bastion and watch the sun commons for the parliament building, walking around the chain bridge, built in 1848, indulgeted by the Ethoma and Nege in thermal sources, drink coffee on the most illuminated from the streets – Waci Street. And in the evening, when the city is empty, staying with him alone – you and Budapest. You can wander around urban parks. You can kiss on historical stairs, which in vortex, probably, even more than thermal sources in Pest.

Aqua Thermal

Assure that the fairy tale of magical "alive" The water was born in Hungary, where the world’s largest reserves of thermal water were found. And the joke that, if in Hungary, dig a shovel deeper, it will score a fountain of boiling water, it has already been well known. In the country – 1289 wells with thermal water, 39 medicinal couples, 13 resorts, 5 medicinal caves, 48 ​​sources of mineral water, 136 sources of therapeutic drinking water, 4 fields of therapeutic dirt. In short, the tourist quietly walks through the streets and squares, enjoying the style of Art Nuoovo, drinks coffee and eats Hungarian cheesecakes, and under it, at this time, it is boiling and sometimes splashes out of sulfide boiling broth from hydrogen sulfide, bromine, iodine, chlorine, calcium, sodium, magnesia, Hydrocarbonate.

In general, water has long been revered as a substance of the Divine. Jesus Christ himself was baptized in the Jordan River. The Egyptians were holy honorable waters of the Nile, the Assyrians were charged with energy in rivers and waterfalls, the Celts prayed to rain. Hindus and today are exempt from the bad, plunging into the gang, they are not embarrassed by the dirt of the sacred river. To this day, almost in all religions of the world swimming is a sacred rite: baptism in Christianity, mandatory ablution before the Friday prayer from Muslims. And the categorical prohibition by the Jews to live where there is no bath or pools, even recorded in Talmud.

Recently, the world has covered watermark. It is believed that all self-respecting people should at least once a year to visit "on waters". It is fashionable, prestigious, this is a certificate of social success. At such resorts, a person gets rid of everything superfluous: slags and pains in joints, money, wrinkles and stress, acquiring perpetual youth, unfavorable beauty and non-lawy. That is why therapeutic tourism in Hungary becomes larger – in no other country there are no such set and diversity of therapeutic couple. Moreover, the composition of local waters is usually not repeated. Most Hungarian hotels are located directly from healing sources, feature bathing and pools. In recent years, the number of balneological and wellness hotels has grown noticeably. They provide everything necessary to strengthen the health, restoration of forces, rejuvenation of the body.

In Miskolz, a bathing with warm water is in a huge cave formed by thermal waters. Special, crystal clear cave air, various light effects that are distinguished by each lake and each labyrinth, underground river, which can be saved, a pearl bath, which can be taken, – All this makes stay here not only useful, but also very memorable.

In HajidusOx, the warmest water, the temperature of which reaches 75 ° C. There are many years of statistical studies proving that the cure of rheumatism, arthritis and neurological diseases effectively on these waters in 95% of cases. (Even somehow hurt to come here without having rheumatism or joint problems.) There are always silence, peace and full relaxation. It is not by chance that Haidus Communication is called Mecca Rheumatakov. Every year more than one and a half million people arrive here.

And the city is famous for the giant water park. There is an 113-meter slide and a dozen slurger slides, 101-meter "black hole", "kamikaze", "crazy" Stream, giant spiral and other water rides. I know that you get out of the water park, tear away from all this holiday for the body and the soul is absolutely impossible.

Debrecen – "capital" Revolution and War for Independence of Hungary 1848-1849. And at the same time one of the most popular resorts. Under the dome of therapeutic bathing in the Bolshoi Debrene Forest there are four pools with thermal water of different temperatures, healing baths and terms, as well as eight entertainment pools. Not even so much ingenious attractions, non-hot brown water pool (iod), where bones are heated, "Who for 90", How many magnificent and bright green grove around, consisting of huge bamboo, bananas, araucaria. So would not leave here!

The fortress bath in Dule is rightfully occupied by a special place in Hungarian medical tourism. And swimming, and a wonderful beach located in the center of the two-year-old park of the former Count Almas, near the fortress, where the famous theatrical festivals are held. In Dule – nine outdoor pools and eleven indoor pools.

Our group visited other resorts. In the city of Nurireghaze, which, thanks to the Solonchard Lake (temperature – up to 50 ° C!) For three centuries, it is a favorite place for swimming and recreation. In the young city of Tisuwaros (former Leninvaros – Leningrad), where bathing and sports complexes are built on the latest technology and design. This is the country’s sports center with perfectly equipped basketball courts, bowling, squash, tennis. And everywhere "Tourism health", as it is called in Hungary, makes it possible to truly relax and gain strength.

By the way, in Miskolc, Haydus Communication, Debrecen and other balneological resorts, the duration of treatment, depending on the conclusion of doctors, ranges from 7 to 20 days. Considering that the results of treatment are almost always positive, its cost from 78 to 200 euros is quite justified. In addition, people who come to treatment and rest are provided with excellent accommodation conditions in comfortable hotels, apartments or boarding houses. And in Dule, for example, you can rent a room with a kitchenette and all the amenities for 10 euros in spring and autumn, for 15 euros – in the summer and for 5 – in winter. Not so expensive, in any case cheaper than in Odessa, Yalta or Truskavets.

In a healthy body healthy mind! In Hungary, this postulate acquires a special meaning, for all sorts of terms are ready to receive guests all-round, who wants to try on themselves the most modern funds of the five hundred years of bathing culture of this country.

great and powerful

Talking with hungarms is very easy. To do this, you just need to know the language, and nothing more. Hungarian language is so clear that no one can do without it in Hungary. There somehow everyone got used to spelling in Hungarian, and a person talking in this language does not surprise a foreigner. I also wanted not to cause surprise. I wanted to chat, to strive the balance, tell the jokes, speaking compliments to young long-legged Hungarians – and everything exclusively in Hungarian. At the first minute of his stay in Budapest, I realized that it would be not easy.

Hungarian belongs to the family of Finno-Ugric languages. And therefore the situation is familiar in most European capitals, when the tourist, knowing, say, English, for similar words will understand and the Dutch, and the Spaniard, and the Frenchman, in Budapest excluded. Be sure: not knowing the Hungarian, you will not discern any words. Even, oddly enough, Finnish words in Hungarian is very small, and Turkish – one and two hundred. The 150-year-old dominion of the Ottoman Empire affects.

All is well in Hungary. In addition to the names of settlements. Even a person with a fairly developed speech apparatus in a sober mind and a solid memory is not able to spell these words from the first time, and saying – remember. For example, the group leader comes to you and offers: "And don’t we go to Alcutdoboz? What parks and palaces there are a miracle! Or maybe in Martonvashhar, in the Museum of Beethoven? And it is better to the sexfeurvar – the former capital and the residence of the kings, where the sarcophagus is resting with the body of the Holy King of Ishthan?" Head spin. True, then, having visited these wonderful places, easily uttering as a frequenter: "Bathing in Hajidus Communication, of course, impressive, and frescoes in the temple of Saint Lassel you can see. But still the best swimming pool – in Kischkinfelideghaze!"

But it turns out, found in Hungarian and quite harmonious words for our ear, for example – Lake Balaton. And invented a simple word "Balaton" No one else like Tsarevna Anastasia, daughter Yaroslav wise, married one of the Hungarian kings. Once, Lake Lake, Anastasia asked his vengeous spouse displeased: "And this is what another swamp?" Hungars picked up a funny word and called them their biggest lake. Such is legend.

Yes, Hungarian is difficult, but nevertheless there is no linguistic barrier in Hungary. Basically. In whatever language, the conversation with the hotel’s employee in Budapest, with the owner of the wine cellar in Toka, with a nurse bathing in Miskolc, with the seller of apples on the market in Kechkemet – the interlocutor has definitely inserted a couple of words in our and even in Ukrainian. Not always, however, to the place, but still it was very nice.

After a few hours of stay in Budapest, it turned out that English knows everything that owns the service and trade sector. Perspective without a trace of the abyss and to kill in an unfamiliar city somehow immediately disappeared. For a decent English (even my, not very decent) makes it possible to decent behaving in a cafe, in the store, in transport.

Hungarians are ready to love every foreigner who learn at least a dozen-other Hungarian words. True, sometimes they rejoice in this so much that they immediately begin to talk with him exclusively in Hungarian. And if a foreigner knows the Hungarian truly.

I was lucky that Igor Aleshin, who had been accompanied by our tourist groups to Hungary for seven years, was lucky that Igor Aleshin was accompanied by my companion and evening walks. Igor is not just a good and successful manager. It turned out, he diligently studied the Hungarian language and the history of this country. It is a pity that not all of our tour operators relate to the subject of their activities so serious and responsibly.

Zries in the root!

Hungarians protect the old days. You go to the hotel and see that the renovation spared the vintage painted ceiling beams, the panel doors and even adapted for them. And next to the glossy pillar of administrator with dignity rises noble-loss of the beginning of the 19th century. The good thing is morally obsolete, you just need to be able to file it correctly and know where to put.

Hungarians are proud of their history, culture. And it is not surprising. For in Hungary, you can learn a lot and see a lot. In Miskolz, for example, there is the largest 16 meters high in Europe, on which the lives of Christ depict 88 icons. In Szeged, you can visit the Museum of Albert St. Dierdo, the Nobel Prize laureate, which for the first time in the world came from pepper (paprika) Vitamin C. In Kokekemet – listen to the ringing of bells, the Melody wrote the great Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodai. To visit Lazar Park, which is located 35 kilometers from Budapest and five kilometers from the famous Palace of Queen Sissi. This place must be visited. At least in order to join the unfamiliar phenomenon – the unusual nationwide adoration of his queen. The cult of the Austrian beauty Elizabeth (Herzhbet, or just Sissi), Franz Joseph’s wives, does not eat at all over the years, and her name is called every place where it came to her leg.

In the Budapest itself, you can not be on the famous covered market, which built Alexander Eifel (the one!). You will definitely tell you the market that Margaret Thatcher itself bought a knitting garlic here and posed with her before the cameras. In Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, there is a unique collection of cloths El Greek, as well as paintings by Georgeon, Goya, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, Velasquez, Delacroix, Gauguen, Monet, Renoara. And even the sculpture of the Great Leonardo (it is known that he made only two sculptures, the rest – drawings and canvas). And lovers can visit the zoo, one of the best in Europe, founded in 1866. Budapest also strikes the size and revolutionism The largest synagogue in Europe, created in Mauritan style: with turrets, black dips, golden decor, rich ornament. Inside – enormous space, bright lighting, Byzantine power. It is said that at birth, this building caused a lot of disputes: it was conceived as an updated, modernized synagogue, reconciled Judaism with Muslim and Christianity. Therefore, there are eastern motives here, there is an organ. And orthodoxes were indignant by the fact that women have the right to stand not only on the upper galleries, but also on the side, on the ground floor, among men.

It is in Ukraine, even in many regional cities you can easily post an ad: "Live quietly and calmly. No one in our city will drag you to watch the sights – they just do not have them". In Hungary, even in small towns, always have something to see.

Perhaps some tourist will seem that Hungarian Guide is very enthusiastically, who speaks himself about his country. Forgive him that. For only hot love for his homeland moves him to all Hungarian to call in excellent degree: the most beautiful bridge, the most unusual temple, the most unique museum, the oldest coffee house, the most delicious wine. Only, I think, it is not necessary to raise on this expense, especially to express such thoughts out loud, so as not to offend the welcoming and always friendly owners. After all, Hungarians are sincere, very much in orphanage are proud of their country and its success (here we would!), so for the Hungarian all Hungarian – unique. Even your famous balm, which treats gastrointestinal hands, they called "Unicum".

How it will be in Hungarian

. With a break on the feast

Experienced tourists believe that Hungarian dishes are better not to try – trying, it is already impossible to stop. And in fact, such an abundance and a variety of goodies collapses for everyone who steps to the Hungarian land, which can not be resistant.

Food culture everywhere at height. Even if you want to go to a local restaurant, you can not be afraid that something nestable will be snuck. The main advantage of Hungarian cuisine is the exquisite taste of each dish and the use of only fresh products. This is true for roadside eaters. Although the cafes and restaurants, standing along the roads, to name the language simply not turning the language – there are not only clean and cozy there, but in each there is its own mandatory raisin. Or good pictures on the walls, or old furniture, or some kind of special dishes, or waiters are dressed in national costumes.

"About the figure have to forget – my neighbor is smiling on the table, – so tushary the local food. Hungarian cuisine – solid temptation", – she adds and again it is accepted for goulash – pieces of gentle meat, arched by paprika and sauce, quite appetizing smells. Yes, here they whistle, like bullets at the temple: calories, calories, calories.

By the way, Hungarians are not a second dish (as it seems to everyone), but the first. In general, Hungars love soups – Lebbench, Nyircheg, Schlabutz (all of potatoes, noodles, vegetables and spices), their own special ear and, of course, fruit soup. Popular noodles with cottage cheese (special recipe), roll with cherries, apple pie with cream, as well as Galyushki Schomloi and Vargabelsh. And, of course, various dishes from various meat – roasted, parenchy, boiled, stewed and baked.

In Dule, we were treated with a stew from venison and pheasant meat, stewed with a cherry sauce – nothing deeper can not even imagine.

Somehow in one restaurant we were filed from game. In this, it would seem, there was no longer anything special (we quickly got used to luxurious food) if it were not for the form in which the stew itself was poured! It was a big white palloon, apparently baked by a special recipe. She did not soften and kept liquid stew throughout the dinner. We drenched with spoons meat jushno, sings her this very "Plate".

And delicious marinades? And sophisticated cakes? And coffee with marzipans? Danger towes at every step, especially women. So I want to warn them: Excessive use of Hungarian cuisine is fraught with consequences for your prayer in thermal bathing. In short, do not even dream in Hungary reset a couple of unnecessary kilograms. It never never. Because Hungary and diet are two things incompatible. They say, in Hungary, even the top models are closed in the rooms and get a goulash.

But what a feast costs without good wine? Especially since there is no bad wine in Hungary even at a very low price.

Probably no need to praise Tokay ("King wines and wine kings") – he does not need it. In the province of Tokai, where at the foot of the mountain of the same name spread over five thousand hectares of vineyards, the red wine do not. Exceptionally white. The most famous, Tokai ASU, is prepared from the wounded and blurred berries. Yes, only so, on one bodies they collect wrinkled grapes, without silent brushes, day after day. The result is the wine of varying degrees of sweetness with light fruit aroma, with a taste of peach, honey, plum, chocolate, rye bread. It started in 1650, when the governors postponed the vintage due to the Turkish invasion. Removed the crop a few months later when the berries were crossed. It turned out to be the late autumn in the berry of grapes contained the maximum concentration of sugar. Invented sweet wine has become a visiting edge card.

To promote the current and other wines in Hungary, the Academy of Wines, and wine routes around the country are so popular with tourists that special cards have been developed for them. By the way, wine in restaurants are cheaper than mineral water, so you can drink. Including to taste: In the wine cellar it is proposed to try the wine from the barrels, and then acquired the most reasonable price. It is better to carry out such tastings somewhere away from the tourist trails – and the wine is weathered, and the prices are more real (but no one knows English!).

Joke from the Hungarian newspaper: "The terrorists captured the wine cellar tooky and now for five days they cannot formulate their requirements". But in fact, it’s hard to tear away from such tasty wine. So you think, returning home: how much the wine drinks, how little truths appeared!

If the tourist does not drink wine (principled!), then he will have to go to Palinka – fruit vodka, which is chased (sorry, cook) literally in every village. This is what is called, folk drink, an analogue of the English Moon Shine (lunar radiance), but desperately strong (56 °) and very tasty, for it is based on it – sweets, apricots, peaches.

Concerning "catering", then he is here at the height. About a slightly snack or tight dine this country is grateful like no other. For some reason, even hot dogs and hamburgers are tastier here than in Kyiv.

Ordering a dish in restaurants, it is necessary to specify the size of the portion – it can most times to exceed your capabilities. Prices – Kyiv, and even below.

Favorite restaurant Budapest elite "Gundel". There dines the Prime Minister of the country, there were Pope, members of the British royal family. There is a cook that is self-taking rides with dogs digging truffles. There is a table silver and ancient porcelain. There is a man without a tie can not appear. With all this, you can dine there for 25 euros per person!

In hotels, even three-star, only new furniture, everything is convenient and comfortable. Here you will not meet, for example, the sofa began the seventies of the Unknown Master with characteristic of the era to the upholstery, springs and clouds. Service staff is not just friendly, polite and warned. He is so frankly rejoices and sincerely smiles at a meeting with guests – as if the poor relative saw, finally, his rich uncle after many years of separation.

Must go!

Returning to Kyiv and told about the trip to Hungary, I heard from colleagues who were in this country several times, the following: "It is a pity that you never saw this Hungary. Was not on Balaton and in the tourist center Danube Senthedre. Did not see the unique Visegrad Palace of the Grand King Mantisha. Not walked on the streets of Estergoma – the Motherland of the First King Hungary of St. Ishthan. Not bought in the only hot lake in Europe. Did not try the only one in kind slaves "Peak" in Szeged. Did not participate in the festival of chilts in Miskolc. Did not ride on the Danube on the ship operetta. And missed the largest in Europe, and maybe in the world, windmill in Debrecen. It’s a pity".

How to do so that it is not painfully painful for aimless vacation? After all, it is given once a year. How to live him to really feel yourself rested, vigorous and full forces? It is believed that rest and treatment in Hungary are the most ideal in terms of price and quality ratio. After all, it is not by chance that a 10 million Hungary is visited annually 32-34 million guests.

In Hungary never say "No". It is possible to organize any individual tours, no matter how difficult they seem.

. Sometimes, it happens, the soul is. Does not find yourself peace, wants something down. And what – and really does not know. So time to pack suitcases!

Editorial Thanks Information Office "Ugorchchina-tourism" Commercial Department of Embassy of the Republic of Hungarian Republic in Ukraine for organizing a trip.

How it will be in Hungarian

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