How it’s done?

It is known that crocodiles are not leaving for training. Nevertheless, in Thailand, a crocodile show – the spectacle is as traditional and popular as in Spain – Corrida. How to manage the tamer to force predators to obey and at the same time stay alive?

A 15-minute drive from Pattaya is one of the world’s largest crocodile farms. Nearby, inside the aviary, a small swimming pool: here – in water and "on the shore" – and the famous representation passes. Here it is pretty cool: the state and behavior of reptiles is closely connected with the temperature and humidity. If the temperature is below normal, their activity is somewhat slowed down. Now among them we need to choose the most calm. The trainer pulls predators for the tail from the water (it looks like the view has already begun, but in fact it is only an entry) – the one who will behave aggressively, will not speak. But first, just going on the platform, the tamer watering himself and the floor around the water from the pool. The fact is that crocodiles with excellent smell and poor vision, highlight a special enzyme into water, and thus this smell interrupts the smell of the environment and does not allow to clean.

The most terrible numbers with putting it in the dressing mouth or head helps to perform the ordinary wand, previously visited in water. It drives her man on the mouth and the teeth of the crocodile, imitating the movements of the birds (stuffer or Shortvest Chibis), which in the wilderness are engaged in cleaning crocodile teeth. The predator usual to the procedure will never slam down, if the bird’s presence feels. But if still, he wants to slam it, the warning signal will be heard – click of the jewish joint. Then, for counting fractions of a second, the trainer should have time to jump on a safe distance. Otherwise, reptile, shuting the mouth, starts to rotate quickly around his axis, tearing off his head or hand. So performances with crocodiles – the occupation is dangerous, but profitable. Native crocodile leather products are sold nearby, and in the cafe – crocodile dishes: nothing personal, only business!

How it's done

A completely different approach from Costa Rican fisherman Gilberto Shedden. He believes that the key to performing tricks with a predator can not be deception, but friendship. Of his own name, in which almost half-thin weight, the fisherman picked up for about half a century ago, wounded, dying from hunger on the banks of the river – poachers did not finish. Gilberto brought him home, fed the chicken and fish, he treated, hurt and after half a year he was already healthy as the lake and released into the water. And when I was going to leave, I saw in surprise that I would call him. Friendship continued, and some time ago the phenomenal relationship of man and crocodile began to generate income: their games in the water also liked participants, and viewers. "My best friend. This is a dangerous occupation, but we have a good relationship, "explained his free handling of the predator Kostarikan.

By the way, as I wrote "My Planet", a zoologist and traveler Vladimir Dienets, working at the University of Tennessee in the United States, studied the playing behavior of crocodiles and alligators based on personal observations, published evidence of zoologists and eyewitnesses, as well as a survey of specialists working with these predators. The researcher came to the conclusion that crocodiles and alligators are not so cold and terrible creatures, as we used to think about them. So far no one sees, they undermine the game and have fun.

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