How it is more profitable to save mile from a bank card

If you use the card correctly, it is quite possible without the extra effort to accumulate over the year to a ticket to Europe there and back. And if you try to try a little, then the amount earned can be significantly increased. So it is more profitable to save mile from a bank card?

Almost every bank offers its customers earn points, miles, cachek or participate in special promotions. Understand all these sentences is not so simple. What underwater stones are hidden for attractive conditions and what kind of benefits can really get from the bank?

What do you need:

  • Pick up the most convenient card and program;
  • Shopping with maximum benefits;
  • Not pay extra commissions and interest bank.

I use loyalty programs for several years. And I want to share my secrets on how to get the maximum benefit from banks.

How bonus programs work

Most bonus programs offer to get a certain remuneration for the use of maps of a bank.

At the same time, the bank itself can pursue several goals:

  • Attracting a new client – in this case, a person receives a bonus for the design of the product;
  • Increased purchases on the cards – here the bank offers elevated bonuses for purchases in different stores or for different amounts;
  • Credit card sale – for the bank a credit card brings more revenues to which he is ready to share with the client;
  • Promotion of various services – as a rule, when starting new products, the bank tries to promote them by carrying out different interesting shares.

The bank needs me to make a card and start to spend as much money as possible. I wonder how I can accumulate a mile for a free journey without excess spending.

As a rule, loyalty programs offer rewards in two forms:

  • Miles, bonuses or points are a kind of currency of the program. It accumulates in a special account, and then it can be exchanged for reward or pay for the purchase.
  • Cashback is a direct refund to the card account. After paying the purchase part of it returns to the bank on the client’s card.

For a traveler who strives to accumulate on a free ticket, each option has its pros and cons.

How to save miles

Mile is more convenient to save: it is not always possible to exchange them on something, except for a ticket, so less temptation to spend them.

For example, Mile Alpha Bank can only spend on tickets purchased on their website, where prices are slightly higher. And Mile Bank Tinkoff can be exchanged only with a step at 3000, t.E. For a ticket price of 5000 rubles. Spicy 6000 miles.

Connecting a bonus program, you need to make sure that it is suitable for travel.

For example, in the ICD bank category for which you can spend bonuses, change every 3 months. It’s not a fact that tickets and vouchers will be available to compensate for that time when you draw the right number of bonuses.

Often pay miles buy immediately you can not.

You must first buy a ticket for your money, and then return the spent the amount of miles. Miles are written off, and the money is credited to the card.

Mile Banks are paying much more worst than direct cash payments. This is due to the fact that most of the mile customers do not use. Therefore, on average, the percentage of accrual over bonus programs is 2 times higher than when the cachek system.

Credit cards are also most often allowed to save miles.

How to accumulate a ticket from Cacheback

Cachekkom use much easier.

Money immediately come to the map. You do not need to understand what kind of ticket to buy to get your reward.

Cashback is most often accrued in the total month for all purchases during this period. There is a risk immediately spend this small reward. Feel the pleasure of getting it, and even more so much harder to get a ticket, much more difficult.

In this case, I came up with a little trick for myself: I opened a cumulative account, which immediately after the accrual I translate the entire cachek. By the time I am going on a trip, it accumulates a good amount that you can spend without any restrictions.

How to save miles and not overpay. Underwater rocks.

The cost of participation in the program

If you read the conditions of the program of accumulation of mile, then connecting and participate in them most often free. Pay for the release or maintenance of the card, connecting various service packages or additional services.

Can I avoid this? In most cases, yes.

To do this, you just need to explore the tariff. Most banks offer conditions when performing no commission.

For example, in Bank Tinkoff The debit card will be free if they open their contribution even to the minimum amount. For map Alfa Travel Do not have to pay, if you buy on it in the amount of 10 000 rubles per month.

Service packages usually also have the conditions of free connection.

For example, in the ICD, the bonus program will not work without connecting an additional package, but it does not have to pay for it if you make a salary card in the bank.

Duration and limits of the accumulation of mile

Accrual limit is the maximum amount of mile or the largest cachek for your bonus program.

On mile accrual limits It is important to pay attention if you plan to spend large amounts.

For example, ALL AIRLINES The maximum amount of accruals is 5000 miles per month. To get it you need to spend 250,000 rubles in ordinary stores.

When calculating Cacheback Limits are even lower. For example, In MTS Bank The maximum amount of payment is 3000 rubles per month, to get it necessary to buy by 60,000 rubles.

It is important to clarify the term of accrued remuneration.

Cachekka does not have him, t.To. These are real money that immediately cross the participant’s property. At bonuses it is limited. For example, Alpha-Bank will reset the bonus account if no purchase will not be on the map for 6 months.

How to spend accumulated miles

Before connecting to the program, you must make sure to use the accumulated miles will simply. Restrictions are not very tough, but it’s better to deal with them right away.

For example, Mile Tinkoff with a step in 3000 make it possible when choosing a flight just take a little more expensive and convenient ticket.

The prices on the Alfa-Bank website are not very different from the proposals of other aggregators.

The total price difference in both programs is 1-2 thousand, so the conditions are almost the same.

How to accumulate more Mile

To get the maximum benefit from using a bonus program at all should not be bought more than usual.

I allocated several rules that helped me:

  1. Give out cash.
  2. All purchases to pay for the card by which bonuses are accrued.
  3. Use the categories of increased accrual.
  4. Use the proposals of partners.
  5. Make an additional map.
  6. Subscribe to the pages of your bank in the social. Networks.
  7. Don’t fear credit cards.
  8. How it is more profitable to save mile from a bank card
  9. Participate in the "Bring a Friend" programs.

Pay the card – it is convenient

I recently noticed that I drive with you cash only for payment in a minibus. For all other purchases, I always have a map at hand. In any store, and on the Internet, I first find out about the possibility of paying on the map. Thanks to this for all his monthly obligatory purchases I save mile.

Many banks charge miles even for paying services through the personal account. So payments for communal, kindergarten or mobile communication will also contribute to future vacation.

How to start smoking miles from a bank card

Each purchase must benefit you. It is important to pay exactly the card that participates in the selected loyalty program. I, for example, I get a salary in another bank, but on the same day I completely translate it to the bonus. I also do with any inacked cash.

Spear miles need only in one program. Otherwise it will not be possible to collect.

If you like the cachek more, you can take a few cards. I hold two more cards in my wallet, for which there are interesting offers with an increased cachek accruem. But this one-off major purchases, everything else always pay your bonus card to earn miles.

What is the category of increased accrual

Most often, these categories include specific stores that we do not spend money every day.

For example, flowers shops, theater tickets, sporting goods. Knowing what category it is now more profitable to buy, you can make a large payment in advance.

For example, the New Year I would like to buy a new sofa. But this month for the category &# 171; Homeware&# 187; I offer to get 5% cashback. Of course, I’m not going to postpone the purchase, and do it now. Estimate is not difficult:

  • When buying on standard conditions: 70 000 * 2% = 1 400 rubles.
  • When you purchase during the term of offers: 70 000 * 5% = 3500 rubles.

What if the payment is made in the desired category, and the bank has not recorded a higher percentage of?

This is possible if the outlet incorrectly wound area of ​​activity. This is a mistake of the bank, which is installed in the shop terminal. Under the rules of the bonus loyalty programs really should not be charged, ie,.To. Your bank can not be responsible for the mistake of another financial institution. Nevertheless it is necessary to write in support, most often in these situations are going to meet customers.

Meet the partners of the bank to earn miles faster

When you start the bonus scheme banks enter into agreements with shops. Their number is regularly updated.

For example, going to buy a new pair of boots, I will activate all active offers in a shoe store. Suddenly, I desired a couple there in one of them.

You can also find a proposal that will allow to the usual purchases earn more. For example, if you go to the website link from the bank Tinkoff, the prices of hotels will remain the same, but you will be credited with 10% of miles from each reservation instead of the standard 2%.

Perhaps, the bank has become a partner of a supermarket in your home. Just this offer is not activated, and you lose your income.

Earning miles with faster

For my card I made an additional card for my mother and her husband. For the card does not have to pay, but they are now making large purchases on my account, which is then replenished. A mile accumulate faster.

Banks are also active in social networks

Often banks have special promotions with the launch of a new service, or simply to maintain the interest of your audience. If you sign up for updates, you’ll always be up to date and quickly amassed coveted mile.

For example, MTS Bank recently is charged 10% cashback for any purchases with Apple Pay. A Tinkoff held a competition in which the likes of 1000 changed the position in Instagramme 1000 miles.

Credit card – it’s not scary. The main thing – the right to use it

Nearly all banks charge more than a mile on a credit card. She needs to know how to use, not to pay more than you can get.

The first and most important rule: by credit card, you can spend as much as get her back to the end of the month.

Credit card allows you to buy without interest. It’s enough in the end of the month to return the full amount of the debt. The easiest way to set a limit on the card in the amount that can be spent. Immediately after receiving the salary top up card.

The second important point: with credit cards can not withdraw cash. During this charge a commission and interest begin to accrue immediately.

Third: if the debt was formed, it is necessary to extinguish it as quickly as possible.

Credit card makes it possible to use another source of accumulation of miles.

For example, the program All Airlines charged 6% miles on the account balance on debit card. You can get a salary, transfer it to a debit card, pay by credit card in a month. In this case, the entire amount will drop 6%, and the debt you pay off the end of the month. Thus, the bonus is calculated and for the purchase and for the account balance.

On revenue of $ 50 000 per month you can earn additional income in the amount of 50 000 * 6% = 3000 miles.

Share opportunities with friends

Banks often provide an opportunity to earn miles for recommendations.

Scheme "Refer a friend" work very simply: you recommend a card to your friends, if they make out of it a special link, and they, and you will be charged a bonus gift.

For example, All Airlines card so you can earn 1,000 miles.

Additional benefits from the bank

In addition to the mile, banks often provide their customers with additional benefits that are worth too know.

The most common suggestions:

  • Free travel insurance.
  • Concierge service – free assistant who will help gather the necessary information about the country, will help to reserve a table at a restaurant or a taxi. Simply call the toll-free number.
  • Many banks allow passage in the VIP lounges at airports. Specify this information before departure.
  • To withdraw cash without commission all over the world – this option will be very useful when traveling abroad. Why change the currency in advance overpaying commission in exchange offices. You can simply remove the required amount to place an ATM. The exchange rate will most often be more profitable at this operation.


When the monthly expenditure of 50 000 with the help of the bonus card, you can save 12,000 miles per year. They will already be enough to go on a little trip.

If you learn to use special offers of banks and partners, learn how profitable earn miles with a credit card, the payment amount can be increased several times with the same amount of spending. To do this, just enough to give your map a little more attention.

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