How it is more convenient to travel by plane?

Although the majority give preference to the evening or night time of departure to fly in the morning or during the day and immediately go to meet adventures on the long-awaited vacation. But also to send In the morning there are possesses: At this time, the likelihood of the flight delay decreases, and in the morning turbulence is weaker, which has a considerable value for aerophobes. So the timing of the day depends on the individual priorities of each.

Special menu on board

To get a more delicious food in the plane, you can choose Special menu, which offers the selected airline. Dishes in such menu are more diverse, and colorful than in the classic side selection of dishes.

Side Drinks

Everyone knows about the destructive effects of alcohol, strong tea and coffee during the flight, but not everyone is thinking about hygiene, which is equally important. Great amount Water tests, Used in aircraft for the preparation of hot drinks, shows the presence of dangerous bacteria: golden staphylococcus, intestinal wand and other malicious bacteria were detected during laboratory studies in samples in a considerable number of airlines. In order not to risk and avoid health problems, it is worth choosing products that have passed the heat treatment, for example, drinks, juices or bottled water will be safer, in particular for young children.

Dirty places in the plane

How it is more convenient to travel by plane

Some of the most contaminated places in the cabin of the aircraft are Pockets, which are on the backs of passenger seats, and folding tables. Of course, it is one of the frequently used places during the flight, so they must be ready for passengers, which means clean and disinfected, but this is not always so.

During the flight, many people are in pockets of various kinds of garbage, because of what dust, crumbs and other small litter accumulate on the bottom, and the folding shelf can be used in a variety of ways. There are even cases when they were used as changing tables with passengers with children. For these reasons you should take with you on board the packaging of antibacterial napkins and be careful when using folding tables.

Freezing in the plane

The air temperature may differ in different parts of the cabin. It happens because Overboard the temperature can be reduced to 60 -65 ° C, So the fuselage is not distinguished by special warmth, and this is noticeable on the sits at the portholes. The difference in temperatures is not so much huge, but it can deliver inconvenience to passengers who decided to admire the beautiful views from the window. This may take a hassle in the summer, when passengers are dressed in light clothes that will warm in the cold. To avoid discomfort while the flight is sitting by the window, it is better to choose more warming clothes, and then you can enjoy not only swimming clouds, but also convenience.

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