How it’s done?

In Uttar Pradesh, there is a village of Saperagon, which means "Snake Camera Village". Each of the 500 inhabitants of the village, from children to old people, can handle snakes – otherwise it is not survived. There are fakirs there, there are cathers who later sell their goods to the spears. Legend that Cobre for "Dances" raise Svrasmoli – Fiction. During catch, preference is given just to an adult, large, not less than 2 m, impressively looking copies.

Next begins Training. Captured reptile gets out of the bag, see Fakir with flute and immediately trying to attack. Then a gentle musical instrument is used as a double: Cobra immediately gets on the head. Beating lasts for quite a long time, while the snake does not understand – the flute is a threat. (Those who do not assimilate them, let meet other ideas – deadly fighting with mangowns, also unfit public.) And with the extended individual now you can perform.

When the cobra gets out of the Fakira basket, it does not recognize his torch, but she will know the flute. Watching the movements of "Dubinki" and moves with her – here it is, snake dance. The caster should be closely followed by the separating distance: if it is too closer, the cobra can attack. Such cases are quite frequent, so Fakirov has strong shoes, and dense leather "protection" is hidden under free robe.

Nevertheless, the training of snakes – the occupation is extremely dangerous. Dr. Hamilton Farley for 15 years tracked the life of 25 fakirov – as a result, as he reports, 19 of them died from snake poison. Sometimes a poisonous teeth are removed for safety (fit a piece of rigid tissue, in which it dugs into teeth, and then they make a sharp jerk), but the teeth have a property grow.

How it is done 3

In 1972, the law was adopted in India, prohibiting the wild animals in captivity, but Fakiram was made to relax: after a while they are obliged to let the "artist" back to the will. All the spellcasters declare that this is how they come.

The only european who learned to spend the snakes became in 1970 a French journalist Andre Willers, who persuaded Fakir to give him a few lessons. According to the results of the training, a presentation took place, and then the journalist was written by the book "Five Spell lessons".

The last question remains: Do snakes hear music? Until recently, it was believed that they are absolutely deaf, since they do not have ears. But then scientists of Princeon University during the experiments found out that snakes not only feel the vibration (it is transmitted from the ground to their jaws and abdominal muscles), but with the help of the inner ear can recognize those sounds that are transported by air. These findings confirmed two years ago and Zoologists of the Danish University of Danish Aarhus, organized experiences with the Royal Piton. The greatest activity, according to researchers, reptile neurons showed in response to sounds with a frequency of 80 to 160 Hz – that is, in the area of ​​the lowest cello notic. So the flute, as was supposed, rather causes their caution than the desire to go to dance.

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