How is the registration for flight at the airport?

If you fly the first time, then, probably, you are interested in the question &# 8211; how to register for flight?

Today we will tell about it in detail.

At the entrance to the airport, you will most likely come across the security service, which will check you and your suitcases for prohibited items (weapons, explosives and T.NS.). In most foreign airports there is no such inspection.

First of all, you need to find a departure boards. This is an information screen with a list of all flights.

When searching for your flight, you should not focus on the city of arrival, t.To. With the difference in just a few minutes, 2 aircraft can fly in one direction. The same applies to the time of departure &# 8211; Your flight could move.

Let’s take a little more information on the scoreboard.

  • Airline &# 8211; airline
  • Flight &# 8211; flight number
  • Departure &# 8211; destination
  • Scheduled &# 8211; Planned departure time.
  • Counters &# 8211; Rack number on which the flight is registered
  • Gate &# 8211; Gate / landing number
  • Status &# 8211; Flight status:

&# 8211; Gate closed &# 8211; Flight landing completed

&# 8211; Boarding &# 8211; plane landing

&# 8211; Check-in &# 8211; Registration on the flight

&# 8211; ON-TIME &# 8211; The plane crashes on a schedule, but registration has not yet started. In this case, they write next to, what time will start registration for this flight.

&# 8211; Delayed &# 8211; Flight is delayed, registration has not started yet.

How is the registration for flight at the airport

&# 8211; Caneled &# 8211; Flight canceled

  • REMARK &# 8211; Additional Information. As a rule, in this column they write the start time.

Check the flight number specified in your route receipt, with information on the scoreboard.

You should find a flight Aeroflot SU4185, check if the time of departure has not changed, and see what rack is the registration for your flight.

Opposite each rack there is a room that you should look at the scoreboard, and a screen with information, which flies this flight.

Registration on the flight begins in 2-3 hours and ends 60-30 minutes before departure. Before traveling, check the exact time of the end of registration from your airline.

If there is no one on the business class, do not hesitate, go and check if you can register on it. Many airlines are allowed.

What to do at the reception?

An airline employee you must give your passport. If you fly with a transplant, then you can ask for a route receipt.

Please note that if you fly abroad, you must have an appropriate visa. Her presence is often checked upon registration with flight.

The suitcase must be put on the scales to weigh it.

If you have a volumetric and heavy manual sting, you may be asked to put on the scales and it.

After weighing, your luggage will stick the luggage tag with barcode and will be taken to the luggage compartment for checking and delivering the aircraft.

If you are flying with a transfers, then in most cases your luggage can be registered to the final item. Thus, when transplanting does not need to receive it and take again.

If you fly in winter to warm countries, then ask you to register the suitcase only to the place of transplant &# 8211; so you will have the opportunity to change clothes from winter things in summer. After that, you will have to go back the registration procedure. Please note that this is possible only if you have a long-term transplant.

The airline employee can be asked to put you on certain places in the plane, for example, by the window or, on the contrary, in the passage. Near the emergency exit, not all, t.To. To passengers in these places there are certain requirements &# 8211; Here will not put fragile girls on heels or family with a child.

During registration you will be given a boarding pass and tags for baggage &# 8211; They are placed on the boarding pass or on the cover of the passport.

That’s all, check-in is over, now you need to pass the security service and expect your flight.

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