How interesting to spend time in the Crimea

In search of interesting places for recreation, people continue to explore the native edges. In this article, consider the Crimea under all angles and find the place from which the head will go around. Many are accustomed that their atmosphere usually reigns on our southes: with pebbles, tents with Churchhel and the Patties on the beach. But we will talk about how to drive around the entire peninsula for standard vacation and open it on the other hand.

From the airport to the city

All airplanes arrive in Simferopol, and from there, tourists are already trapped in different directions. From Simferopol almost to any city can be reached by bus, trolleybus, taxis or train. The price depends on the direction. For example, from Simferopol to Yalta can be reached by trolleybus for 100 rubles and 2.5 hours, and on the bus a little more expensive, but for almost 2 hours. But note that the roads are old, transport, too, so the level of comfort in public transport.

To be more convenient, we recommend renting a car. It can be done right at the airport, but it is better to book a car on the Internet in advance – it will be cheaper and less trouble in place. On average, for a week, rent will be from 10,000 rubles. View options here , here and here .

Rocks of Crimea

Crimea is divided into five main zones: East, Central, Western, South and Kerch Peninsula. Couple words about each zone.


The main resorts of the Area: Koktebel, Feodosia, Sudak. National Parks in this area: Karadagsky and Opuksky. In general, the zone consists of a rocky coast and steppe plains. One of the remarkable, but often not noticeable seats – the village of Solar Valley. The place is famous for its beaches and wine – here is one of the main centers of winemaking in the Crimea. There are even equipped wild and nudist beaches.

Also here are a lot of entertainment: walks on yachts and quad bikes, kayaking, water slides in Kapselskaya bay. Fun will be both children and adults.


This part of the Crimea is ideal for exploring the culture and history of the region. There is a steppe, vineyards and mountains – natural beauty at height! Conventional Cities – Bakhchisarai and Simferopol.


This zone will like those who feel bad to heat the heat. The terrain here is pretty flat and walk the wind, so even in super heat breathe easily. Large city district: Evpatoria, Saki, Nikolaevka.


One of the most picturesque zones of Crimea. It was here that our emperors and Soviet leaders rested. And all because nature here is incredible beauty, the mountains cover the coast from the cold winds, so it is usually a warmer in this region. Be sure to sign on a couple of excursions. Here are more than in other places of various palaces, plates, parks, waterfalls and man-made attractions. The main resort areas of the southern coast – Big Yalta and Bolshaya Alushta.

Kerch Peninsula

And this region is quite poorly developed in the tourist plan, only independent travelers or those who hunt sharp impressions. The beaches of the Kerch Peninsula are flooded by surfingists and nudists, and even earlier it was here that the festival of Kazantip was held here.

What to see

All over the Crimea spaces are scattered, which can not be visited during the trip.

Mount Ai-Petri and Swallow Nest

How to get: Up to the swallow nest, you will come from Yalta on buses No. 102 (from the bus station) and β„–132 (with pl. Lenin). Ride around half an hour.

Ai-Petri get more difficult to get. Here either with a one-day excursion (which is very convenient) or independently by car, you can also at a taxi, but it is expensive. On the mountain there are two suspension bridges for which you can walk with insurance – a test for those who love to ripped their nerves.

The most popular path to the mountain – the funicular from Mishor. 3 km of the cable car, the trailers can accommodate 35 people. In the season, maybe it will be forced, so we recommend visiting there in the offseason. Cost from 200 rubles one way.

Taraktash trail

The story says that this path was created by the participants of the mountain club, and the doctor Dmitriev, who he underwent them from tuberculosis, walking on these places. It turns out, a walk through this trail will benefit your breathing organs. The length of the route is 3.5 km, the beginning of the Study-Su stop, and ends on the Ai-Petri Plateau. You can safely connect this walk with the lifting on the mountain.

But be attentive. For visiting the territory of the Yalta Reserve, permission is required. If you are caught there without it, you can write a fine.

Cape Fiolent

Another natural landmark that costs your attention. Turquoise water and stone cliffs are no different from foreign, and near the grotto Diana is also a picturesque point. You can easily get from the center of Sevastopol. Buses β„– 3, 24, 35 and 79 will be taken to the cape. Highlight a day for a trip, definitely you will not regret.

Koyash Lake

Oh, it is imagine – Pink Lake! This color is because in it there are special algae, distinguishing pigments. In addition, there are more salts in it than in the Black Sea, so in the shore you can see salt crystals.

It is located next to the Opuksky Reserve, almost on the Black Sea. You can go from Kerch or Feodosia. Focus on Mar’evka village, if you are going from Kerch and in the village of Borisovka, if from Feodosia.

How to get: On public transport you can take only from Kerch by bus number 78. But he takes only to Yakovenkovo ​​or Mar’evka, and from there you will have to walk 7 and 5 km, respectively.

How interesting to spend time in the Crimea

Cape Tarkhankut and a bowl of love

Unusual iconic place for lovers. Love bowl – Natural small pool with transparent water. The depth is only 8 meters, width – 15. And at the depth of four meters there is an underwater tunnel, which connects the bowl with the sea.

How to get: Nearest major city – Evpatoria. From there by bus go to a reindeer. And there or on the boat, either on foot or bicycles. In the reindeer problem, there are no problems with excursions to the bowl, do not lose.

Valley of Ghosts

An interesting place with natural stone sculptures, over which the centuries and wind have tried. Tourist trails pass directly through these stone hordes. And then ghosts? There are many opinions. One of them is: the wind walks between stone sculptures, creating sometimes interesting sounds, and as they climb on the upper point, you can catch a thick fog or even a light show from the Sun. Together, all this issues interesting illusions from which some becomes not. But this is all nature, so there is nothing to fear!

This magnificence is not far from Alushta. Focus on the village of radiant and the "Golden Valley" housing turbase. There you can eat before expensive in the valley, and even order an equestrian walk or a tour of jeep.

How to prepare. Since the place is unpredictable, we do not recommend taking children to this walk. Unprepared physically tourists can also be hard, the terrain is not flat, the road may be tedious. Frequent weather change also plays a role, so take different clothes and be sure to windbreak.

Marble cave

In the Crimea there are a lot of caves, but the most beautiful is marble. Huge cool halls with waterfalls, small lakes and bizarre stone figures and stalactites. It is difficult to describe in words how the fabulous atmosphere is in every cave room, and the backlight definitely creates an interesting mood.

How to get: In Simferopol, sit on trolleybus number 1, 51 or 52, go to the final stop "Zarechny". Ride about 20 km. In Zarechny, reserve the bus and go to the village of Marble, and from there you are waiting for 8 km on a career. In order not to get lost, focus on the power line.

Jur-Jur Waterfall

The most noisy and restless Waterfall of the Crimea, who does not even subscribe in the most arid summer – this is Jur-Jur (translated as "forever murder"). 15 meters high, only five width – but attracts tourists as a magnet.

To look at this miracle of nature, you can take a tour or get yourself. Excursion will cost a minimum of 1300 rubles and it is without taking into account tickets to the reserve. But there are no problems with expensive – no need to think how to drive and what.

How to get: But if you are an independent pie, then you drive from Alushta to the village of General (in the way 40 minutes), then you can take a taxi to the Haphalsky Reserve, or walk (go about an hour). Entrance to the reserve is paid, but inexpensive (from 100 rubles).

This is only a small part of the attractions that you should see with your own eyes. Places are much more and all good, we collected the most interesting and affordable, not to visit which is just a crime.

Peninsula is worth going around in coastal zones, because on each side the Crimea is so different, and every cape with his highlight.

If you do not want to bother with roads, take excursions. In each major city, many options for day trips to the signs of the peninsula. You can learn about the excursions on the Internet or right in your hotel.

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