How in two weeks to prepare for around the world travel?

For the first time about the big journey, we thought during the honeymoon in Dominican. It was the most distant and exotic country in which we ever were. Everything was so unusual, unusually and exciting that thoughts appeared in the head: "I haven’t seen anything else in this world! How many of the same amazing countries, with a completely different culture … "

Add to this work, which I, to put it mildly, disliked and the turning point in life. It was the first year after the university. The soul required new discoveries, and the system put me on my place in the routine life of a big city: two weekends a week, vacation a couple of times a year, two hours a day on the subway and so another 40 years.

After Dominica, I started planning a journey. It helped me cope with sad working everyday life. On the lunch break loved to consider photos of different parts of the planet. Made up a list of countries and a list of interesting places. Just thinking about how it could be. Then he connected to the husband’s process. He until the very last moment perceived everything as fun. From the series "What would not do the child".

But soon the circumstances have developed in our favor, and we firmly decided that we were going! Seven months after the Dominican Republic passed when we booked tickets to Brazil.

What started by its implementation – you developed the entire route immediately or you plan everything in place and in circumstances?

We have an approximate route, but often our path is formed along. We listen to the advice of other travelers who we celebrate on the way. Yes, and our own desires change in the process.

In general, the implementation of the trip began two weeks before the start of the Travel. An important step was to buy tickets to another continent. After that, the preparation went fast: vaccinations, buying backpacks, banks and cards, insurance, housing booking, pharmacy, currency, Spanish, packaging of things, charitable funds and buccroxing. It seems to me, for two or three weeks – a great time. Of course, many are preparing at the journey for months, but it depends on the travel goals and from the people themselves. We did not want to postpone.

How pleasant was your luggage on the day of the start and what changes he underwent during the trip?

Ha ha! Baggage is generally a separate topic. I have already mentioned that if I had now collected my backpack, it would be five times less than things. Luggage has undergone big changes. Most of my part. I got rid of dresses and skirts, a hair dryer (oh, gods, what I thought when I took a hairdryer in South America??), half of cosmetics, jewelry … Also we gave a mirror photo, T.To. realized that carrying careful equipment with you is too dangerous!

Where do you prefer to live while traveling and how you are looking for this is the most accommodation?

We are traveling for eight months. Of these, 2.5 months have lived on Airbnb, 2.5 months on Kuratsøfing and 2.5 months in hostels and hotels. Well, and two more weeks a total of airports and bus stations.

As you can see experience, we have a very diverse. Now we prefer hostels. We have a very tight schedule, we work remotely to eight hours a day, so we need stable Internet and calm during the day. By kuratsuerfing, this is not always possible, t.To. The basis of the movement is communication. And we can not afford it in the required amount. Airbnb in Yu is sometimes more expensive than hostels, and often inexpensive accommodation located almost in suburbs. Therefore, hostels are the optimal option: cheap and always in the center.

Coming to a new city, we just go around all hostels, compare prices and conditions and make a choice. Do not book anything in advance, t.To. Almost always the coolest places do not have pins on booking and even their own sites.

How do you prefer to move?

At first we flew by airplanes, t.To. In Brazil, they are cheaper than buses, not to mention safety. Then they switched to the hitchhiker. It was wildly interesting to try the hitchhiker in South America, and the situation forced. Now went to buses. This is the most convenient, economical and common transport in Yua. Railways here in principle no.

Why your army started from South America?

How in two weeks to prepare for around the world travel

We had a choice: Asia or Yua. Chose South America. In Asia, we always have time – it is much closer to Russia, and much more popular among our tourists and travelers. And we wanted something really unusual. Plus Nikita dreamed of visiting Machu Picchu.

What are your impressions about the inhabitants of South America, about their traditions, cultures, dishes?

It is difficult to combine all southern America. Argentines – ordinary Europeans. They have white skin, clothes, and lifestyle is no different from our. The same situation in Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The north, the darker the color of the skin of the population and the greater the color. And this is also manifested in the appearance of people, and in their customs, and in food. In general, people are here friendly, open, funny.

Food me wildly dislike. I really missed our food! Here each dish is served with rice – I can not look at him. Well, as you can eat three times a day throughout. And people eating! Despite the fact that they have many other croup, and the potatoes were generally opened in Yua. But no &# 8211; rice, rice and once again rice!

Culture of some countries is very surprising. At first we lacked exotic. We started with Brazil and Argentina. There are practically no exotic. But then she collapsed on us in full: Bolivians with their Indian rituals, Peruvians with their fried marine pigs and sevice … Now we are in Ecuador, here too much interesting.

In which of the countries you lived the longest and why – so evolved circumstances or did not want to leave?

We live longer in Brazil – three months. Unfortunately, the circumstances. We were attacked at the very beginning of the trip and stole our passports. I had to wait until my passport restore, and Nikita was at all forced to fly to Ukraine for the sake of a new passport. Brazil incredibly dangerous country!

And they could stop their army and stay in South America forever?

Now I will fly to Asia and further moving on continents in general. Maybe our army will not take place, but turn on a trip to South and Central America. In everything is to blame the most attack that disrupted all the plans and shakes our finances. But forever stay in Yua, I would be able to! I really miss Russia, and especially in our food. I’m closer to Europe, there I would be able to live long. But not here!

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