How important to be permanent

If you do not know Paris badly, it is unlikely to guess that a magnificent building on Place de La Concorde – Concord Square is a hotel. Signboard almost imperceptible, the tricolor flag is relevant – rather, this is the Ministry or one of the administrative "Directories" Republic. Only standing at the entrance to the elderly master in a cap and livery, and approach and despair "Rolls" and "Jaguara" allow you to suspect that in this house still do not sit pants officials. it – "Hotel de Crillon". Those who know the mythology in the spirit "Great Gatsby", Immediately remember "RITTS" On the Vandom Square, "Bristol", "Transcontinental" On Castillon Street or "George V" on Avenue Georges Sand. "Krion" For some reason, probably will not be on this list. It just makes him honor. Not necessarily everyone know the best. Need to try, you must earn.

With Louis XV, the future consent area was still a swampy wasteland. The city agreed that the king will put himself a monument, but for it he had to destroy the age-old puddles, to shift the square and build it around. It began brilliant (and sometimes tragic – here was the guillotine) story "Dance de la Concord", one of the most famous areas in the world. At first it was called "Square Louis XV", after "Revolution square", "Square consent", "Square Louis XV", "Charter Square", And finally in 1836. She again accepted the name of the consent area remaining for her so. In her center there is an Egyptian obelisk with a height of more than 20 meters and age in the 33th century, presented by Karla X in 1831 by the Egyptian Sultan Mahmet Ali. Flancate obelisk monuments and fountains dedicated to the two main rivers of France, Ron and Reinz, and its main cities. The building of the National Assembly, the left – the garden of Tuileries and Louvre, the head of the Tuileries and Louvre, the spruce fields begin on the right, and the presidential residence, the Elysia Palace hides. In five steps – Vandom Square and Street Fobur St. Onev, world famous for its luxury shops like "Ermen" and "Cartier". And the northern square is formed by two magnificent buildings built by the Great French Architect of the XVIII century Jacques Anzhem Gabriel. In one is the Ministry of Fleet, and another "Hotel de Gouion".

Small retreat: French "Hotel" it means not only "hotel", but also "estate", "Mansion".

In 1775, even before the building was completed, the king of Louis XVI passed it to rent a duke of Duchon, a man who dictate the tastes of the era. Under his supervision, the architect Pierre Adrien Paris created the amazing interiors, preserved until now. In 1788., On the eve of the revolution, the house was bought by Francois Felix-Dorot Burton de Balb, Count Krion, the Duke of Maon, the descendant of the famous Count de Chion, buddy, a military leader and a drinking companion of the Merry King Henry IV. In the property of the family Krion Palace was until 1907, except for the time of revolution. Then he was bought "Group of hotels in Lover" And under the guidance of the detaard architect, the hotel is the highest level in Paris.

Now "Hotel de Gouion" is an "flagship" hotel group "Concord", owning a network of hotels around the world, from a small and supercrowder Hotel De La Reine in Nancy to "Imperial" in Tokyo with his more than a thousand rooms. Besides, "Krion" – The only hotel in France is this scale, several generations belonging to one family – Tattinger, who also owns the famous champagne brand. And the president of the group "Concord" Since 1990, the nephew of Jean Tattinge, Patrice de Margesori, a family offspring, well known both in the Great Surveys and Political and Economic Circles of the West.

To even better understand what is "Krion" In world history, learn that here in 1778, Benjamin Franklin and a representative of France Gerard Conrad signed the Franco-American Agreement on the recognition of newborns of the United States. And in 1919, the Charter of the League of Nations was signed here. Many times gathered leading policies for the adoption of the most important decisions. And to say who stopped here from celebrities, it is difficult – too long list. Only a few names: US President Theodore Roosevelt, King of Great Britain George V, Sir Winston Churchill, Shah Reza Pekhlevie, Charlie Chaplin, Emperor Hirohito, Jackie Kennedy-Oressis, Shimon Perez, Yul Brinner, President Woodrow Wilson, Harry Casparov, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor , Ernest Hemingway, Michael Jackson.

What is this hotel or scenery, on which the shadows of the Great Heroes are roaming? Museum or place where you can sleep, eat, spend time? Amazingly and something.

Interiors "Kriona" – Real Museum. Here are authentic furniture times of Louis XV and XVI, tapestries, vintage paintings and sculptures. But here quite recently, one of the famous designers of modernity Sonya Rickel redested the legendary "Krion Bar" and decorated it with an avant-garde counter from the broken glass of authorship of the sculptor Cesar, famous for its products from flattened cars. The royal magnificence of the hall of Mary-Antoinette, the Orlia hall and the hall of the battle is organically combined with exquisitely ascetic "Terraces" on the roof "Kriona". Museum luxury "Suit" "Duke de Krionon", Also known as "Sweet 103" (accurate copy of it is in the museum "Metropolitan" In New York) does not contradict a modest and cozy number, where the composer Leonard Bernstein has always stopped.

The main thing is perhaps in mythology "Kriona" – This is his commitment, paraphrasing Bunuel, "modest charm of money and power". Power and money invisible, but very tangible fluids flowing in the air of this monument of world history. As already mentioned, he is not so famous as "RITTS". Petroleum magnates from Dallas or Petroleum Sheikhs from Emirates are found here, but not they make the weather. Of course, and here the money decide all. But centuries accumulated by centuries and self-confidence does not stimulate extravagance. Therefore, advertising slogan "Kriona" – "On the importance of constancy", Taken from the Oscar Wilde super estext, as it is impossible to better reflect the meaning of its existence. Interestingly, the owners of the hotel are not ashamed of presence in "Golden book guests" Names so odious as Marshal Peten. Live there to stop Hitler or Stalin – they would also forever remain in memory "Kriona". The story is not reworked.

Apparently, this is the constancy and attracts "Krion" people who can afford it. The level of comfort and service here is incredibly high. But in the world for sure there are and much more chic institutions in the spirit of nuvorischi sophisticated California fantasies. By the way, prices in "Krionon", If you can say so, rather low. The cheapest single room costs about $ 600. "Presidential suit" will be treated ten times more. "Little breakfast" – Coffee, croissant, milk, juice, jam – 30 dollars.

Agree that this is not so much for people who usually dwell in such places. I believe that anyone like the notorious Bryntsalov could even be offended – after all "around the corner" If you wish, you can find something more expensive. So Pafos throwing out money in the window "Kriona" Not inherent.

Of course, stay in "Krionon" – So nevertheless demonstrate snobism. But snobbery sophisticated, "civilized". It requires a sense of involvement in history and some ability to appreciate a unlimited tradition. And, perhaps, it is gratifying that in "Krionon" Guests are beginning to appear from Russia. So part "New ours" Already began to enter the taste of balanced and "modest" Wealth, not requiring the purchase of the new 600th "Mercedes" Because in the old ashtray packed with cigarettes. If they sit down their not always honestly acquired money (and tell me for mercy, there are many big states in the world there was a promotion righteously?), then let it be better done with a loaf on their more dying colleagues. Perhaps this is cynical, but I prefer polite and educated gangsters. Robbery with rudeness worse than robbery without it.

You can ask: why do you like to talk about institutions like "Kriona", where ninety nine whole and nine tenth percent readers "IOSTAN" Surely in life, you do not have to get, why embarrass the feelings of ranting about exquisite wooden panels and tapestries in his rooms, about crystal "baccarat" his chandeliers and wine announcements, about the great world of this, in it cool? Besides, if there is our and it will be, then a corrupt officer from the government or semi-breeding agent "Commercial structures", and other salary do not pay.

Yes, then the Hotel De Crillon is a powerful phenomenon of human culture, and not talk about him, in general, the same thing that try to stop talking, for example, about the pyramid of Heops. Also it is not clear why the existing thing. Then that in "Krionon" not only very beautiful and comfortable, but also feel what is called "The continuity of time". And in the absence of such hope for paying salaries even more difficult.

In France, no important event or phenomenon can exist without a meal. Moreover, where people not only sleep. Kitchen "Kriona", It seems that is not yet included in the lists of the National Heritage of France, but sure it will happen. The hotel has 8 different restaurants, bars and cafes offering a kitchen, varies from mysterious, almost painful colors "Haute Cuisine" to the usual new light "Eggs & bacon". In addition, each of "Private apartments" It is customary to serve special dishes.

So, the list "Edinen" In Hotel de Crillon. Let’s start by S "Krion Bar". One of the most important dishes here – "Toast in the rustic spirit with pickled raw salmon under the creamy radish sauce". His drink offered by white young burgundy wine.

Next place – La Court D SETAT, internal indoor yard. Here without confusing in more intricate "Mets", You can taste "Fried Skate Wings under Shalot, Flavored Garlic". Wine: Alsatsky "Riesling", Well chilled, you can and "Silvanner".

Further – "Mary Antoinette Hall". Here, it seems you will not avoid "Scallops Salad (Coquilles St-Iacgues) and fresh truffles with seasoning on parmesan". Dog – white "Sanner".

How important to be permanent

Now – B "Orline Hall". Here is time "Savoy cabbage stuffed with crabs (preferably spiders) in a black caviar graft". Write white and tarto "Puyi Fuuma". What? Tired?

It is too early. Ahead "Battle Hall". Try "Marinated Oysters from Marenna with calf minced meat, under the ravice seasoning and in jelly from spicy herbs". Excellent: Ask for white "Gerav" From Bordeaux was not too cooled.

On ascending, perhaps get to the holy of saints "Kriona", Restaurant Les Ambassaders. Le Voila: "Marinated pork legs with mashed potatoes and truffles". Wine: Red Burgundy Cotes de Nuits 1978 or 1983.

You can even doubt the restaurant "Obelisk". Here try bordo dish -"Oysters with sweatshirts (pork sausages) on herbal ice". Preferably White Burgundy Wine with Walnut Aromas.

A "Terraces" You can be interested "Duck fillet-tartar with fatty goose liver and sternum cake in rural style". La Lande De Pomerd, Pretty Hard and Dubbing Wine. Do not confuse, order in the roomservice "Frigasse from frogsch legs in the shell of marine hero" (Cold white champagne), simple "Scallops roasted in salty oil" (speciality "Sweet 103" – White "Anjou"), "Duck liver under honey caramel, in walnut sauce and Jerusalem artichokes" – Saint Emillion 1988, this is if you love American music and stop in the rest of Leonard Bernstein.

If not tired – go back in "Garden elephants" And all this save "Kinnamon Gingerbread with Forest Nuts" And write ten-year-old "Porto".

Commands the manufacture of all these snags chef "Kriona" Christian Konsen, one of the gurus of the French "High kitchen". Apparently, it is difficult to take for a simple coincidence that "Konstan" in French means "constant". Philosophy "Kriona" that constant to be extremely important is reflected even in the name of his main chef.

Constancy in abundance, variability, whimsical of the sophisticated French "Ability to live".

And finally, I confess that "Krionon" I naturally never stopped. All, by me told, learned from the impressions of the excursion to this monument of the French civilization arranged for me familiar, as well as from the book "Kitchen Konstan B "Krionon"", Luxurious Volume recently published.

How important to be permanent

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