How I went to Turin to the competition and received from the airline 179 euros

Here you have an excellent reason for travel – go for the competition to cheer for your favorite athletes! This can be anything: swimming, winter sports, Formula 1 and so on. Therefore, in this article gave the word our subscriber Margarita. She told about her trip to Turin to the final of the Grand Prix of figure skating in December 2019. Of particular attention is the story about the airline Lufthansa and how she solved the problems of Margarita. Spoiler: Lufthansa Well done!

Why Turin

Where to go to the competition, we chose between the Grace (Austria), where in January 2020, the European Figure Skating Championships, and Turin (Italy) passed, where from 5 to 8 December 2019, the final of the Grand Prix of adults was planned and juniors. In Turin, they stopped for three reasons:

– before that was never at the final of the Grand Prix;

– Che is very losing in high-quality composition;

– In Turin, we have not been.

Tickets and hotel

To fly to Turin decided by Lufthansa, despite the fact that it is always a transplant in Germany. Chose the optimal arrival time in Turin in order to catch the same day to get on the first day of the competition.

Tickets bought back in mid-March, after which the airline changed the time of departure a couple of times, but in the end everything was stupid. So, in Turin arrive on December 5 (on the first day of the competition) at 12:35, and the beginning of the competition at 15:30.

Hotel booked already on April 26. Tickets for the Competitions themselves bought July 19 – on the day of the start of sales. Ticket prices were slightly shocked: the cheapest package for all 4 days (three days of competition, training and demonstration speeches) cost 230 euros. But it is Italy – the more prosperous country, the more expensive the tickets are. Consider this if you are going to some competitors.

On the morning of December 4, I registered for flight. And in the evening, SMS came from Lufthanza with such content: "Your flight is canceled, we do our best to send you". On new landing tickets it turned out that we fly at 16:20 pm. And this meant one thing – the comments of the first day we skip completely, as we arrive in Turin only at 22:55.

What happened to Lufthansa?

At the airport, when surrendering baggage, I asked the reason for the cancellation of our flight, to which I was answered: Strike.

But Lufthansa is always reliable, punctually, safe and delicious food on board. Non-sandwich or bun, and a full dinner: hot main dish, salad or snack, cheese, oil, bread, dessert, water, juices, wine, beer, tea, coffee. But this time we gave us a sandwich and poured a glass of wine.

Of the information poorly coming to our ear, we realized that they have problems with catering (a company that provides them with nutrition services, apparently, also decided to strike). We were not easier from this, because I really wanted. It’s good that in Munich we had a dock between flights 2 hours, that is, there was time to eat normally what we did. Saladelka, potato salad and beer cost 16 euros.

The second segment of Munich Flight to Turin performed the Italian company Air Dolomiti, Which flies inside Europe for short distances. This flight includes drinks and sandwich. And there, and the airline made a favorable impression on us. Inside aircraft very nice eye azure color sheat. From drinks we chose champagne, which we poured into glass wine glasses! This is service! This is the Italians! And on the way back, at the entrance and exit, there was a vase with very tasty sweets from white chocolate with filling. Candy wrapper was also azure color. All these are little things, but it is they who form the style of the airline, and we enjoy flying.

Photos from the trip, see Instagram Margarita>>>

In Turin, arrived on schedule, quickly received luggage and went to the city by bus. Time in the way through the night city – 25 minutes.

Hotel in Turin

Hotel Best Western Plus Hotel Genova Located in the center, better by location and do not think: from the subway 5 minutes on foot. Inside very cozy, rich, beautiful, and at the reception there was a table with a samovar, in which there was always a hot punch – a compliment from the hotel. The room is small, but with good bathroom and warm floors! In addition to the standard set of furniture, television and refrigerator was a teapot with tea set, coffee. Breakfast very much.

Extremely rarely in hotels is delicious coffee at breakfast. Here, coffee was otmnaya. Once the coffee ordered through the waitress, and then they tried from the coffee machine, and realized that there was no difference in taste. I ran on my breakfast on Parm Ham, Salami and Soft Cheeses. It was magical! The hotel has a very friendly staff. On the day of departure, we had an early departure, and on the evening before I asked at 5:30 am the next day to portray something like breakfast. In the morning we kindly welded coffee and offered on a piece of cupcake.

From the hotel to the stadium on different types of transport to drive 45 minutes. It is 6 stops on the subway, from there to the bus minutes 10 walk, and by bus 3 stops. We bought a single ticket for a day for all kinds of transport for 4 euros. Really liked the subway – it is simple to use, as it consists of everything from one line, and trains go quite often. Yes, and in general, transport walks strictly on schedule.


The city center in total we saw in 2 days only 2.5 hours. Schicarem City, with excellent architecture of different styles: Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Neoclassicism. From the buildings there is a history, beauty, amur smelting. On shop windows, you can admire infinitely – so much in their style design. I looked at the shop window of the male shop, went inside, went, as the enchanted, and could not leave without shopping.

No museums and theaters visit. After analyzing our previous trips to the competition, came to the conclusion that earlier combining sports with a detailed study of the city did not work. But in the grocery in the morning they walked regularly. Cheeses, Parm Ham, Coffee. Suitcases barely withstood the onslaught!

Coffee is a separate topic. Turin is a homeland well-known coffee brand Lavazza and a completely unknown and not supplied by Vergnano brand.

Well, what about Vergnano I read in Moscow, so we began to pay attention to him and even went to their coffee shop. We have not seen such a coffee machine anywhere and never. This is a huge unit that resembles a big samovar with a bunch &# 8220; offices&# 8221;, with turks at different levels. And such cheap coffee in Europe, perhaps, can be hit only in Portugal. Cup of coffee in a cafe &# 8211; 1.4 Euro .

Return trip

Our departure from Turin in Munich was at 09:00, and the docking is only 55 minutes, which meant that there was no time to eat. Under the landing, understood that I already want to eat. For 3 days, Lufthansa never solved the problems with the strike, and during the flight we were offered a glass of water and two chocolate bars.

How Lufthansa solves problems

How I went to Turin to the competition and received from the airline 179 euros

9th December In the evening on the Lufthanza website, I wrote a claim in which I made everything I think about their behavior. If very short, then my claims have been brought to the following:

– the flight was postponed by 9 hours, in connection with which we missed one day of the competition;

– We were not provided with food in the amount declared earlier (at the same time I did not laugh and stuck on the site all the information about what food should be on the flight), and did not even notify in advance that we would not feed us;

– Flight attendants on the Munich-Moscow flight behaved incorrectly.

In conclusion, I wrote the following:

"In connection with the above circumstances, I ask to reimburse the following costs:

13 Euro – the cost of ticketing for training on December 5;

38 Euro – the cost of a ticket for competitions on December 05;

16 Euro – the cost of a forced dinner at Munich Airport (Checks are not survived, but you and you know how much it costs to eat at Munich Airport);

22.50 Euro – 1/2 Cost of Taxi Taxi from Turin Airport to Best Western Plus Genova Hotel.

Due to the fact that all expenses paid for two, I ask to reimburse me the costs for a total amount 179 Euro".

To the claim, I attached three documents: copies of tickets for competitions and check, confirming the purchase of tickets on my map.

December 10th I came the answer of such a content: "According to the rules of the airline, the acquisition of the airline tickets means the conclusion of the contract between the airline and the passenger. Due to the fact that you want to represent the interests of a third person (in my case – girlfriend), you need to provide a power of attorney from a third party, compiled in free form with the presentation of the essence of the claim. After that we will continue consideration of your application ". I wrote a power of attorney from a friend to myself, put the scan of my passport and sent them.

December 11th I came the answer of this content: "Dear Margarita! We are very sorry for what happened (hereinafter went 5 lines of apologies) and as a friendly decision of the issue, we are ready to compensate the costs incurred by you in the amount of 179 euros. After receiving our bank details, we will give documents for the transfer of funds that can be up to 6 weeks. Once again, we apologize for your inconvenience and we will be glad to see you on our airline flights. ".

Here is such a story! We add from myself that if the change in the time of the flight was incurred by unforeseen expenses, be sure to keep checks as evidence of these expenses. How to make everyone, you can write a claim and ask compensation. By the way, this is no longer the first time Lufthansa quickly solves issues in favor of passengers, for which they thank you so much!

How I went to Turin to the competition and received from the airline 179 euros

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