How I visited Trullo in Alberobello and why it should be seen

Hello everybody. I am Daria, I am 27 years old. I live in the Urals in Perm. Last summer I visited Southern Italy, in the town of Alberobello. I drove there with my friend’s family. I will share my impressions with you about this wonderful place and tell me how much I spent on holiday in one of the trullie.

I went on a trip to the company girlfriend, her husband and their children. Sasha’s younger at that time was 2.5 years old, and the eldest Semenu is 5 years. Travel route built a friend. She backed through the Internet Travel and Accommodation.

Trulli in Alberobello / Photo by

Alberobello is almost not known to our tourists. This is a small town with a population of only 11,000 people. It is located in the Apulia region.

Main landmark in Alberobello – Trulli. These are small houses with cone-shaped stone roofs.

Trulli Translated from Greek – Dome. Such houses are preserved in Alberobello in the pristine medieval form. These houses began to build after the decree of the Neapolitan King on the collection of filters from the southern settlements.

Local built dome roofs from stone rings, without the use of fastening solutions. At the request of the owner of the dome easily crumbled. It was enough to remove one stone from the design. So received the inventive peasants when they learned about the approach of the king’s race. No settlement – no reuse.

Later dome roof houses began to decorate white mystical signs. Symbols from local religious beliefs and signs of the zodiac are still servants in Trulli peculiar faith.

Dream to live in such a fabulous place and pushed us to travel. We decided to wander through the labyrinths of medieval streets, admire the ancient architecture, to visit the real trull.

Alberobello on the map

Path from Perm to Alberobello

Before the "Kingdom Trulli" we got in one breath.

On the aircraft from Permy fliter to Rome, with a short transplant in Moscow. From Rome to the center of the province of Apulia, the cities of Bari, got on the high-speed train. In Bari Sergey, I leased the car, and we went to Alberobello. Real adventures just started.

Driving up to the town, we first did not believe in the reality of what is happening. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure that it was not a dream. I have not seen such a beauty yet. Hundreds of fabulous white houses with bizarre cone-shaped roofs stood on the hills.

There was a bright sunny day, a lot of greenery, flowers and a fee.

Trulli in Alberobello

In Trulli, we liked the wooden faults under the ceiling.

They were placed between the bedroom and the entrance door to the house and were almost invisible. You need to climb them on the stairs, like a Swedish wall. Upstairs Little window and soft bed.

In the dining room we all liked a huge old fireplace. Without any personality in the finish, he attracted an elegant beauty look.

In the courtyard next to Trulli, a veranda with a table and armchairs was equipped. We also discovered a brazier with all devices – barbecue grids, skewers for kebabs. And in the depths of the plot, among the bushes of roses and other wonderful colors, the pool was hidden – 6 m wide, 15 m in length and smoothly increasing depth of about 2 m.

More information about the region of Apulia you will find in this article

Entertainment in Alberobello and the surrounding area

In Alberobello we spent 4 days.

In the morning, the car came down from the hills to the center of the town. It is in the valley between the mountains. On the central square there is a Catholic temple. Two main streets with Trullie houses go to the top of the hill, you can only walk on them on foot. Here everywhere shops, shops, museums. Many of the most different souvenirs in the form of trull. For example, jugs under olive oil.

In one of the museums in the Trullie house on a pedestrian street, you can consider the entire town in miniature (free of charge). Layout size: 3 x 3 m. And then on a twisted stairs to rise to the viewing platform and see the whole Alberobello from the height. At the very top of the steep mountain, a large park with artists and musicians.

Isy of Italian South Kitchen

Usually we have dinner in restaurants, and dinged in cafes and pizzerias. Drank delicious local wine, studied local cuisine.

"Tutti Fruutty del Mare" – The prefabricated dish, as part of which was a weak salmon and Maracuy with a hot lobster.

In September, everyone is sitting at the streets on the street, as the heat does not have to the trapes inside the institution. Although there is air conditioners, and the interior is beautiful.

In the evening twilight Alberobello, we remember the overall orchestra. In the evening, he stretched over the pedestrian walkways. Musicians played perfectly, merry marches and classic familiar melodies poured loudly in the evening air.

Baby fun in Zoosafari

One day we fully dedicated to children’s entertainment.

We went to a big zoo, which is in Pheasano, which is 30 minutes drive from Alberobello .

In the zoo 3 sectors:

  • Wildlife Park,
  • Moon Park Footland,
  • Aquarium.

Ticket price: About € 20, children grow up to 1 m undergo free.

Move to Milan from St. Petersburg and study in Italy

On the territory of the Safari Park, you can move by bus or by car.

How I visited Trullo in Alberobello and why it should be seen

We rolled 2 hours through the gateways between different groups of animals. Dangerous predators are on large areas behind the grid, and different herbivores walk freely. Roeli, zebras, long-legged goats are completely not afraid of people and cars.

Most of all we liked the giraffes. They gracefully lowered their long necks to us in the window of the machine and the long-lying languages ​​took carrot from the hands of children.

In the Fatomolania sector, we walked on foot and rode in railway tracks. In the course of the routes are huge enclosures and swimming pools with different types of animals. Many monkeys, hippos, hippo, crocodiles, which can be considered very close through the glass. In this part there are attractions, cafes, exotic plants.

I recommend everyone to see Zoosafari with your own eyes.

How much money and time we spent on the road

We traveled to Alberobello in September 2019.

September – the most economical month in terms of prices for flights. The main part of the vacationers returns home to Russia. Therefore, prices for tickets to Italy fall 2-4 times.

  • On the road we spent 12 hours.
  • Drive from Perm to Bari It cost me around 12500 rubles.
  • Car rent:€ 40 / day Plus spending on gasoline. Consumption per day: 20-30 L. Gasoline price:€ 1.5 / 1 l. We took the car for 5 days. Common spending For rent cars along with fuel: € 500. From this amount € 130 had to pay for some scratch.

Alberobello from Bari can be reached by bus or train. One person’s ticket costs about € 5. But with two small children without a car, we would hardly be mastered the way to a trullie house in the mountains. And in it, there was the main charm of our journey.

Housing costs and communication

Average Price per room In the hotels of Alberobello in September: € 50-70. There are options and cheaper.

On arrival in Rome we bought 2 local SIM cards for € 30 Operator Tim. If someone separated from the company, he took with him one phone with such a card. It cost much cheaper than our roaming. We had enough paid once the amount for the whole trip.

All public places Alberobello have Wi-Fi.

Thank you for reading. Do not be afraid to travel yourself on the world and open the new, unknown to his corners – such as Alberobello in Southern Italy has become.

If you have also seen Trullo in Alberobello, please tell us about it in the comments.

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