How I tried to catch planes on Madeira

Fortunately, the overpass lane in 2000 increased the length and now the airport is not considered difficult for pilots, but still there is a chance to pofotkat the plane between the ocean and the earth! I, of course, do not engage in Spotting (hobbies on the photo oxide for aircraft), but then I did not want to miss such a chance. Before the departure for another 5 hours, so you can.

How can you take a picture of a beautiful landscape? The airport is located next to a small town, it can be seen when taking off and landing, I am sure that with some of his streets the whole airport as a palm. Wasting a car at hand, one could ride on the highway and find everything. Next time.

Therefore, I decided to take a walk along the airport, and when he ended, rose to the fence and walked, she walked..

I don’t think the idea was good. Airport workers could knock on the head, inform the guard that someone walks for the fence, I was visible from the track too.

After going through and admiring the airport technique through the mesh of the fence, I decided to try to come across the ocean.

Routed the road and went down the path to the ocean.

Then another slag

But I have already passed a lot, a pretty view with a rainbow. Most likely a plane, oh what would be a beautiful frame: Sanding plane on the background of rainbow and ocean.

But cobblestones and stones spoil the view, we must climb above the grass. Here and it all started. The rise was twisted, I lick equilibrium, but clinging for some green bush, which rushes, and I fall on top of the Kuvarka. And the first knuckle was vertical, almost flip with a backpack on the shoulders. Jackie Chan would be disconnected. "I gave wow", – I thought when I came to myself. Examined himself – like a lively, not counting abrasion on hands and legs and green from herbs sweatshirt with jeans.

Need to soak clothes in the water, and then I do not wash. This is my second mistake. I go to such an ocean, deftly braving and jumping on the stones, like a graceful ballerina. And the stones are raw and green such from algae. As a result, slipped on one such peushka and the cork on another! BD-blowing!!

How I tried to catch planes on Madeira

Besides the tailbone, also the T-shirt is now green. Just I got up like another attack came. This time I attacked the ocean itself. The wave was strong and I thought that if my legs are also in water, it will not be funny. I jumped, and then landed like a position "Port", But the legs threw away from the wave 🙂 I can hardly still fulfill that, but correctly say that the hidden reserves of the body are found in difficult situations 🙂

All have enough, I decided not to go anywhere else, but since I’m here, so it is necessary to catch a plane in the frame. Satisfied half an hour, and there was doubt because not the season. The plane in Porto Santo has already flown, and what if my EasyJet flight from Lisbon, the nearest? And he flies after 2 hours when it will be dark. So it turned out in the future, it’s good that I left. Washing at the airport, then drying on the street.

Approximately such a romance and such an unsuccessful experience "Photohooty" On airplanes 🙂 But now in Perm I live in the house, over which flights fly low. So in our city it is arranged that all airplanes fly to Savino above the city center (Esplanda). Now I watch airplanes from the window with a cup of tea.

The dream of idiot came true 🙂

By the way, if you are on Madeira, this is a good place to expect departure, you need to go through the entire parking lot.

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