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The story is still ta. You used to call the Consulate of Germany before, you are recorded for 1 month, and if there were already Schengen visas, generally goes almost without record, and here you are in the consulate, give docks, and after 3-4 days you already with a visa. I thought so. that with the opening of the visa center of Germany in Moscow, everything will be even easier. He, but it became even worse.

At first, our Post has sown an invitation (well, all this story in a crumpled), okay the host party passed the invitation to the aircraft. I call to sign up for the flow of docks on April 2, and I say: recording in the visa center on May 29, and in the consulate from July 4. I understand, I’m in a nervous shock, I breathe "Mileyshua" Woman: What to do? And she does not know anything at all, come just without writing to the visa center in the order of a live queue. To the question, you can only write to the consulate.

Okay, I come to the visa center, the people of anyone, passed in 5 minutes to the window. Pretty girl accepted docks, but nothing knows. If some question is solved immediately, as in the consulate it is impossible in principle. I was announced 10 working days, departure June 01. Passport readiness status can be traced on the website of the VIC. Having read all sorts of terrible stories, about loss of passports (via HC), and in general about the issuance of visas, after the aircraft flew without you, or simply forgot the visa to incur, I started finely bother.

How I received a Schengen visa to Germany in May 2013 - Munich, Germany Blogs and travel notes

I wrote letters to the consulate in German and English, and . on the trail.The day changed Status: Docks sent to the VIC. Now I’m waiting for, when, they will be there and will go to pick up, with a fading of the heart.

Now the question is: what’s so much increased by tourists in Germany. It became much worse and more expensive, since the HC takes 720 rubles for each passport as a service collection. Of course, there is a photocopy in the WC, everything is free, you can make a photo for 100 rubles and all that, but for me it’s better when I know for sure that I will give a visa on time, on the right number of days and without a nervous. And why should I write letters in German? And if it is the Embassy of the Tumba-Yamba? What to do? Study their language.

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