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"Maa – AM …, I will go straight in the pool?", On the go, dressing slaps and tearing off the T-shirt, shouts my eleven-year-old son, and I only have time to shout in the distance:" Do not forget the tan cream!"It is very convenient: I can do a little domestic affairs, cook for lunch, wash, at the same time looking for my son through the window: the pool from the entrance in two steps! Yes yes, it is the entrance – you did not hear. After all, we are in Cyprus, in Northern Cyprus!

And I intermittently look into the window, looking after my son, which is blunting in the pool with other boys, shame. Crashing with things, I squeeze my orange Fresh, I impose a cherry saucer, size with a small walnut, and we throw a look at the mountains: today it is hot, but the clouds on the tops create a feeling of coolness, and a lightweight breeze, breaking into an open window, does not even require an air conditioner. What can I say, not life, but a fairy tale! We arrived to relax on the Northern Cyprus, at the same time by trying on the possibilities and delights of both summer holidays and year-round residence. And of course, we consider the issue of buying real estate.

It started all the spring when I arrived at Northern Cyprus for only a few days. Issues of buying real estate I was already very interested then. But start from afar: at first I looked after real estate in Moscow, I wanted to get out of the Moscow region, so as not to spend on the road to work 3-4 hours a day. Subscribe to the electronic newsletter on the property of interest led me to the thought that, to buy something worthwhile in Moscow, it is necessary to either go to mortgage slavery not only to me, but also to my children, or nesting in an old Khrushchev with flowing pipes and endless repairs … I already thought it was not to find me the apartment of my dreams, how suddenly … the announcement of the sale of real estate abroad was caught. In Northern Cyprus. What is Northern Cyprus, I thought then?! I started to actively clean the Internet in search of the necessary information. And prices … seemed suspiciously low, compared with Moscow. No, I thought, can not be so. Something is wrong here! I wanted to prove myself that miracles in life never happen.

So, by knocking on the Internet search "Real Estate of Northern Cyprus", I got to the first site – the site of the development company and the real estate seller in Northern Cyprus "Alaska Development". What hooked me – this is the first phrase "everything is returned to us"!

Yes, I thought, the advertisement works wonders, and the self-consuming thing is also useful … However, life puts everything in its place. And started viewing sites of other real estate companies in Northern Cyprus. Many since the water has flowed … almost a year passed. And the subscription is e-mail, and later visits to other companies, and comparing information, convinced me that the guys were right! They as good predictors wrote what eventually happened.

I returned to Alaska!

When I arrived in May with a specific purpose to see something for myself, the first visit was in this company. What bribes "Alaska" – great attention and the location of the client. Believe me, I ate a dog on this topic, spending countless training on customer focus and sales. Different companies, and different sellers.

For example, a pretty girl was sitting at a meeting at the table at the table at the table, with which it was nice to communicate … But that’s all. Neither information is specific, nor the opportunity to see something in the coming days, no questions about my priorities in the purchase – there was nothing. And after 5 minutes I already wanted to leave from there.

In another similar – there were pretty persistent pushing and zombie to buy what I didn’t have to. In the third, everything seems to nothing … But it was created that you can buy apart or villa from this company, and the guarantees that this is a lawful purchase, no one will give. So it came out that personally for me the palm of the championship captured "Alaska".

We sat 1.5 hours with Ksenia, the head of the department for working with clients, discussing important topics for me, and not only the purchase of real estate, maintenance and free service after buying real estate in their company, but also the lot of others about which was just nice chat and learn newcomer in this country.

In Alaska, you can discuss different options for the first contributions when buying housing, crediting conditions, installments, even buying a car on a very prefolun. For example, a foreigner can buy a car with the first installment of 20% and in installments on a hundred and a half way, and even just under the warranty of Alaska without references and red tapes? For me, this also became a pleasant news, which I definitely use.

Probably you ask me, and not many names in such a small story? I will answer as in the spirit, it happened historically that there were so many points of touch with this company, and fortunately all positive as the story itself would not be without them and these events.

When the company manager was met in July at the airport in July to deliver an apartment to me for me for me, he said, when he himself arrived a year and a half ago and bought apartments, again in Alaska, all household appliances were presented to him by the company – like a bonus for the purchase of real estate for the full cost. This is customer focus!

Honestly speaking, I also thought that all this fairy tales until I was convinced that it was really so. Yes … I thought … we buy concrete floors and bare walls in Moscow in Moscow – well, if they are, and here, in addition to built-in wardrobes and kitchens, also household appliances. Just come and enjoy life!

The next day I really could see exactly what I was interested in.Manager Evgeny took the keys to apartments and villas, we sat down at the BMW of the fifth series (damn it, how nice to feel a person of grant!), and went to watch objects.

I considered real estate in Alceandzhak and Lapte – the most cunning areas where there is in accessibility nearby schools, Turkish and English, to teach my son. Before Kyrenia – Girna locally – by car 15-20 minutes. But honestly, for me, accustomed in the morning, to make traffic jams to the subway 40-50 minutes, and if it is up to work – then all 1.5 -2 hours, it is a sowing trifles! Yes, in general, in the center of Girna there is no need to ride often, if only there is not working. Everything that is needed is for life and Alsandzhak, and in the lapta, and in the Muscovites, spoiled, there is something to compare.

How I got into Alaska Larnaca, Cyprus Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Larnaca on the tourist

I was looking for a calm, quiet and green place, and I can say, there are such plenty of. If you do not hurry with the purchase, you can view options at the development stage, and the most suitable for accommodation or renting apartments for rent, there will be apartments by the sea. For example, the complex "Emerald Bay" – a very cute place, apartment in which only grown in price. Many pools, the sea in two steps, the necessary infrastructure, large apartments ..

If you want to settle in Northern Cyprus for a longer period, you can also consider apartments closer to the mountains. It is believed that in the summer there is a little cool. Although, to be honest, I did not notice much difference. Well, maybe the breeze higher is a little more accurate.

Can be considered to purchase apartments, already ready, including a large number of secondary housing. Many of the most diverse villas with pools, with kindergarten, chic mountain views and sea. For every taste and wallet!

What can not but rejoice, the fact that all this is real. That is, you can really buy, no divorce.

And now, drinking orange juice on the balcony in apartments overlooking the sea (where you can not only take off, but also buy an inexpensive apartment – olive grove, to the art, a very appropriate option for summer and rental) I think about issues related to all the details and subtleties of the purchase of real estate, the options for purchasing a car, adaptation, son’s training in the English school … Although, I understand that Alaska does not pass by them, but will offer everything to have no problems and difficulties in making such an important My life solution.

And the ecology here, by the way, such that air can breathe full of breasts – the minimum quantities, there are no major factories and plants, only mountains and pines surrounded. Marine water on the beaches – and there are a lot of them in Northern Cyprus and they mostly ***************** – Purest. Vegetables and fruits will not compare with Moscow in their freshness.

Yes what to say, after a weekly rest with my face somewhere disappeared by the wrinkles, the muscles were pulled up, and the closest girlfriend, watching me when we chatted on Skype, said suspiciously – "You are there, for cosmetic procedures that Lee chosen?! Look smart!"

… I stopped here on the balcony with sweet cherries. Something is fading becomes. I’ll go, too, swim in the pool! And it is already necessary, perhaps, to determine – Alsenzhak, or Lapta, apartments, or a small villa. And what, selling your small apartment in the suburbs, I can quite afford and the other! Perhaps even on the car will remain.

How I got into Alaska Larnaca, Cyprus Blogs and travel notes of tourists on Larnaca on the tourist

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