How I got a visa in the United States in 15 days (a report on the trip to Warsaw)

The letter is very long, but there will be advice not only on a visa in the United States, but also on the planning of short travel, living, short transplants and several other moments.

  • Prehistory

Tourist visa in the United States for us give for 3 years. I received the first visa in Moscow in 2013, she ended in 2016. They have such a rule – if no more than 11 months passed from the end of the previous visa, then you can get a new one without interview. I was late, so now I needed a standard procedure.

  • March 6, 2018

Filling the questionnaire.

The whole process took exactly 1.5 hours. Very long they have a questionnaire.Despite the fact that in 2013 it filled it, there were still many questions.Therefore, I opened a video course Dmitry Artemieva on an American visa
and step by step repeated its action. Without his video course it would be very difficult.By the way, we are now preparing for the release of a large new visa project in all countries of the world – I would have done everything in 2 times faster. I will tell you all the details about this new project next week!

Record for interview

It seems like the US Embassy in Moscow works, but it is almost impossible to sign up there. Therefore, I immediately recorded for an interview in Warsaw, t.To. there are minimal queues, and I have a valid Schengen visa. I filled out the questionnaire on March 6, the nearest entry in

  • Warsaw was on March 14. But I wrote down later, on March 20 at 10:15 am.
  • How I got a visa in the United States in 15 days (a report on the trip to Warsaw)

Consular fees pay

Before recording for an interview, it was necessary to pay consular fees. It is $ 160. For feeding in Poland, you can pay directly on the site recording on the interview. Very comfortably. Paid in Polish zlotys, as a result, 9,728 rubles were removed from the card.

  • When I received the first visa in Moscow, I waited for a passport 2 weeks,
    T.To. fell under additional check. Do I fall under it this time?
  • The US Embassy says that after approval, the passport is given in 3-5 days.
  • On the forums they write that in Warsaw a passport is given the next day in 95% of cases.
  • If they refuse a visa, then the passport will be on the hands immediately.

What date to take a return ticket? As a result, he took a flight one before, and the opposite decided to buy later, as I get a passport. The ticket took a rather risky. I decided to fly in the morning on the day of the interview at such a flight:

  • March 20 at 05:45 departure from Moscow

1 hour 15 minutes of transplanting in Riga, and arrive in Warsaw at 08:10, exactly 2 hours before the interview.
His decision motivated here than:

  • By taxi from the airport to the embassy in Warsaw, just 15-20 minutes – checked on Google Maps.
    I am without luggage, and passport control will pass in Riga – a lot of time in stock.
  • Interview time conditional, you can be a little late, still let.
  • If you still be strongly late for the interview, you can rewrite
    Another day without losing consular fee.
  • According to European rules, if there is a significant delay in the flight, passengers are relying compensation to 600 euros to each. This money can easily brighten the delay in Warsaw for the extra couple of days.This ticket cost 7 908 rubles. It could be bought for 6,300 rubles direct flight for the previous day. But the middle night in the hotel costs 3000 – 5000 rubles, so as a result it would be more expensive.Since I will settle at the hotel after you leave the passport at the US Embassy, ​​I do not suit a standard hotel – there always require a passport when settled. Of course, somewhere can populate on rights or by copy of the passport, but it is impossible to guarantee in advance. Rental of beautiful apartments in the center of Warsaw for 1 night I cost me 2,926 rubles with all fees.Took on 1 night, t.To. Even if they denounce in a visa, I would like to stay in Warsaw at least 1 day.By the way, it is much cheaper than the hotel of the same level. And if there is a passport delay, then in place to extend or book new apartments there are no problems.
  • 20th of March.Flight
  • Both flights, Moscow – Riga and Riga – Warsaw passed up to a minute.Transplants 1 hour 15 minutes more than enough. Immediately advice who is afraid of short transplants. I specifically measured from the moment of landing the aircraft until the next flight came to the exit, with the passage of all controls only took only 18 minutes. In 1 hour 15 minutes I had breakfast, wandered down and even managed to bother a little..

Flew to Warsaw exactly at 08:10 in the morning

Already at 8:30 am, I was sitting in the train to the city center. On a taxi decided not to spend money, t.To. time in stock is a lot. With the help of instructions from our guidebook "Poland. Unknown Europe "found a train and bought a ticket for him very quickly, as if I drive this expensive every day.

At 09:00 I was at the Central Station, left a backpack in the storage chamber. The fact is that the US Embassy is not allowed with bags in general. On the forums they write that things can be left in the photomagazine opposite the embassy. But I decided not to risk.Time before the interview is more than an hour, so I decided to walk around the city before the embassy.

At 09:45, exactly 30 minutes before the interview, I came to the embassy, ​​but in front of the entrance . A lot of ours, Belarusians and Ukrainians in line. All different times, someone has time to take time, some another 30-40 minutes. Without a queue, they were not allowed, so those who have already passed time, very worried. But the unrest were in vain, they let everyone, even those who were late for an hour. I entered inside exactly at 10:15.

How I got a visa in the United States in 15 days (a report on the trip to Warsaw)

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