How I found cheap accommodation in Paris

Going to Paris!? The first time or no longer? It does not matter, I am writing for everyone who needs Accommodation in Paris for vacation time. Paris – the same point on the map of Europe, which makes a magical way of millions of tourists. The capital of France is really a place with a fayful atmosphere of the eternal holiday, as I managed to find out. Having been in this city just once, I want to return there again and again.

I’ll start with the fact that not so long ago girlfriend offered me to visit Paris, and, of course, as traveling – my passion, I could not disagree.

So, it was decided to go on my own, as we did not want to overpay for the services of tourist companies, and it is more interesting to organize the process – much more interesting. Girlfriend took up ticket booking and monitoring events, but I had to choose a place where we could stay.

In our age of the high-speed Internet and the availability of any information, the choice of housing in Paris was to become a splendous task, in fact it turned out that not everything is so simple. Sea options and suggestions at first plunged me in shock. You can stop on anything, starting with a room in a hostel at the lowest cost of 20 euros on the outskirts of the city, ending with expensive suites in hotels with world name 1000 euros per night. Prices are highly dependent on the area in which you would like to settle down, the closer to the center and the famous sights of the city, the more expensive accommodation.

As for us, we preferred the simplest accommodation option – the hotel. In Paris, their incredible set, so any request will be satisfied.

In the process, I found out that finding affordable accommodation in Paris – the task is not easy. There are housing search sites on the network worldwide. They collected a huge number of options that you can imagine. Select suitable – long process, because I want to consider many criteria at once. Affordable price, hotel service, its location. In addition, I want to know the opinion of guests, and not only browse the advertising information on the official website. Such a selection can be found far from everywhere. But who is looking for, he will find, and soon I found the service Hotellook.COM, this site has become a real chopstick for me.

Since I had such a search experience of accessible housing in Paris, I would like to share with readers so that they do not commit the same mistakes. I hope these notes will be useful.

Rental housing in Paris

So, after long searches, I came across the site Hotellook.Com. In essence, the site structure is very simple and understandable. Immediately at the entrance to the site, you see the search string in which we enter the desired country and the city, the date of arrival and the number of people for which the hotel is reserved.

After entering all the necessary parameters, the system is looking for free housing options. Next you get on page with results.

Hotellook gives ads with four largest resources:

  • Booking.Com
  • TripAdvisor.Ru
  • Hotels.Com
  • AccorHotels.Com

In fact, you have seen on all these sites immediately, only you do not need to go for everyone and again enter everything in the search. From which site did the Hotellok offer will show you, switching between sites can be manually.

How I found cheap accommodation in Paris

Personally I was pleased that the likeliver first of all in the search highlights the most accessible options, or rather those hotels in which they are now Promotions and special discounts. Such a system allows you to save time and quickly find the most favorable conditions. Also above is a string that allows you to sort the found accommodation By various criteria, whether it is the price, distance from the city center, popularity or customer feedback.

Since the main criterion of choice for me was low cost, then I viewed options with prices from 35-40 euros per day. As I said, a small cost does not mean bad conditions, as the site offers hotels and hostels in which discounts and special offers.

There are unusual sentences &# 8212; Farms around Paris. This option will love fans of ecotourism. Here you and homemade food and clean air and prices are lower than in the city. Paris suburbs in their own way beautiful. Just keep in mind that the city itself will be more difficult for you to see. This option is suitable for those who go there not for the first time.

So, you choose the most likely hotel and go to the link to get acquainted with the conditions.

Here &# 8212; Exhaustive information about the hotel itself. This is an assessment of guests, service reviews, conditions, which is important, since sometimes declared information on official sites of hotels is not true. In the upper right corner on this page you will find photos of the hotel, its rooms, as well as the view from the outside. Below you will find information about the amenities that there is a hotel. For example, I needed Wi-Fi to work in the room that, as it turned out, not at all prerequisite and often access to the Internet in hotels is only in the common guest room or bar.

The presence of free seats can be seen directly in search results and you do not need to go to each option, to find out.

Details rental

Depending on the hotel luxury, you can choose such services as a gym, SPA-salon, laundry, dry cleaning, etc. There is also information about what languages ​​are spoken at the hotel. In fact, it often becomes a problem in tourists, as the French are famous for the fact that they do not like English, and they can simply ignore you if you contact them not in their native language. With us, this never happened, but it is worth remembering. In addition, on the page you will find information about what is in the room itself, as well as services are available in the hotel daily (room cleaning, room breakfast, dry cleaning, etc.D.).

Here you will find information about the features of a particular hotel, or rather the assessment of the visitors themselves. Among other things, I was pleasantly surprised by the item about the advantages and minuses. At the bottom of the page you will see accommodation similar to the criteria you need, which greatly facilitates the search.

If you want to stay in Paris a little longer, for example, for a few weeks, know: not always breakfast included in the price. To remove them from the search, you need to specify it in the search settings. Specify whether it is possible to pay a bank card, which one (Visa, MasterCard), whether WiFi is allowed with animals.

The main thing Find out the cancellation terms. It happens anything. Most often free cancellation per day before arrival. But it needs to be checked, otherwise you will take the full cost.

The site has a special feature that allows you to follow the vibration of the cost of the hotel you are interested in. You subscribe to the newsletter, and the necessary information comes to mail. Thanks to the large selection options, I found that hotel in which we wanted to settle. And even it turned out very economically. It is worth noting that Pay optionally, First you leave the number, and pay when you are conveniently using a bank card or pay for the hotel’s services already in place.

Go to the site Hotellook.Ru

Here’s actually, Accommodation in Paris Found &# 8212; Go to the search for adventures, knowing that no unpleasant surprises associated with the hotel will not happen. Finally, I want to say that my trip to this city turned out to be magical, no matter how trite it did not sound. Do not listen to anyone and go for a portion of fresh impressions, and even if nothing extraordinary with you does not happen, you will spend a fun time, because as Remark said "Paris is the only city in the world, where you can spend excellent time, nothing, is essentially not engaged in".

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