How I first visited Mexico

I dreamed of a trip to Mexico for many years. I wanted to see the pyramids of Aztec, to meet the culture of Maya, and still swim in the world in the world of the Caribbean Sea. But constantly something did not develop.

First prevented the visa mode: obtaining a visa to Mexico was a serious problem. Then they stopped financial problems – a trip to the Caribbean – the pleasure is not cheap.

First prevented the visa mode: obtaining a visa to Mexico was a serious problem. Then they stopped financial problems – a trip to the Caribbean – the pleasure is not cheap.

And finally, everything turned out. In January (it was 2017) I completely accidentally found great prices for flight to Mexico City from Lufthanza. Thanks to the stock tickets Moscow-Frankfurt Mexico and back to March cost 35,000 rubles, which is twice cheaper than ordinary prices. Since with transfers I have already flown, and the docking was comfortable, the route was not confused.

Training and budget trip

Book hotels through tour operators turned out to be expensive. Preparation I taught myself. In Mexico, booked a separate room in the hostel to the first two nights and one last. With hotels in other cities I decided to navigate in place.

Run ahead, say that I was satisfied with the hostel. His main plus is a gorgeous location on the central Square Square, two steps from the Presidential Palace. When booking, I was removed from the card 10%, the rest I paid the cash.

Single Room (small room) cost 23 dollars per day, Bathroom General (on the floor). Although the hostels so usually happen. In general, everything is modest, but clean and decent.

Obtaining electronic resolution turned out to be a minute case. I bought a guide, phrasebook, and – on the road. The route was like this: Mexico-Merida-Tulum-Playa del Carmen-Cancun Mexico City. Duration of the trip – 10 days.

Mexican capital

From the capital of the country I stayed in complete delight. Although riding a little afraid: they write that with safety in the city is bad. Fortunately, with troubles, I did not have to face. But on the type of night Mexico City from the plane just captures the spirit. Yes, and the day the city is good: bright, alive, moreover, in the capital, for some reason a very nice climate.

Since the time to the capital was a bit (only one full day), I looked only what I had long wanted:

  • Pyramids Teotiuacan. An hour’s drive from Mexico City. This complex built by ancient actecs is simply a magical place. His decoration is a huge (about 70 meters) of the pyramid of the Sun. There is a legend that if you climb to the top, there will be any dream, so you wish enough. On the contrary, there is a more compact pyramid of the moon to which the road of the dead leads. She was chosen by sellers of present and fake silver, tablecloths from yarn cacti and other baubles. Prices here are very high, and sellers are annoying.
  • Garibaldi Square. Well, what a mexico without singers mariachi? And here in the evenings are the best musicians in the country. If not sorry for 10 dollars, you can order your song. Traders also have a horn: immediately sell woolen poncho, flowers for ladies and tequila on spill for mood.
  • Social Square. It has a grand cathedral. I am not a lover of pompous architecture, but the building is really luxurious. And very by the way on the central square found an Indian market. I could not have kept and bought several crafts from colorful aunts. And at Cancun airport the same is five times more expensive.

Walking in Mexico is very nice, and thanks to the subway you can save on transport. Although taxi prices will not break: a ten-minute trip I managed to 3 dollars.

Interesting fact: in the local metro in the peak hours launch women’s cars &# 171; Para Damas Y Ninos&# 187;. They say it is due to elevated temperament of local men.

Pyramids Ushmal

Excursions here are both from Cancun and from the city of Merida, in which I stopped. In my hostel, several excursions were offered, and not so expensive. The ride with an English-speaking guide cost $ 35, including lunch in the restaurant of the complex.

Ushmal is not as uncalled as Chichen Itza, but on its territory it is very interesting and picturesque.

As with other pyramids, sacrifices were constantly committed here. With their help, the Indians caused rain or asked the gods about other benefits.

True, some pyramids partially collapsed, and they are not allowed to rise.

After a walk, we were offered to dine and refreshing in the pool, and the laser show began in the evening. The presentation was worth staying: the pyramids are highlighted by all the colors of the rainbow, it looks spectacular.

Caribbean coast

Since Cancun is expensive for me and noisy, I spent two days at the nearest resorts: Tulum and Playa del Carmen.

Local beaches – just delight and the most pleasant experience of the trip. Before that I was already lucky enough to go to the caribbeans, but the seas of such amazing shades, probably, there is no.

How I first visited Mexico

Liked the towns themselves.

Playa Tulum – Very peaceful place, purely for family holidays. From entertainment – only a few restaurants with live music and high prices (the second dish costs from $ 25, snacks – from $ 15).

On accommodation saved still managed.

After arriving at the station and the strokes of the local I found an inexpensive hotel, in which the rooms are huts under the palm leaves. Per day the house stands 40 dollars, that for these places is just super.

How I became a volunteer and went for free in the Crimean Hostel

Playa del Carmen Something reminded Mediterranean towns. There are many tourists here, there are no problems with entertainment and hotels, including budget. Prices for food after Tulum also pleasantly surprised: a huge fresh fish with a side dish and a local drink "Orchatta" cost 12 dollars.

Culinary impressions

Mexican cuisine is always a lot, tasty and acute.

The highest prices for food – on the coast. For dinner for two (second, snack, wine glass) will have to give about 100 dollars. But you can save too.

I often bought Take – Pellets with meat, cheese and other fillings. For 5 dollars you can buy a pair of troops and eat perfectly. In Mexico City Many inexpensive meals. So, a large glass with mango, dads and other fresh fruit costs only dollar.

Still worth looking into Hugoteria – Cafe, in which the juices are squeezed from anything, and also for the dollar.

Of course, there are unusual dishes. Ambiguous impressions left a snack called Chicharron. It is fried pork skin, which brute with pieces, served on plates or like a shawarma. Food for an amateur, but local has a success.

A little about security

Safety situation in Mexico leaves much to be desired.

But you should not panic, just need to be careful. Day everywhere quietly enough (although the pockets do not sleep in the daytime), and at night you just need to use a taxi.

And in Mexico City, there are many policemen on duty at the resorts, the presence of which soothes. Among them there are quite a few women. Like all Mexicans, the police behave very friendly and gladly take pictures.

In general, Mexico is a wonderful country in which you want to return.

The trip can be quite budget: I have all the trip, except for the flight, cost 1000 dollars. Prices bite only in Cancun and on nearby resorts. But this is normal, there the coast, where the huge number of Americans is resting.

How I first visited Mexico

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