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"Ana AIS Wahed Kupiya Dayara Lausamat", – I asked, and Mohammed – Arab of 30 years old with tired, but full of life experience with a look, for a second "hung". "What are you talking about?"He asked me in our. I repeated request. Here he realized that he was talking to him in his native language, the face changed the form, acquired the features that can be observed only when something interesting or funny. He fulfilled my request – gave a small white cup, and began to ask a number of standard questions, about where I am (I answer that Ana Mina Rusia), which time in Egypt, answer that since the 4th or fifth, where I know Arabic ( I answer that An Ana Breath of Kalen Arabi), which is always having fun almost any Araba. After all, the truth is funny – a person speaks arabic that he does not speak Arabic … funny? As funny ..

Here are well refer to people who speak a little arabic. My experience shows that it concerns not only Panorama Bungalow Hurghada, where I spent the week from October 9, 2009. In general, this relationship can be understood – we came to visit them, and would not hurt from politeness, or to learn a few simple phrases. But these are just rare units of guests. Of course, it’s great that almost everything in this hotel is, even some cleaners, – at least they speak English. And some employees say quite fluent. But they are becoming sick on the fact that they turn into cars, monotonously pouring every visitor "Two beers" or "three cocktails". Even in stores, where possible, sellers agree voluntarily (because you speak Arabic) to provide a discount. And if this is the visibility of the discount, then they are easier to persuade the discount of the present.

Bartender Mohammed still throws with me a pair of phrases, I ask "Cuba Libre", and I generously pour a local rum and even Lyme juice. This is a component required for this cocktail, but it is not always added. Usually turns out simply rum-cola. Here I notice that for me already the queue from our tourists who will require so much beer and so much cocktails, accompanying their words with gestures. Mohammed’s view goes out and again becomes tired and experienced, and Mohammed himself becomes a bartender-car again.

How I conquered the Hurgadinsk. Hurghada, Egypt blogs and travel notes of tourists on Hurghada on the turmon

Generally speaking, the system is "all inclusive" – ‚Äč‚Äčthis is the killer of the liver of visitors and thrust for the life of Bartenders. People get special cooking skills, but really they prepare drinks extremely rarely. They are even surprised when you order something that is not in the free list. To cook mojito on my request (and this is done sooooo good, no worse than in Cuba, in any case), Nasser – Another Barman with an eternal gaze, made an apoloible face and sadly uttered that it was only for money. After I told him what I understand that this is for money, he thought a little and, apparently, deciding that I still did not understand, I explained once again that for free that all-inclusive was just that what’s on this list. And everything else – for money. And only when I re-reportedly reported that I want mojito, he was herself. That’s how rare it happens.
By the way, Nasser I later made Mochito, though without mint, because it was not in that bar, and from the local Roma. In general, the drink little was like mochito, but it’s nice that Nasser tried so. And why? Yes, because I tried to talk to him in Arabic. The third bartender, whose name I do not remember, even poured me a beer somehow after 23:00, what to do is forbidden. That is, for money – you can, and free – forbidden. And again, why, what do you think?

So I highly recommend – do not be lazy when we are going somewhere, to learn a few phrases in the language of the population, where we go. It’s not so difficult. But the quantity of the language, the more nicer to his carriers, that the tourist was not lazy at least something to learn.

How I conquered the Hurgadinsk. Hurghada, Egypt blogs and travel notes of tourists on Hurghada on the turmon

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