How have airports changed during a pandemic?

You probably have already heard that the world will not be the same. This is true. Pandemic reminded us of health safety, not only their own, but also surrounding. Airports as the main proliferation node of infections takes various security measures to make passengers without fear. In this article, we will tell you what interesting ideas from which airports are embodied in life for the sake of flight security. Thanks to the experts of the publication Globettrender for the study!

Ambassador health

Agree, it is nice to fly, knowing that there is someone on board who can help in the case of. Now at Abu Dhabi airport and on flights, Etihad Airways will be a health Ambassiators to provide the necessary support to passengers. For example, Aerofobians, which suddenly covered the wave of fear. So far, it is not entirely clear what kind of functions they will have, because these are not full doctors. But wait and see how they say.

In addition, the airline has a guide with the standards of cleanliness and health. It is written literally everything, whether it is cleaning the cabin of the aircraft after the flight or reception in flight. Well done!

Antimicrobial pallets

Special pallets were brought to Edinburgh Airport. Their chip is that they have a special coating that prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria from a person to a person. Golden Staphylococcus, intestinal wand, as well as representatives of type MRSA and VRE (Enterococci) were among bacteria. Also at the airport plan to use special aerosols for luggage carts.


At the airport of British Bournemouth, infrared cameras will appear, which will help determine in the stream of people those who have a clear heat. Initially, such cameras stood on the entrances for staff, and now on the flow of passengers are tested in Manchester and London Heathrow.

There is already a similar system in Doha, only there the thermometry is built into special helmets of airport employees. Information enters them with infrared thermal imager and artificial intelligence. It looks dying, but this is our future.

Issuing Siz

Qatar Airways take care of their passengers and issue personal protective equipment. Moreover, who flies out of the Doha already at the front desk give out facial shields. And on board all passengers relies a whole set: a disposable face mask, hand gloves and an antiseptic gel. Logbooks themselves with disposable coats.

Masks are issued aboard Etihad Airways, but with a small difference: in the first grade and business masks reusable, in economy – disposable.

How have airports changed during a pandemic

Contactless travel

Oslo survived everyone and offer non-contact travel. The meaning is to register for the flight, pass the luggage, pass control and not contacting the landing at the same time with other people. This is a whole range of systems, including self-registration and luggage. Cool, well done! No longer need to worry about those who have a bad one with a foreign language, because everything can be done independently. Now such a system only works in Oslo, but soon starts in Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

In the same way, Changi Airport is moving in Singapore. With the help of automated systems, you can independently not only register and pass the luggage, but also to check the documents using the cameras with the recognition of persons on the iris.

Cleaning salon

With all this virus history, the first thing you need is cleaning the cabin of the aircraft. United and British Airways stated that they hired an additional clearance, and now clean the salon from the nose to the tail. In particular, the disinfection of armrests, tables and public places of the aircraft is carried out after each flight. It will make sense if the passengers will also comply with the recommendations and use SIZ during flight.

All these measures do not mean that you can not wash your hands, grab everything in a row and touch the face after that. We still recommend to take care of yourself and keep protective measures. Well, and that you are the only one in the cabin sit in a mask and gloves, think! It will be more likely, and the nerves are calmer, and this is expensive.

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