How guessing in different countries

New Year’s Eve – the time of transition from year to year, the bridge connecting the past and the future. In the perception of many peoples, this time is shrouded in mystery, sheepskino sputum superstitions, rites and strange rituals. Under the New Year, it is customary to guess about fate, calling for good luck, happiness, love and other benefits, and part with the negative last year. We collected the most interesting New Year fortune telling from all over the world – perhaps you will want to make a little mysticism in your new year.


Ancient Greeks started a tradition: entering the house, break the pomegranate about the threshold. It has been preserved today: a few minutes before midnight, the family comes out of the house and watches as the owner or another respected relative breaks the grenade about the threshold, checking how good the year will be. If the grenade turned out to be ripe and from the first attempt was crashed to smithereens, and the grains were abundantly sprinkled, as if coins from the wallet – this is a good sign, it means that the year will be prosperous and profitable. If the pomegranate can not be divided immediately and the grains woke out little – wait for the difficulties, including financial. After divination, you need to return to the house, crossing the threshold necessarily. In some regions, this is done in the morning of January 1 or after church service. Greek expression "split grenades" (έσπασε το ρόδι) means a good start. The Greeks are fooling over losers, promising them to call to break the pomegranate in the New Year’s Eve.

Funny fortune telling was in the go from Greek girls: at midnight, the festive night had to knock on the chicken coop and listen to who would be the first to answer. If the chicken is left in the girls, if the rooster is waiting for the groom.

How guessing in different countries


At the New Year’s feast of Italians, lentils are necessarily present – a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Every seed is a money: the more you eat, the richer will you be in the new year. The main complexity of such divination is that I need to eat lentils after a rich feast, cake and champagne.

Young Italians on New Year’s Eve are guessing on marriage: throw a shuffle toward the door and watch where the sock turns. If the output means, you will soon marry. (By the way, the our girls who were even threw a similar way: True, they rushed on the street of Valenok – where to sock, from there and come the groom.) Another Italian sign: the first in the New Year should go to the house man and preferably brunette, then the year will be happy. If a woman is waiting for trouble. If the police officer – there will be problems with the law, well, the appearance of a priest means ambulance death.

How guessing in different countries

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