How from the dream of an eternal journey to proceed to its implementation?

This time, the heroes of the heading "9 questions" were Elizabeth and Vitaly – over the past five years they have time to visit, and somewhere even to live, in 23 countries, what they are talking about in the blog "With its own way". And today they will share their secrets of a successful and budget trip that may never end.

What helped you make a final decision to go to an endless journey?

To go on a journey, the work helped us – we both work remotely via the Internet, and therefore are not tied to some particular place. And, of course, our common dream and goal is to travel and see as many countries and cities as possible.

How did the idea of ​​the project "its own way" appeared?

We went to Turkey all inclusive tours several times to Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and from each trip brought to the memory of the video about how we spent time. Then we decided to go on our own in Thailand "for wintering". And continued to take their travel and movement. But since then, our friends and acquaintances have become a lot of questions to appear, as you can also organize your vacation, how to find accommodation, how to rent a bike that eat and where. And we decided: "But why not tell people and not to share any useful things that we have our own experience in traveling". And so our project "its own way" originated &# 8211; For people who want to go on a journey independently without the help and expenses on the tour operator.

What are the pros and cons of the lifestyle of the traveler?

We are optimists in life and try to think that minuses are smaller, but also a lot of. With them and let’s start. While traveling you are constantly on the move, you do not have "his corner", which means that you and I – at least things. Travel tired just like a constant heat or always ocean outside the window. Yes, after six months already I think that the way it should be. Therefore, we recommend alternating cities, islands, mountains. So the look is not covered, but the impressions are always fresh and bright. Traveling is also not always possible to eat normally, and it is also a big minus.

In any case, the advantages we will find much more. First, these are the people we meet in a particular country. Traveling to us presented a bunch of interesting acquaintances and friends with whom we still communicate. Secondly, it is an opportunity to see all the beauty of the world, try something unusual, extreme. For us, travel is a lifestyle. And the third, important for us, in warm countries – this is the sun, the sea and an active lifestyle, the abundance of fruits, which we did not even hear about our homeland.

What city or place hit you most?

We are in love with Bali Island (Indonesia), were already 4 times here, and I want to go back again and again. This island will never get bored, there are a lot of places that can be visited and the most important thing is surfing that allows you to be in a tone. Also impressed Maldives and underwater world. This beautiful romantic place will forever remain in our hearts!

What is the secret of a successful trip?

For each person "Successful" travel your. And rather will correctly call him memorable. For us, such a journey is a mixture of good mood, partial following the intended path, unforeseen situations and adventures.

What can be saved on the journey?

How from the dream of an eternal journey to proceed to its implementation

Save on the journey can be literally on everything, some traveling absolutely without money. Catch the stock for plane tickets, and if not enough, you can go hitchhiking. The night in the hotel can be replaced by overnight in the tent, and instead of dinner in a restaurant, break a couple of coconuts on the palm. Such a journey is not suitable for everyone, but if this is your dream, then the money should not be a barrier on the way to its implementation.

10 most useful things that always have in your backpack / suitcase?

Technique for filming and processing (comp, camera, charging), powerful lanterns (2 pcs), phone with card and internet (2 pcs), extender for 5 sockets and adapters, water bottle, first-aid kit (pills from head, from temperature, from Rubber and cough, plaster), money and cards (minimum 3 banks), umbrella (or raincoats), cosmetics and hairdryer (this is for Lisa, without them anywhere). In general, you need only 2 things for travel – this is a phone with a map and money (or cards). Everything else is the zone of comfort and not necessarily even this minimum drag – everything can be bought, absolutely all!

By the way, how much, on average, weighs your luggage? πŸ™‚

Every month our luggage changes its weight – something comes, something is thrown out. While traveling in Asia, our baggage was about 30 kg for two, and so that it is enough for a week to drive another to Europe to Europe and 7 kg for two. It all depends on travel purposes.

Now you are in the Maldives, but where "is their own way"?

After the Maldives, we returned to Sri Lanka, where the whole month traveled. Then we unexpectedly found themselves in Russia, but not just so. From here we flew to Italy in the beautiful city of Milan. And now we are preparing for a cruise in several cities: Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Turku and the Aland Islands. But much further will bring us "by our own way" we do not know yet ..

How from the dream of an eternal journey to proceed to its implementation

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