How fast and easy to learn Spanish (personal experience) Part 2

Immediately warn – Do not think that this is an advertisement, this is a description of my personal experience!

Lyvmoka – This is a language social network. Here people teach languages, share experiences and knowledge, rewrite or communicate personally. In general, a sort of cycle in order to study foreign languages. In Livmok there are lessons and exercises in 36 languages. What is the most interesting for us, so this is the ability to pull it out Mexican Spanish! Who does not know, if he is not fundamentally, it is very different from which they speak in Spain (pronunciation, design and t.D.).

Not so long ago, Lyvmok spent the audit on its pages, changing the fully design, adjusting materials, some sections and rules. I studied when there was still an old version of Livemocha. In general, the idea and structure of tasks remained. I really liked the old version, I think new too cool.

Livemocha – how to use?

1. First of all, go to the site. At the top of the left there is a drop-down list in which you can select the language on which all the inscriptions on the site will be displayed. our is, but this panel was constantly running away from me, and I could not choose my native language, so in the examples everything will be in English.

2. We register (I hope everyone will cope with this) and get into your personal account. It’s our workspace.

3. Further before us is the financial issue.

Lyvmoka can be used either charge or free. Like that! You have a real opportunity to learn Spanish for free! Only this, in my opinion, is very troublesome. What do you need? Need to earn on their own «Points» (On the site they look like gold coins), helping other community participants (check exercises, be a linguistic partner for communication). They are also charged for their completed tasks, but completely gradually. Second option – pay and calmly learn. For money you buy «Boby» (Personal currency Lyvmoki). They pay new lessons.

How much is the lesson worth? One lesson costs 99 beans or 6,9999 points. Everything is clear with the spines, they are charged for the help. How much money must be paid for beans? 199 beans – $ 2.29, 450 – $ 5.17, 1300 – 14,94 $ and t.D. It is often all sorts of stocks when the addition beans are charged free. Expensive or not? I think not very. Ready to share knowledge with others – General for free. All honest.

4. So, the score replenished or earned glasses, ready to start learning the language. Choosing Spanish.

5. Press button «Get new lessons»

Here just see how much they cost.

6. Choose the required level. Well, most likely, you have to start from the beginning, with the very basics. You, I understand it, even the alphabet of Spanish do not know. In general, there are lessons for every taste: for novice students, for advanced, for super-advanced.

7. We pay the selected lesson (we have it at the top) beans or points (points).

eight. Press «Start» and get on the page with a lesson. I think here everything is intuitively understandable.

nine. We start to engage. Yes, this is how simply begins your acquaintance with charming Spanish. You get closer and closer to the goal (still remember about it?).

On the left you see the panel with tasks. They are eight. Consider more all (from top to bottom).

1. Introduction – Show cards and pronounce new words and expressions. We simply listen to them, as many times as it wanted. The main thing at this stage – get used to unfamiliar sounds, try to hear individual words.

2. Dictionary – cards with new words, and now we do not only hear, but also see. The meaning of words can be translated into our (yellow button in the lower right corner of the work field), but it is better to guess the value that is easy, since there are pictures. Some experts advise generally try not to translate foreign words to their native language, so the information is better remembered.

3. Usage – We see and hear phrases using new words + In this task, we learn grammatical rules, we get cultural councils and T.D.

4. Use (practice) – We listen to the phrase and choose from the proposed options its letter equivalent.

5. Read / write – Write what we see in the picture. Develop written skills.

This task is sent to the verification of the expert, only so that the task is checked by, you will have to pay, giving blood beans or points.

6. We read / speak – We look at the picture, remember, as will be in Spanish, what we see on it and say out loud, recording your voice. Develop reading skills. This task is also sent to the expert check, and for it will again need to pay.

7. We listen to / write – We listen to the phrases and write them in the window. Develop the skill of the perception of words for rumors. And again to experts.

eight. We listen to / say – We connect the microphone, listen to the phrases and repeat, while write down your voice. Develop speaking skills. For checking.

If you do not want to pay for task verification, you can skip the sending tasks to experts, but at first it may be better if someone controls the correctness of your tasks. In my old version, only one task was to be sent to check, and that is free. The rest were tested automatically by the system. This innovation on Livmok does not consider good idea.

That’s all! The truth is not difficult? And so preferably every day. Let you not have time to do daily on a whole lesson, but at half an hour, and it is better to try to paint. In a week or two get used to this process, get enough, and it will go much easier. And most importantly, do not forget about the goal, it will give forces.

In addition to passing jobs, there is an opportunity in the personal account:

  • Track execution of lessons
  • How fast and easy to learn Spanish (personal experience) Part 2
  • Help other students (and get points for it)
  • Communicate with colleagues to study languages, raise friends

Pluses Livki:

  • You teach ONLINE languages, that is, no way depends on the place
  • There is an option to learn language for free
  • Your tasks check other students and experts
  • Great opportunities for practice
  • Can be engaged at any convenient time and determine how much time to spend time
  • It is possible to communicate with native speakers
  • There are really results

Lyvmoka – My review and results

I left for 3 months to get acquainted with Spanish (it was for so much time before the trip, I began to study on Livemocha). During this time, I achieved such results at which now, being in Mexico, I can confidently feel in someone else’s territory. I can hardly talk about politics and theory of black holes, but here’s household topics do not scare me and in the stopper are not introduced perfectly: search for housing, buying essential things, moving, solution of everyday problems, orientation on terrain and much more – Excellent with Mexicans understand each other. That is, I have a basic spoken Spanish in Arsenal. Exactly what we need. I learned it completely independently, quickly and easily!

As you already guessed, my review and experience exceptionally positive. I can safely recommend this site as a manual for studying the Mexican version of Spanish.

Additional materials for studying Spanish

What else can I recommend for the development and maintenance of knowledge in Spanish?

Tutorial Dyshleva I.A. «Spanish course for beginners». Many people knowledgeable recommend it as a manual for self-studying language. I studied about the fifth part and on this while the process is hung. To be honest, engaged in the book itself a little boring, but the tutorial is not bad.

There are many thematic sites and forums, which is also useful to peel. For example, Hispanista and Hispaforum.

Very fashionable recently began webinars, many of them are free – also an option to learn Spanish. I, for example, somehow listened to a free webinar from Aprendemos, I liked it.

You can also watch films in Spanish, read books, magazines, listen to the radio. There is a Lingufonic Spanish Course, who is interested, read, there generally offer a special study methodology. But it’s all sooner for those who are going to tightly study the Spanish.

On this, perhaps, all.

Quick and easy to explore the Spanish language, dear readers!

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

How fast and easy to learn Spanish (personal experience) Part 2

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