How easy to get border control in Israel

In the Migration Service of Israel, it is customary to classify foreigners entering the country. Tourists are divided into the most reliable, reliable, conditionally reliable and unreliable. Passengers of the largest Israeli airline «El Al» Even glue into the passport corresponding stickers. This classification is conditional and looks like this:

The most reliable – Families with young children, elderly, couple of middle-aged and older;

Reliable – Young married couples, single-year travelers of average years of respectable species, close relatives of Israel citizens;

Conditionally reliable – Companies of friends, unmarried couples, Young single guys, Young married women traveling without a husband;

Unreliable – People of the informal look, unmarried girl up to 30 with girlfriends and without, tourists with a clean passport, one-way ticket, a dubious invitation, a large number of Arab marks.

Most often to unreliable tourists entering Israel for the first time. To avoid border control problems, there is no paid back of flight tickets, hotel armor, medical insurance and confirmation of solvency. Compliance with the unlawful rules will help you easily undergo border control and save time.

By the way, the visa to Israel is not needed by the ours.

What clothes to fly

As you know, meet by clothes. To cause as much suspicion of Israeli border guards and not to be among potential prostitutes, drug dealers and terrorists, pass the passport control in comfortable, nonsense, neat clothing. Migration workers of the migration service are especiallylaring the following details of the appearance of foreigners:

leggings and overly tight jeans;

clothes with deep neckline;

heeled shoes;

informal clothing and attributes;

In order not to stand out among other passengers and do not attract the attention of the border guards, put on ordinary jeans, sneakers and a sweatshirt, and take all means of self-expression in baggage. In Israel, you can look like anything, but only outside the airport. Muslims who dress according to the rules of Sharia and want to visit the temple mountain, better enter Israel through Jordan or go with an organized tour.

What questions are asked on passport control

About the cruel, inhuman respect of Israeli border guards to tourists are the most terrible legends. When you read the next story of an unfortunate deportation, keep in mind that the author is either lucavit, or is at all the network «Tolllem».

Border guards – ordinary people who follow their job descriptions. The conscientiousness of the tourist and the degree of its aggression they determine by aspiring strange, tactless, inappropriate issues. Here is the list of the most frequent:

«What is the purpose of going to Israel?»
«Who collected your suitcase?»
«What are you planning to see in Israel?»
«Do you have relatives familiar in Israel?»
«Did you carry them gifts? What kind?»
«What a maiden name of your grandmother?»
«Who are you working? What are your professional duties?»
«How much do you earn a month?»
«Are you going to look for work in Israel?»
«You are driving a bomb?»
«Or maybe we carry cold weapons?»

If you fly to friends or relatives at the invitation, you will be asked to tell the facts from their biography, as well as asked how you met, how often communicate when I have seen for the last time. Focusing on your answers, Israeli border guards will decide, let you go to the country or deport. Keep in mind that the solution depends not on the mood and personal qualities of border guards, and on what and how you say.

How to answer questions

Go to the window of passport control with a friendly, friendly facial expression. All kind of demonstrating understanding and loyalty. Try not to worry ahead of time. Respond to all questions without unnecessary emotions, briefly. All the Israelis served in the army and focus concrete. Be honest: In most cases, border guards are interested in not so much the content of the answers, how much is your reaction. In no case increase the tone and do not go to the individual. No need to ask to let you go if it seems to you that the conversation was tightened. For those who speak English well at the airport «Ben Gurion» There are our-speaking employees. If it is possible, come with a passport to the middle-aged border guards: they are more loyal to tourists. And do not be afraid of personal inspection of things, it is done for the safety of the Israelis and guests of the country. If you fly to Israel Airlines «El Al», Familiarize yourself on the official website of the airline with a list of things that are prohibited from the prosecution on board, including in the luggage department. Otherwise, these things are confiscated at the airport of departure and will be returned only by return.

Consider on the examples the correct and wrong answers to the questions:

«What is the purpose of your visit to Israel?»
Right: «Tourism». Or: «I’m going to relatives, here is an invitation».
Not right: «I dreamed all my life to see Jerusalem, the same city with a two-thousandst history, and my first school love lives in Ashdod!»

«Who collected your suitcase?»
Right: «I am myself».
Not right: «In the sense who collected? I, of course!»

«What is your cultural program?»
Right: «Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Accitation, Nazareth, Dead Sea».
Not right: «I want to walk at interesting places, see something interesting».

«You are going to work in Israel?»
Right: «No».
Not right: «I have excellent work in Moscow, I need your Israel! And in general, I’m going to travel!»

«What is your monthly income?»
Right: «So much dollars».
Not right: «What is your business?»

«You are driving a bomb?»
Right: «No».
Not right: «Yes, you are sidurily? What a bomb?»

How easy to get border control in Israel

«How long have you been familiar with your rosium sister from Haifa?»
Right: «Since childhood».
Not right: «I remember how we first met. She was brought to us on vacation…»

«Show your correspondence with my sister».
Right: «Oh sure».
Not right: «You do not have the right to invade my personal space!»

«You have a cold weapon with you?»
Right: «No».
Not right: «No wonder you, Jews, hates the whole world! You have paranoia and mania persecution, you need to be treated!»

Even if the tourist does not have bombs, weapons and drugs, it has a highly paid job in a prestigious organization, a large amount of cash and a dozen Schengen visas, for taking the teeth, aggressive behavior and manifestations of anti-Semitism to be deported with a probability of 100%. But there are cases where the adequate tourists who arrived at the request of the invitation.

What should be an invitation to Israel

If you take a visit, the invitation from Israel’s citizen must be competently written in Hebrew and English and contain the following information:

Surname, name, date of birth, inviting passport details;

Surname, name, date of birth, series and number of passport of the invited person (or group of persons);

stay in the country, dates of arrival and departure;

address of residence in Israel;

Information about who takes on the financial spending on the trip;

Copy of an inviting certificate certificate.

Notarization invitation is not required.

Better, if you are invited to close relatives: the most unreliable tourists in the understanding of Israeli border guards – Those who fly to the country at the invitation of distant relatives or unfamiliar people. If this is your case, progress and book a few hotels with free booking. On passport control, let me know Israel for the purpose of tourism, familiar in the country is and you are planning to meet with them. And do not rush to cancel all hotel armor: it is quite possible that you do not learn with people who do not know.

How easy to get border control in Israel

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