How does the new year walk on the planet

Here, if you have such a crazy fantasy, you did not have such a crazy fantasy: on December 31 to charter the plane and go on it in a world journey to meet the New Year in 24 time zones of the planet Earth?

I guess what a journey will end, most likely, in London – to celebrate the forces not enough. But still, how to ring on the planet chimes? How will a bright traveler route look like? And suddenly someone has this dream will actually come true, it is necessary to know where the starting point is! About this my post.

1) And the first on the planet is celebrating a new year on the island of Samoa, that in the Pacific Ocean – on two time zones east of Kamchatka. To make it easier for you to navigate – in Moscow at this time, 13 hours of the day.

2) flew on. In fact, the second place on the planet is the island of chats in New Zealand, where the chimes are drunk … in 15 minutes. For me, such a hour mathematics is a bit complicated, and never fly in 15 minutes nowhere.

3) Tadammm, time to whip champagne in Russia, namely, in Kamchatka and Chukotka. But I think it is better to land somewhere in New Zealand.

4) hour later. In Russia, this is Magadan and Vladivostok. In the world – this is most of Eastern Australia. But I would choose GUAM.

5) Exactly 2 hours after the extreme point of Russia, the New Year meets Japan (+9) with Yakut. How do you kyoto?

6) +8 is Irkutsk. In this hour zone, the choice for landing is very large. In particular, China – Harbin and Hong Kong celebrates. But I choose Singapore.

7) +7 – Krasnoyarsk. And we will land in Vietnam.

8) +6 – Omsk and Novosibirsk, as well as Kazakhstan. But in Bhutan more interesting.

9) +5 – Perm, Ufa, Tashkent, Dushanbe. But Male in Maldives is better at any time.

10) +4 – Samara, Yerevan. As well as Seychelles.

11) +3 – Moskou City. But the choice is so great that we, perhaps, land in Madagascar.

12) + 2 – Russia finishes celebrating in Kaliningrad. Compactly and at the same time met on January 1 Kyiv and Minsk. And I choose Cape Town in South Africa.

13) +1 – in principle, most of Europe, in particular Paris – choose, I do not want. Therefore, we will choose a tiny Andorra.

14) London lives in Greenwich – we flew off halfplates. But that everything was interesting, I choose the cat d’Ivoire in Africa.

15) -1 – Azores, Cape Verde and Reikhyavik.

16) – 2 – Brazil. Not all, of course, but only the most extreme part of it, for example, Salvador.

How does the new year walk on the planet

17) – 3 – Argentina, Brazil. And my eye looks towards Greenland. For example, a nuuk that belongs to Denmark. What?

18) – 4 – Trinidad and Tobago – cool?

19) – 5 – Canada, part of the United States. But we choose the Bahamas.

20) – 6 – Easter Island, as the most extreme and far from the continents – the most.

21) – 7 – the choice is boring – America, Canada, but you can still get to Mexico.

22) – 8 – Los Angeles. Yes!

23) – 9 – Mainland North America ends. But there is French Polynesia.

24) – 10 – Hawaii, Tahiti and Cook Islands.

25) – 11 – sailed, … that is, flew to Pago Pago, where they celebrate the New Year the most recent – exactly a day from other islands that are near.

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