How does the airport run from the inside?

We already have an article for those, who worries at the airport due to the fact that he does not know where to go and what to do there. And in this text there is a light of the other questions that interest no less if they think about them. So, we think and explain.

Who serves passengers at the airport?

Not always on registration and landing, representatives of the airline are sitting, which you fly. Sometimes it is a special hired agents responsible for passenger and ground service. In their powers, verify that you have identity documents and boarding pass, that your luggage corresponds to weight, and hand-made – permissible size.

Also agents help people with disabilities and children without accompaniment to pass all suggestions and can be found in the aircline. If you need a representative of the airline, look for a carrier information rack – a knowledgeable person sits exactly.

Why check the weight of baggage?

Not then to contempt with you more money for advantage. The fact is that each plane is the permissible mass of the entire baggage, which is loaded into the aircraft, and it is impossible to exceed it. Luggage load as well as weather affects flight safety.

Why the flight is delayed?

If briefly: many factors affect the timely departure: from weather conditions to the human factor. Sometimes the runways are so downloaded that the aircraft cannot sit on time – he just has no place. He is forced to circle over the airport in anticipation of permission to land. Because of this, other flights cannot fly.

How does the airport run from the inside

The plane has landed. That later?

Us, passengers, I want to get out quickly. But why so long have to wait? The fact is that when the plane approaches the gate, it is accompanied by a special car. There is an eş and a special person who helps pilots to parke with special gestures (at some airports it does a program).

After the terrestrial aircraft maintenance begins. While the aircraft stands on Earth, it costs money, so the service passes as quickly as possible. The luggage trolley and the ladder is already ready. But sometimes still have to wait.

There is another reason for a long exit waiting: luggage unloading. If it happens from the same side, where people come out, the board can be tamed due to bias. Therefore, they first unload luggage, and after people release. But this is a plus: when you get to the luggage tape your suitcase will already wait for you.

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How does the airport run from the inside

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