How do you tell about the Eastern Rhodics?

Eastern Rhodopes are a cradle of various civilizations and cultures. If you choose this route for your trip, you will return over time thousands of years ago. You will visit the places where you fall in love at first sight because of their beauty and shrouded stories with which you will get to know here.

It is difficult to describe in one note all the sights of this area, so I decided to stop only a few details, which most brightly imprinted in my mind. I go slowly, as if I really drive into another world, with respect, bordering the fear, because I don’t know what it expects from the other side.

Step on white stone "Street", which leads me to "Palace" Perpection. And there is really a feeling that I come to the palace, since access to it is naturally limited, the stairs are strict and even there is a throne, no matter how incredibly sounded it! The unique effects of sunlight are revealed, penetrating through the rocks, proving the brilliant knowledge and skills of our ancient ancestors, as well as low hills that shine white limestones and blind my eyes, hiding an incredibly rich story that originates at the dawn of human civilization.

Perpersion is an archaeological complex consisting of a large sanctuary, sacred city and fortress. True holiday for megalithic culture. According to the researchers, here is the famous in antiquity, the privilege of God Dionysius. It is assumed that in this place Alexander Macedonsky was predetermined that he will postpone the world. And the detected particles of the Cross of Christ were transferred by a prayer procession to the monastery "Virgin Assumption".

Over the past few years, this is the second in attendance historical place in Bulgaria after the fortress of the princess. The sacred city covers an area of ​​17 thousand. kv. m and he is an earlier period than Troy, because of what he was called Bulgarian Mycena. By car, you can drive up from the side of the sirry or through. Chiflik.

If you prefer walks through a picturesque area, you can pass through the tourist path from. Bolyrti, which will take you directly to the tribeon tower. The locality in which the complex is located, is known under the name "Mountain Spirit".

On the slopes of the hill perpersion of the remains of quarters, temples and civil buildings. There are several almost saved houses in which you can enter through the doors carved in the rocks. With the adoption of Christianity, the rocky city flourishes as the Episcopal Center.

Numerous Thracian rock niches, necropolis, sanctuary, medieval fortresses also turn this area into an incredibly interesting cultural and historical center. Noteworthy in Thracian trapezoidal rocks NIS is that they are found in our country only in Eastern Rhodics.

They are wounded in sheer rocks and probably have a cult character. On another hypothesis, they are miniature tombs in which the funeral urns of ordinary people are delivered. Thracians satisfied their sanctuations in places charged with cleansing energy. Geophysical analysis registered magnetic and energy anomalies in these areas. Such niches are found on the territory of the village of Rininnik and Nenkovo, near the village of Neophyte Bozzevelio, at a distance of about 4 km on the south-west from the village of Strajevo.

The magic of the holy mountain of Rodopa fascinates, the ridiculous, captures in his captivity. After going on a trip to the eastern Rodopam, a desire arises to bypass the entire mountain range. Alpine routes, ancient tombs, sanctuary, riddles performed by mystic legend. After the pen shot, my curiosity sends me to the cult complex "Tatul", which is of particular interest to antiquity lovers. It is located about 20 km east of the city of Momchilgrad, location "Asara" Near the village Tatul. Some argue that this is one of the most majestic megalithic monuments in Europe and that he is even more ancient than the Egyptian pyramids. Here you will meet many remains of antiquity. You can admire them, first of all, in the ancient pagan sanctuary and in the medieval fortress. Archaeologists believe that the sanctuary was a place to offer victims of the ancient Thracian deities and the place of surveillance of sunrise and sunset of the Sun.

How do you tell about the Eastern Rhodics

For other assumptions, there were public worshipings in front of the bodies of dead noble. It is assumed that the Tatul Fortress was the sanctuary of the Orpheus! Its dimensions cannot be compared with the sizes of the perrigeon, the Tatul takes, probably, only the tenth of the perpersion area, but the view that opens from the fortress deserves no less attention!

Inspired by the desire of adventures and thirst for knowledge, I was in the Quarter of Messerchane in the city of Kardzhali, where I visited the medieval monastery "St. Joan Prodrom". Located on the right bank of the Arda River, the complex dates back to the second half of the 9th century. At that time, the first churches were built, and the main temple belongs to an exceptionally rare and transitional appearance, moving from a basilical type to the classical cross-eyed Byzantine church. In the 11th century, a monastery was built in his place, which turned into the Episcopian center of Aridos in the period between 11 and 14th centuries.

I do not know whether Legends or place. But there is something especially magnetic and attracting in it. This feeling is difficult to explain – as if with each kilometer traveled, some attractive supernatural force entails you to the terrain of Ak Kaya (White Scala), with. Kovil in the Kronovgrad community. Here you can explore the Thracian sanctuary, the fortress and necropolis of rock tomb. Numerous constructions with cult destination, altar, gutter from the bronze and early iron era are carved in the rocks. Seven rock tomb form a necropolis and have a crossed pyramid with a rectangular base.

Each of us would like to hear any inclusive love and mystical history, so my trip to the Eastern Rhodopes ends by visiting Mosques of Seven Dev. The mosque was constructed more than 500 years ago, and no nail was used in its construction. The temple, which is currently operating, is located in the Kirkovsk village of Horseshoe … 45 km from Kardzhali. The name of the mosque is associated with the legend of seven girls whose beloveds did not return from the battlefield. Girls sold all their dowry to buy materials to purchase materials and built a mosque in one night. Since then no one has seen them anymore.

Well, the sun has already bent to the sunset and went on peace, and I got into the train towards the house and as under hypnosis I watched the window for flashing trees. And thought about the gods, Thracians and recalled old legends. So ended my brief walk at the present and past Eastern Rhodope. It was very interesting to me! I hope that you have the same feeling!

How do you tell about the Eastern Rhodics

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