How do you live in the North Korea

The most common stories tell about total control by the state for all and all, as well as the total poverty of ordinary citizens. Against the background of all this, a rather unexpected discovery is becoming the fact that in North Korea there are both rich visiting luxurious restaurants (yes, they have in North Korea) and traveling on foreign cars class «lux».

Pyrcy when preparing for hunger

They can afford to pay for steak 50 US dollars, despite the fact that on average the country salary is about 10 dollars a month. They also resort to the services of plastic surgeons to change the form of the eyelids and give their face European features, go to expensive fitness clubs, where they are painted by a well-kept body and fashionable sports wardrobe.

According to human rights defenders Walk Free Foundation, in the world now there are about 46 million. The people who live in actual slavery. Most «slaves» The organization counted in India and North Korea. It is possible that almost the entire population of the country fell into this category of human rights defenders. Keyword – «almost», Because 1% of the population of the DPRK is bathed in luxury. Of course, special, North Korean luxury, but still they will be within the astronomical distance in terms of consumption of consumption from the average North Korean. These are mainly the children of high government officials who, during the years of relaxing the regime in terms of defenders in the market, managed to be led.

About 10-15 years ago the country began smoothly move towards a market economy. The authorities are trying not to advertise this trend, but «The process went» And confidently moving. Special intensity changed to the coming to power Kim Jong Yana. The young ruler actively took up the change in Pyongyang’s appearance, and during his reign in the North Korean capital a lot has changed to the Western way. Modern skyscrapers began to grow in rich areas, dear restaurants and fitness clubs appeared. All this was for local rich her own parallel universe.

In 2016, in spring in South Korean media, information was held on the appeal of the DPRK leadership to their citizens «be prepared for hunger». The reason for such a depressing perspective of the country’s authority was called «Difficult path to revolution». How precisely, the South Korean media transferred statements by the authorities of their militant neighbor, it was difficult to judge, but without this, in the mass of other solid world publications, it was repeatedly described how simple citizens of the DPRK live as much as difficult conditions.

«Not easy» same citizens all these difficulties do not concern. For «New North Koreans» Sushi bars work, exquisite coffee shops and elegant restaurants, where rich millennium and their parents can order themselves anything at the price of the annual salary of the country’s average citizen and put this «anything» any of dozens of varieties of local beer. Fans of homemade kitchen in Pyongyang restaurants will serve a traditional dish – Pibimpap. It is rice with boiled egg, vegetables and, optionally, with the addition of meat. Portion will cost about 7 US dollars – it’s even more expensive than in the capital «another» Korean – Seoul. Coffee prices in metropolitan coffee houses range from 4 to 8 US dollars, that is, on average, a cup of coffee costs half a monthly salary of the Middle North Korean. It is not difficult to understand which public can afford such a luxury.

The UN is no longer the first year beats anxiety about the humanitarian situation in North Korea, which, to put it mildly, complex. As many as 70% of citizens of the country can not afford even such a diet that is needed to maintain health, not to mention every goodies and delicacies for pleasure. Ration «Medium» North Korean SCUDN and monotonous – Rice, Wheat and Corn. Allow a small piece of meat, ordinary people can only on holidays, and it is not always. The main holidays in the country, of course, are the birthdays of Ki Il Sen and Kim Jong Ira.

But, again, these are problems of ordinary people. For rich North Koreans no restrictions. After all, in Pyongyang you can buy anything – and European cheeses, and marble beef, and Norwegian salmon. There are also no problems with good alcohol. You can buy anything – From kraft beer to exquisite champagne. All this is, and all this can be free to buy in the department store «Potongan Rugen», But only for the currency, since only it is accepted there.

Significantly changed in recent years, the situation with cars. No, on the streets of Pyongyana car traffic jams you will not see – Not clearly noticeable, but a high-quality jump. More imported expensive class cars «lux». According to UN sanctions, the territory of the DPRK is forbidden to import luxury items – Executive cars, yachts, jewelry, but all this, however, no problem «Locked» to the country. For the first time, not in the entire history of the country in Pyongyang earned the first taxi services. Now they are in the capital there are about five to seven according to The Independent.

The beauty itself will not show itself

A separate consideration deserves what North Koreans are dressed in, and which cognitive dissonances in connection with this may arise from a thought and independent observer.

How do you live in the North Korea

It is not difficult to guess that the rich citizens of the DPRK prefer famous Western brands. Most of all in the course of Zara, Uniqlo. Even «budget» H&M is considered (and in fact it is a brand for rich. Visible clothes of famous trademarks from neighboring China.

As in many other countries, a model for imitating local women is the first lady – Li Sol Zhu. Unlike his spouse, she loves to appear in the public in bright costumes, often wearing lace things, and even open cape shoes, which in North Korea is considered very daring on the edging. In continuation of the topic of cognitive dissonance, it is worth saying that that Salz Zhu without any ideological problems wears things, largely personifying so hated for North Korean regime, namely, Tiffany Necklace & CO and Dior Handbag.

But, back to simple mortal. In North Korea still has a certain dress code, especially for women. So, even quite secured northern Korean women can wear far from any of the seemingly innocuous things. So, literally on the eve, in April of this year, a government ban on wearing was introduced in the country «Western clothes». It is specified that now out of law short skirts, sleeveless tops and other.

The daughter of the former high North Korean official, whose family was able to escape in the United States, said that on Pyongyang Street, they can safely stop any woman for too bright style. Inspector in such cases records the name, which is then transmitted by radio in the corresponding context. Lee Si Hen added that due to the requirements for a conservative style in clothes, people who can afford it go into fitness rooms, and only there can demonstrate a beautiful body and fashionable things. From sports brands and girls styles prefer Elle, leggings and short topics, and men wear Nike and Adidas things, "says Li Si Hen.

Another indisputable sign of a rich North Korean – this is «traces» (in a good sense) blepharoplasty on the face. Plastica Century – This is the most popular operation for wealthy North Koreans. Practically in 100% of cases this operation is done in order to make eyes «European». Operation in itself – not the simplest, and even in the DPRK all plastic surgery is prohibited. How does Si Hen tell, you can go from the country for medical testimony for treatment, but «Plastic» This category is not included. Therefore, those who wish often turn to underground surgeons, where blepharoplasty costs from 50 to 200 US dollars. Such money can only pay rich, but many North Koreans and middle wealth are ready for such spending, as, according to Lee Si Hen, in North Korea beauty – This is a serious competitive advantage, much more serious than in «free» countries.

As you can see, the luxury of North Korean is very specific and has differences from «Western» luxury. However, everything is known in comparison, and if not forget that in the country with a population of 25 million. Man is only 3 million. Citizens can afford a mobile phone, to eat and go to the fitness room, such «special» Luxury looks quite organic.

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