How do Duty Free shops work?

Departed abroad, we always pass by the stores Duty Free. What is it and why prices are much lower?

Duty free &# 8211; This is a system of duty-free trade. Goods that are sold in such stores are not subject to VAT, therefore their cost is 18-27%, and sometimes more percent lower than in regular stores.

Where are Duty Frei?

Duty Free shops can almost always be found in the departure halls of international flights at the airport. In some countries, they are in the zone of arrival, as well as at train stations, border crossings, on ferries, trains and aircraft.

Please note that if the flight is internal, for example, you fly in Russia (Moscow &# 8211; Rostov) The duty shop on your way does not meet, they are only when you fly abroad (outside the territory of the Customs Union).

In Egypt, Tunisia and Vietnam and some other countries, duty-free shops can be found in resort cities. However, it is possible to buy goods in them for a certain number of days after arriving in the country as Rules, 1 &# 8211; 5 days.

Please note that Duty Frei stores located in the city or in the arrival halls there is a limit on alcohol and cigarettes that can be purchased in them.

Duty Fri on arrival in Hurghada

Duty free shops in Hurghada have at the airport in the arrival hall, as well as in the city itself (near the Sea Gull Hotel). You can buy there within 48 hours (2 days) after arrival in Egypt. Do not forget to take a passport and boarding pass. One passport is sold to 3 liters of alcohol.

What can I buy in Duty Fre?

How do Duty Free shops work

Almost anything. But not all products are beneficial to buy in Duty Free, it all depends on what specifically those or other goods are subject to payments.

It is most profitable to buy alcohol, tobacco products, cosmetics and perfumes in stores, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as jewelry.

Not the best idea to buy in duty free souvenirs, most often they are more expensive than in ordinary stores.

However, there are countries where in principle there is no VAT, so prices in their duty free shops will be not much cheaper, but more often even more expensive than in ordinary stores.

VAT is missing in Andorra, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Bahrain, Bermuda, Bahamas Islands.

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