How do dolphins talk?

Dolphins belong to the family of the beloved whales of the chitty class of mammals. They are probably one of the most amazing creatures on our planet. Their intellectual abilities and unique hearing have not yet been made final conclusions.

It is proved that they are able to publish many different sounds in the frequency range from 150 to 150,000 Hz, which is not available to man. At the same time, the speech speed at dolphins is so high that individual sounds can only be distinguished when listening to its recording in slow motion. Recently, scientists have also found that these mammals create even their own analogues of "social networks" – they choose who to communicate with them, and who to avoid, combined into groups, or "communities".

So how do mysterious dolphins communicate with each other and what their conversations about?

Replies the head of the Museum of Natural History Irina Vladimirovna Pyatifskaya:

"Dolphins are communicated with each other in different ways, the main of them is ultrasound and sensory communication. They seek to each other pictures – for example, are divided, where many fish are currently.

How do dolphins talk

They are speaking tens of times faster than human. It is very voluminous and consists of 14,000 words, not counting pictures and signs, and the ability to whistle and bark every baby develops with his mother. Subsequently, this unique set of sounds identifies Dolphin among his relatives, speaking something like a name. "Sea people", As else than you call Dolphins, they are not inferior to a person, they are simply located in another environment – their intelligence put in shorts with our, but the fact that he is tested by human tests, does not give us the whole picture of the month of interest to this animal. Scientists recognize that it is difficult to evaluate the entire scale of the dolphins intelligence, measuring it only with its framework.

The behavior of dolphins is very meaningful and reasonable. For example, if the fish is stuck in the rock, dolphins, trying to get it, put on the nose sponge or corals, so as not to be injured.

Total fishing per day they spend about 20 minutes, the rest of the time dedicate to communication and games. Especially they like to ride waves, let bubbles, catch up with ships. After all, on the day, the dolphin should swim at least 100 km, which proves how devouring animals are. Since the sounds of dolphins pass in nature through the marine environment, they are reflected in the aquariums from the glasses, which disorientates the dolphin and gradually ruins. Only in the natural medium, the dolphin can be happy, because the smart creature is even more experiencing his unable ".

How do dolphins talk

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