How do dogs work at the airport

At Israel Airports to detect forbidden substances use mice. The eight rodent tray is built into the frame through which the luggage is passed, and when it pulls the blast, the mice are hiding.

If there are more than two mice in the shelter, the light lights and the suitcase lights up. But if the explosive device is laid in manual, and the passenger will pass with it to the aircraft salon?

Unlike mice, dogs work everywhere: in the terminals, waiting rooms, luggage and cargo halls, on board the aircraft. In this, their advantage is not only before rodents, but also in front of specialized equipment.

Our service is dangerous, and difficult

The song from the series "The Consequence is conducted by experts" is an unofficial anthem of the our police, it is also quite suitable for the work of the film. Their day begins at 4 am, when the first pair of dog leaves for bypass from the kennel. Currently contains about 60 animals: 40 are involved in the search for explosives, five participate in breeding, the rest are still being prepared. Those who remained "at home" walk, inspect and distribute who will go to work in the following shift.

To work at Sheremetyevo airport, taped melas – a hybrid of deerball husky and jackal. They are able to distinguish to half a million odors!

Almost all the service breeds are suitable for search: German Shepherds, Rottweilelers, Labradors, but for the salon of aircraft "Aeroflot" they are too big. But the highly specialized and decorative rocks are unsuitable for another reason – too emotional. Therefore, for work at Sheremetyevo airport, Schelak – Hybrid of the Olenegon Like and Jackal. From likes, they borrowed a good adaptation to frosts to -30 ° C, from jackal – the ability to work in the heat to +45 ° C and a very sensitive sense of smell. Just imagine: Slaiacs are able to distinguish to half a million odors!

Dogs examine not only the public areas of the airport, but also technological, where passengers are not allowed. Neous or suspicious items are learn necessarily, sniffing or not the rest – solve themselves.

One day, when working in the luggage configuration zone, two sludges became strange to react to the same suitcase: they were rugged, five and pressed to the film, the wool rose on end. Of course, the bag decided to open

The search dog posts are shown clear requirements: it must be mobile, absolutely non-aggressive to people, smart and cute. And the last item is important. Due to this, the passengers usually belong to the work of the film kinologists. But if a person asks not to examine the luggage with dogs, he will take off in a different way. Another thing if the passenger refuses to take place at all. In this case, it will not be allowed to fly.

Most often, the slags work on an empty stomach, as they are pretty pragmatic: a gaming promotion to them, but a delicacy is yes, the best reward. By the way, in the nursery of animals fed only once a day.

If the dog hears the smell to which it was taught, then the signal. Voice, landing or fading – chooses. Every chaolaik he has his own, and a cineologist knows him. Seeing this sign, he must inform the emergency management and promote the localization of a dangerous object.

According to Yuri Dontsova, there are also curious finds. One day, when working in the luggage configuration zone, two sludges became strange to react to the same suitcase: they were rugged, five and pressed to the film, the wool rose on end. Of course, the bag was decided to open, but it was not explosive at all, but. Wolf skins mined after successful hunting. If an error occurred, the situation is detailed, and the actions of the cynologist are being developed.

In the nursery "Aeroflot" mainly contains females that cross with jackals from Central Asia. Dogs themselves make up couples, and dogs multiply in captivity. Shalayts of any gender are suitable for work, only behave differently: the males are strictly followed by instructions, and females more often show the initiative. Consequently, approaches are also needed different.

How do dogs work at the airport

If the dog finds the smell to which she was taught, then the signal. Voice, landing or fading – chooses

Training begins with birth. To teach a slag to the smell of people with whom she has to work, from the first days of the puppy’s life take on the hands. If he learn to allocate only one person, will not be able to work with others, and the kennels work on shifts. Trained in four to five months: teach the basic teams, adapt to the vehicle, work in the airport terminals, on board the aircraft.

Photo: PJSC PJSC "Aeroflot"

As Popular Wisdom reads, it is infinite to look at three things: how the fire burns like water flows and how others work. It applies to this statement and slags. While the mother of the family works, the puppy is near and looks. Only with eight months it is exhibited "on the smell".

At one and a half years, the shalai is certified and in the future their qualifications are checked once a year. The exam accepts the Commission, which includes representatives of the airport security service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Training Specialists. If his dog "poured", it is given time for repetition, and after half a year.

On average, the shagian serves 10-12 years, and in the nursery lives to 14. Then the kennels or airline employees take the dog home.

The cynological service was created in Aeroflot in 2001. Since then, every year its employees examine Sheremetyevo more than 4500 times. And it is only according to plan! And there are still trips to verify the information received. Usually more than 50 per year.

How do dogs work at the airport

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