How do chinese tourists choose hotels

For guests from the subway, now for the second year, the main condition for choosing a hotel is the availability of free Wi-Fi. Such priority is confirmed by 75% of hoteliers who took part in CITM. 83% of hotels provide such a service. Note that in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, free Wi-Fi is available in 97% of hotels.

Chinese tourists today for many tourist business operators are clients number one. Recently, studies were conducted, the purpose of which was to find out the habits and preferences of travelers — China natives (CITM). During the studies, a survey was held over 3 thousand. Tourists from China and more than 1500 hotelers from different parts of the globe.

According to the information obtained, it is currently booking rooms in hotels in 80% of Chinese tourists, while in 2014 only 53% of participants stated about this.This year, 17% increased by the numerical supports that hotels were bodied by. Only 13% of the survey participants turned to travel agents for the acquisition of tours, whereas in 2014 such tourists were twice — thirty%.

How do chinese tourists choose hotels

Taking a decision on traveling to one or another country, most Chinese take into account the reviews «Sarafan radio». Opinions and feedback from friends and colleagues take into account 45%, 38% listens to the recommendations of family members or relatives. Specialized tourist and news sites are also played: 42% of Chinese respondents were called them as sources that influenced the choice.

At any trip, the family is still an important factor — 92% of tourists from the PRC said they enjoy Internet services to communicate with relatives and friends. For such communications, 74% of respondents are required free Wi-Fi. During the trip, 33% of respondents enjoy Internet service of their mobile phone, while 31% activates the corresponding roaming for this purpose.

How do chinese tourists choose hotels

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