How did we go to the youth kurgan

There is an amazing place called Samara Luka in the raw. Once it grew dense forests and in forests hosted dashing razboynichki led by Ataman Stenka Razin.

Now there are no thieves, and the forest became a little thinner, but there Samara Bend National Park, on a small piece of which we invite you to take a walk. And we’ll go on tour route Devyu mountain and Valiant barrow. It is beautiful here! No wonder Valiant barrow – one of the most popular areas of the Samara Bend.

We arrived at the sanctuary in the day. Wonderful weather, people like May Day demonstration. At the beginning of the trail is worth schema-pointer, showing two of the route and direction of travel. The first – a short, to the mountains and back Devey. That is not enough, so we choose long before Molodetsky mound for which here and gone.

But then we make a mistake (it is not necessary to repeat it!): To decide the route in the opposite direction from the proposed. What moved us in this moment, I still can not understand, but the fact that this idea was, to put it mildly, not the best, we realized much later.

And while we are on the path to Devey mountain, enjoying the scent of blossoming steppe and looking scurrying from the bush to bush birds.

The first ascent to the mountain Devyu easily overcome – the truth, and the mountain of the low-just 50 meters from the level of the Volga. If you look at it from the river, the mountain Deviat – a rock, a sharp precipice disappearing into the water.

Different legends live among the people about where the mountain got its name. It is said that the dashing chieftain captured a beautiful girl. Yes, but she could not love him, and decided to run away. A lull to ataman pretended loving da gentle and called it to mount on the edge, to enjoy Volga. Cost Ataman doze off as a prisoner insidious pushed him off the cliff and ran.

I do not know whether it was true or it was a fairy tale invented to people, but to come close to the edge of a cliff and now I would not advise one misstep – and you can follow the chieftain.

By the way, at the foot of the Movie Mountain was located a pedestal station Stepan Razin, the unlawful owner of these places.

With these places, another not that fiction is connected, not that truth. There is between the Morning Mountain and the Molthetsky Kurgan Mountain with a funny name of the pellet. So, they speak in the people, that somewhere on a cake hiding Stepan Razin Two buckets with loose gold. I walked into the ground and there I also put the scrap conspiracted so that no one, besides him, could find this gold, and I would find it – I could not take. So since then they are trying to find Stepan treasure, but only no one has succeeded.

And here about this place, we understood why the scheme at the entrance offered us to pass the route in another direction. The whole focus on descent and lines. If you go according to the scheme, it will initially be long, but a fairly gentle rise, and in the shade of trees and on a convenient path, and then only descents. Well, we have all the descents turned into lifts, having arranged an unscheduled training for all muscle groups.

It is from a younger Kurgan that towering over the water at 242 m, and the long ridge of scenic and unique in its origin begins.

Where did the name of Kurgan? Elutes believe in one stories, folk festivities with songs and dances were arranged on his vertices on holidays. According to other stories, here, higher to the sky, the robbers buried their dead comrades. I also like a fairy tale about how you’re involved in yourself, the Maiden Kurgan da Devine Mountain.

Lived – were in ancient times poor guy Ivan Molodov yes beautiful peasant, daughter of local rich. Loved young each other, and the father of the soot flatly refused to give out her daughter for Ivan, threatening that death. What to do? Ivan went to Cossack Volunitsa to Stepan Razuin, became a robber to get money and marry the flesh.

It happened so that the royal troops broke the army of the army, and the squad of Ivan was hiding in the Zhiguli. And Ivan decided to send the news the news, call her to see her for the last time. Learned the father of the pear about the letter and sent the Tsareva shooters in the footsteps of his daughter. The unequal battle with which Ivan was fatally injured. In order not to get into the hands of Streltsov, Ivan rushed from a high cliff to the Volga, and the pear with tears spun on the slope, I swung on a slide that I hung over the Volga, and I rushed down, following Ivan. Since then, they called the Kurgan Meldetsky, and the mountain, which next to him is called the Movie.

From the Master of the Mountain to the Menotsky Kurgan there is a stony track, descending on which is not so easy, and it is even more difficult to rise. But species that open, if you stop, breathe and look around, with interest overlap all the difficulties of descent or lifting. Beauty is such that immediately remember the famous principle of Katerina’s monologue from "Thunderstorm":

"Why people do not fly like birds? You know, I sometimes think I’m a bird. When you stand on the mountain, so you pull you. That would be fused, raised her hands and flew ".

How did we go to the youth kurgan

By the way, about birds. If you suddenly hear a rusty horse from the sky, then do not be afraid, you do not have a hallucination and the Pegasus flies above you, and the black KORSU, which live here. And in the second half of summer, the most fortunate visitors will be able to see luxury Belochvostov orlans.

A little more effort and we have reached the goal. Menotsky Kurgan taken!

A lot of people on a small patch, everyone wish to capture themselves loved on the background of a strange metal structure (I did not understand what it is), Volga and Tolyatti on the bank of the river.

The program is executed, you can go down. On the way we look at the local vegetation. It turns out that six new plant species are open in the Zhigulevsky mountains, of which three are narrow endemics of the Zhiguli, that is, no bigger in the world!

One of these endemics – Sunflower Zhigulevsky. In my opinion, he fully justifies his bright name.

And this is a three-blade azurenik came to us from the Pleistocene era. Imagine that he lives on Earth for more than 5 million years!

Our small excursion to Meneto Kurgan approached the end.

Several advice to those who want to see the beauty of the Zhigul mountains with their own eyes

For a walk, put the closed comfortable shoes without heels (sneakers, sneakers, trekking boots).
On a sunny day, you must have a headdress, because it is a steppe and find the terek here is difficult.
Do not forget to take water with you: there are no tents or shops nearby.
Look closely under your feet. Here lives a large number of diverse climbing livelihood – from innocuous lizards to Gadyuk. Seeing the snake, do not touch her, but just go around the party.
Well, of course, remember that you are in the National Park and here you can not tear flowers, breaking the branches of trees and breed fires.

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